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Last week the SIYE staff was notified that another one of our authors had been plagiarized. One of our most beloved authors and stories, a Silver Trinket Award winner no less, had one of their chapters uploaded onto another site.

SIYE staff members went to work. One emailed the author and another went to the other site to verify that the chapter were indeed the same. Both the author and the staff member came to the same conclusion. The chapters were word-for-word the same. SIYE Admins began firing emails to the other siteís Admins. The author left a scathing review, emailed the thief directly and also sent his or her own email to the other site. After a little bit of work by the author and SIYE staff members, I am glad to report that the story has been removed from the other site. Although this author, and I use the term loosely, is not a member of SIYE under that penname, Steve(AdminQ) has blocked the writer from our site.

SIYE will not tolerate plagiarism. This type of theft is deplorable. And, make no mistake it is theft. You are stealing the authorís intellect, time and a part of their soul. If you are a writer, you know what Iím talking about. In an email, the author stated, ďI felt like my child or something had been stolen.Ē

When allegations of this type of abuse are made, the SIYE staff will move quickly to determine if there is a problem and to help the author resolve the theft. Only once in my tenure at SIYE was it because the author posted under a different pseudonym at the other site.

SIYE and its staff are passionate about keeping plagiarist away from our site. They donít have a place here. They are not welcome. If every staff member, writer and reader is diligent, SIYE will remain free from such degenerates.

To report abuse - email any of the staff members.

SIYE Staff
on 2007.04.04 - 02:07AM ()


Pennilyn Novus came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 03:54AM to say:

Thank you, SIYE staff, for taking care of that author, and for carrying on business as usual.

carolquin came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 06:55AM to say:

I know which story you speak of and which site...and it seems that if you want to steal someone's story then that's the place to post them. But many of these thieves don't realize that there are me....who spend many hours a week reading fanfiction on both sites and will pick up on stolen stories. Hopefully they'll learn that they will eventually get caught.

tomar came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 09:45AM to say:

I, too, saw that story on that particular site. I notified their admin, but am ashamed to say I forgot to notify you folks as well. This isa a story that I am anxiously awaiting the author to find the time and inspiration to finish. It hurts to know that this may cause the author to back away from writing for a time until they are once again ready to let their "baby" back into the light of day.

notadryeeye came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 11:03AM to say:

I'll start off by stating that it was my story that was hijacked by this copier. And I can only continue to thank the staff here at SIYE and the reader who picked up on it and alerted the admins. I was shocked and felt a little sick that someone would plagarize my story so blatently. It wasn't just one chapter I read was several chapters and they were all done quite badly. But be rest assured that the story is down, the copier (I won't even call them an author) has been contacted, not only by myself but by several angry readers and others. (Thanks so much for your support!!!) So hopefully we can say that this little ordeal is over and tomar you can be sure that this little incident won't and hasn't made me back away or be wary of writing and posting. I'm working on the next chapter and it should be out in the next day or so and in response to all this...I've tried to make sure it's as kick-ass as possible. Hehe. Once again thanks to all that helped bring justice about and I hope this site continues to be as great as it has been!

Kwisatz Haderach came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 11:19AM to say:

This type of theft is occuring more and more across the various fanfic-sites I visit. Some 'people' seem to relish in stealing great stories and taking the credit for it elsewhere. It has happened to me as well recently on a non-HP fic that hasn't been updated for a while. It's an extremely sad way to create a name for yourself and I'm glad that notadryeeye hasn't been put off writing by this incident. Let's all keep an eye out.

Victor Aagaard came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 12:30PM to say:

My extreme sympathies to you, notadryeeye! Although I've never had my work as an author plagiarised (I'm not that good an author, haha), I do know the feeling, and it's awful.
Good luck to you. Happy writing.

