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Reconstruction Challenge (5-2007) Closed
“Trick or Treat” everyone! This was one Halloween that wasn’t a disaster for Harry. In fact, fourteen authors submitted stories of how our hero helped rebuilt the esteemed but damaged Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the final battle. Now that the castle is repaired, it’s time for our engineering judges to inspect the results. They will be tabulating their inputs and making nominations in a couple of weeks. The winners of Best Overall, Creative Building, Adventure, and Humor will be posted on November 15. In the meantime, please vote for your favorite stories and authors in the Silver Trinket Awards. I see at least one Challenge story listed.
Sir Ollivander on 2007.11.01 - 09:17AM ()


quinn came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.01 - 09:34AM to say:

Fourteen entries, that's great! Time to finally read them... Gred and Forge! This is one I'm stoked about...

Kezzabear came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.01 - 09:51AM to say:

ferge gred ? ;) lol I think we know what you actually mean!

melkior came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.01 - 10:17AM to say:

I have to admit I wasn't expecting to get into the challenge and get into the DSTA vote too. Hell, I wasn't expecting anything. But since it all happened, well thanks! You guys are great!

Miss Gryffindor came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.01 - 10:23AM to say:

Uh, of you either can't see or can't spell. :)

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.01 - 10:26AM to say:

Forge and Gred? Oh I'm looking forward to this one, especially since I don't kill off certain people in my version of things. How am I going to top the exploding mistletoe the twins employed last Christmas? Hmm...could they change Rudolph's nose to a blue 60-watt bulb? No; they got coal in their stockings last year. I'll think of something.

sapphire200182 came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.01 - 12:20PM to say:

Feorge Gred? Someone left an 'e' bolded...

Poor George. While I did lament Fred's passing, somehow I was also looking forward to the story ideas opened up by his death...

Does that make me cruel and evil? =

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.01 - 06:43PM to say:

sapphire-- Cruel and evil? No, not at all. On the other hand there was Ron’s sixth birthday when the toady jumped out of his cake. I also remember stories about Ginny and that duckbill the one Christmas, the exploding Easter egg hunt; George giving away the ending to the Doctor Who season finale; salt substituted into Molly Weasley’s shortbread; the phony newspaper headline that said the Yankees won the World Series; Percy’s talking underwear (no, wait…that one was great); the building permit left on the kitchen table which named Spenser as the primary carpenter (very cruel…very cruel), or the clearly bogus editions of Half-blood Prince where Harry accidentally kisses Neville instead of... Ah, paybacks.

faded memories came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.01 - 09:00PM to say:

feorge gred? the twins!!!!!

Nol_Potter came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.01 - 11:18PM to say:

great work all. i enjoyed the story greatly. it will be a tuff call on the one i like the most. again great work by all

sapphire200182 came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.02 - 04:47AM to say:

Spenser - Percy Ignatius Weasley finished the last adjustments to his Y-bands, ensuring that his underwear complied to Ministry regulations. You never knew when they might decide to run a check on employee clothing and...

His mental monologue was interrupted by a short whistle somewhere near his navel...or rather, somewhere SOUTH of his navel...

"Golly, mate, ain't much in here at all, eh?"

Stumbling in confusion and horror, Percy whirled around. He caught sight of the contents of his open closet, and his mouth flopped open; the ten neatly arrayed pairs of identical Y-bands shook and tittered in laughter as he tripped and fell...

Miri came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.02 - 11:02AM to say:

Ahhh sapphire that's mean...but very funny too. For some reason, I can get a very clear "visual" impression of such a prank with all the white ( of course! ) y-fronts tittering decorously. LOL

Miri came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.02 - 11:03AM to say:

Sorry, forgot to wish everyone who entered good luck in the voting. This is one I really enjoyed.

Miss Radcliffe came out of the woodwork on 2007.11.04 - 09:30PM to say:

I can't wait to read all the awesome entries. Good luck to all! *And a special wink to my co-author friend.*

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