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Concerning Fundraising
As many of you know, we recently held a fund raiser to help with SIYE's expenses. This was run by Steve. The money went to install a hardware based firewall which will prevent attacks that led to sporadic downtime over the Christmas season. Also, We have a larger and faster CPU with more memory and the ability to now handle the traffic of our users, seeing as we now have 7000+.
Hopefully this clears up some of the concerns the members of SIYE have about where their money went.

Lord Dreadnault
Lord Dreadnault on 2007.04.06 - 04:59PM ()


griffindorechicky101 came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.06 - 05:06PM to say:

nice ideai for the money

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.06 - 11:07PM to say:

SIYE is one of the most responsible institutions with which I have ever interacted. Okay, I was in the military and all of those don't count. We have...are....and shall continue to accomplish fantastic things. That saying about the whole surpassing the sum of its parts especially applies to SIYE. We are a great team, and shall continue to be. When I am hit by that beer truck next week, I will go with a great deal of pride at having been associated with this bunch. Eric B.

Ravenclaw came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.06 - 11:57PM to say:

Thank you for clearing that up. Although I didn't donate this time, I was curious as to how that was going over with recent developments. =) I'm glad things are working so well.

brad came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.07 - 08:37PM to say:

Do you have any (technical) details about the attack? Being immersed in the IT business I'm just curious as what's happening out there in the real world. Why would anyone want to attack SIYE? While I'm here - good site. I particularly appreciate the ability to print entire stories in one click.

AdminQ came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.08 - 02:00PM to say:

Brad, PM me and I will explain the ISIT details of the security report, and what happened afterwards.

griffindorechicky101 came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.08 - 11:42PM to say:

funny spenser but i dont hink you will gethit by a beer truck next week but hten again no one tell hte fuchure not even professer tellerwaney

SueP came out of the woodwork on 2007.04.10 - 11:03PM to say:

Is the installation of the firewall why the site has ceased running (hopefully temporarily)

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