Ravenclaw came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 12:57PM to say:

Thank you for taking care of this. Every time I see this going on, I get really upset. I am glad that you guys take care of your authors so well :)

hot48cricket came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 02:23PM to say:

It seems really bad that someone has to steal someone's hard work and say it is theres. Admin - thank you for all your hard work...I know your jobs are hard and you don't get the kudos that you should!

peskypetunia came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 03:25PM to say:

carolquin~you alluded that the site that had the fic may have more stolen fics. Which site was it, maybe we can keep an eye out for it...I like you am on, reading fanfics and would hate to see that happen to any of the great authors here. I'd be glad to help

hjp74 came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 03:28PM to say:

its reasuring to see reader lookout for there favorite authors though as i relly only use siye or phonix song i havent come acroos that problem yet but if i do ill be sure to let the relevent auther know

melindaleo came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.04 - 05:33PM to say:

My sympathies, Notadryeye, and I'm so glad the situation was resolved favorably. I've had it happen several times, and it's not fun. It leaves you feeling very odd, doesn't it? I really don't get what a person gets by doing something like that other than a few unearned reviews? I mean, it's not as if anyone gets paid for this -- it's a hobby for crying out loud. People are strange.

Strider came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.05 - 12:08AM to say:

I've had to deal with this as an admin on other sites, and I find it easy to be ruthless, because I am just so freaking mad when it happens. One time I trolled about 30 different fic sites, looking for a plagiarizing "author" and contacting admins. It wasn't my story, but as a site owner, I felt like my own good name was at stake. Thanks to the admins at both sites for acting boldly and honorably. That's more than can be said for some people... Strider

KEDme came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.05 - 06:40PM to say:

I've also been the victim of plagiarism, and last time it was a reader here at SIYE that found the violator. Thanks to all the diligent readers out there who help us keep this from happening. In my case it the story was posted on where I have been posting for years. The violator didn't even bother to check that I post there too. She even copied my author comments and disclaimer! Thank you SIYE for taking such a strong stance on this issue. ~KEDme~

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.06 - 11:42PM to say:

I recall from a history book about Charles Dickens' plays and stories being plagiarized here in America, often just after he has published them. He undertook a serious offensive against them, but there was still harm done. Charles Dickens! It actually hurts to think of that. We as fan fiction writers are certainly less prominent than he was, and that makes it all the worst. Perhaps the only thing that I dread more than not having anyone read a story, is having it read and then credited to Joe Snuffy (whose recent novel, Gone With The Wind is due out next week). Eric B.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.07 - 07:36PM to say:

The other site mentioned where the plagiarized story was posted was Anybody ever hear of it? : (

Miss Radcliffe came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.09 - 01:47PM to say:

My sympathies to notadryeeye for having to deal with such lousy conduct from another author (if you can even call him/her that). Thank you to SIYE for taking this matter seriously and making sure it was thoroughly taken care of.

Soccer Devil22 came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.10 - 08:16PM to say:

Plagiarism is like a double edge sword. Some times authors can be really offended when other authors borrow (or in the authors opinun, steal) their ideas. Some times they can be flattered that other authors thought it was good enough to use in their own stories. I, for example, stumbled on something that was mentioned in my story on another fic. I went back and checked my stats to see if the person had listed me as a favorite. Sure enough, they had. I was completely in shock that someone who had a pretty big story was using an idea of mine in there. I felt no angry what's so ever. Now if I stumbled upon a story that was almost and exact copy of my own but dating back to after I posted my series, I'd totally flip out and would want that person's story removed and there membership revoked as well as have the people who were reading that particular story pointed towards mine since it is the original and it would deserve recongition for it's ideas. So I can see both sides how people could see it as being bad or being indifferent about it. I'll say that little snippets of my story, NOTHING BIG, just maybe a comment or to here and there were borrowed and altered slightly. I feel that something like that is acceptable. I have even gone to some lengths in warning others about stealing certain ideas from me by posting what people can not under anny circumstances use in their stories on my profile. that way they are using my ideas at their own risk. Anyway, that's all i got to say. ~Jeff~ PS- Sir Ollivander, if you are asking if anyone has heard of, then yes many authors on SIYE also post their work on FanFic as well as SIYE. Like Harry Granger/Potter and the Socerer's Stone by Mathias Granger, for example. If, however, you're asking if I know the name of the story, then I'm afraid I do not.

Soccer Devil22 came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.10 - 08:57PM to say:

Correction Harry Granger/Potter and the Socerer's Stone was written by Marcus S. Lazarus. Mathias Granger wrote a similar story. Sorry for the mix up. ~Jeff~

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