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Deathly Hallows Challenge Update #2
Sitting around the Burrow’s living room, Harry tried to explain what he felt when he was in control of the three Deathly Hallows.

“Once my parents and all disappeared, I was left holding the Stone in my hand. But I still felt something inside me. Like I should be noticing something but I didn’t know what. Later when I started seeing other people, especially the Death Eaters, I think I figured it out. I could almost see their good or bad aura. Voldemort was mostly black. But the Death Eaters were different shades of gray. Dark shades of gray. Once I was brought out to the castle and saw the rest of you, you all have very light shades of gray. Ginny,” he looked into her eyes, “yours is the lightest, almost white. I think it’s the purity of your feelings or intentions. Or maybe what you have done in the past. Just about everybody fighting for the side of Light were lighter shades of gray vice the Dark side.” Harry looked around at the others to see if they looked like they understood what he was trying to explain.

This Challenge can be written in lots of different ways. This is just one way to give you some ideas.
Sir Ollivander on 2009.02.20 - 05:08PM ()


Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.20 - 06:31PM to say:

Outstanding! We see a bit more of what the Hallows really signify, and more importantly what they mean to Harry. The Academy and/or the Ministry representatives trying to secure these present a number of questions, and therefore a number of opportunities. Their motivations, their actions, and their characterizations (especially as how they interact with Harry and Ginny), as well as the response to the campaign by our heroes, leave us with all manner of opportunities for...mischief.

Hey you...yes you...the one sitting there at that computer. I've been watching you, and you've got a great story started. No, there is only one D in antidisestablishmentarianism, but otherwise... Drive on with the Challenge pilgrim!

jennyelf came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.20 - 07:05PM to say:

Spenser, a man after my own heart.... you know the word antidisestablishmentarianism. My students love that one. And no, I don't have a great story started. At least not one about this challenge. :D

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.21 - 08:56AM to say:

Who doesn't? :-p
No, the really good ones are discombobulation and floccinaucinihilipilification.

seaswimmer came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.21 - 01:08PM to say:

Now I never knew floccinaucinihilipilification was spelt like that. I with you Torak - discombobulation is great. I also like encephalopathy. Just out of interest, can anyone actually use floccinauci.... in a sentence? Other than "I wonder what floccinauci.... means / how to spell it" I might actually have to look it up...

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.21 - 07:49PM to say:

"Misanthrope that I am, I spend much of my time indulging in recreational floccinaucinihilipilification."

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.21 - 07:52PM to say:

Torak - now, that I can believe.

jennyelf came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.21 - 08:35PM to say:

oh, I love it! Another great word to teach my students! :)

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.21 - 10:13PM to say:

Jenny--I wish that we could talk Torak into visiting your classroom in person. He might disagree, but I've always thought that he'd be a great (if somewhat cantankerous--the best kind) teacher.

sapphire200182 came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 01:08AM to say:

Question: "No two Hallows will ever be together in the same place at the same time." What if no-one knows they are in fact in the same general location except Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione?

sapphire200182 came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 01:15AM to say:

I don't understand why my previous comments appear blank. Anyway, I have a question: If Harry doesn't want to exhibit the Hallows like a museum display or the Crown Jewels and wants to keep security down to a number of Order members, is it allowed?

seaswimmer came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 08:24AM to say:

I consider myself newly educated, & take my hat off to you Torak. I've also looked it up, learnt what it means (it's only taken me 20 years to get around to it!), and shall endeavour to subtly slip it into conversation. (Perhaps in the next challenge it could be one of the bonus phrases. Er, words). Did you know, by the way, that it was overtaken in length by the alleged disease pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. (I admit I'm lazy - that was a cut-&-paste job, so if I spelt it wrong it's someone else's fault!)

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 09:16AM to say:

sapphire200182 - for security reasons, who would know that Harry had them all seperated? So who would know they were all together? If you can work around that, go for it.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 09:26AM to say:

sapphire200182 - I'm not sure I understand your question. Harry does not want to display the three Deathly Hallows like a museum piece. Security does not have to be maintained by Order members. Harry could have them in the same general area. But I wouldn't tell Ginny, Ron, or Hermione. The less people that know anything, the better the security.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 09:29AM to say:

What if - a Hogwarts house-elf secures one of them, the Goblins at Gringotts guard another. And Banes hides the third in the Forbidden Forest?

jennyelf came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 10:46AM to say:

or what if a phoenix flashes them in each time to be examined? Just a thought.

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 10:50AM to say:

Proper Category--I will again remind everyone that when you select your category while posting, don't just opt for Challenges, go to this specific Deathly Hallows specify that.

We now have three entries. We also have six more days to come up with some additional goodies. Surely you have some fantastic plot bunnies in your head. You do?! Don't call you Shirley? Sigh...

By the way, the definition of antidisestablishmentarianism, for those who haven't learned it yet, is "the opposition to the withdrawal of state support or recognition of an established church."

Perspicacity came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 01:59PM to say:

I have one I wish to submit, provided, unlike my last submission, it is not "refused on plot, characterisation or other grounds if it is determined to be incompatible with SIYE's aims." It has been sent to a beta reader, but my beta hasn't gotten back to me. (I may in the end be required to submit an unbetaed story).

seaswimmer came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 02:20PM to say:

Or (as I learnt it) 'against being against the establishment of the church by the state'... (I just like the 'against being against' bit)

seaswimmer came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 02:26PM to say:

Apparently flocci-whatsit was actually made up by an Eton student by combining four words meaning 'to not care': flocci facere (a wisp / piece of wool); nauci facere (a trifle); nihili facere (nothing; something valueless (lit. "not even a thread" from ni+hilum)); & pili facere (a hair; a bit or a whit; something small and insignificant). So now you know. And one day I'll learn some HTML so I can paragraph messages like that...

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 06:45PM to say:

Perspicacity, the simple solutions are to send it to another beta, and write a story that doesn't include grounds for rejection. ;-)

Spenser, I have actually thought of teaching, but I don't think people would like it... Apart from anything else, I'd work on the assumption that everyone actually wants to learn stuff, and anyone stopping others from learning can bugger off. :-D

jennyelf came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 06:59PM to say:

Torak Actually there's classroom management program here in the States that works with that assumption. A Time to Teach asks three essential questions: Can I still teach? Can the student learn? Can the other students learn? If you say no to any one of those, then you send the child out of your room. :) With your vocabulary alone, you should be teaching.

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 07:18PM to say:

In Sweden, they work on a rather silly system. All children have a right to education, they reason, so no child can ever be kicked out of a classroom, even if they're being disruptive and ruining it for everyone. And yes, precedents exist to suggest that it applies even if they (for instance) pull a knife on the teacher.

Welcome to Sweden, internationally-renowned home of learning.

Perspicacity came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 11:41PM to say:

Torak: I write the right story for the material, irrespective of whether the site will smile upon me in the end. Sometimes that leads to rejection. Frankly, when the grounds for rejection are unspecified, it's difficult to satisfy site guidelines unless I do a complete fluff piece with puppies and giggles and Eskimo kisses). As for betas, honestly I have a hard time finding anyone among my colleagues who will even read a Harry/Ginny story, much less beta-read one. I need to stick with the rare few who will.

Perspicacity came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.22 - 11:42PM to say:

I'm not criticizing, but just saying how it looks from my end. *shrug*

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.23 - 12:24AM to say:

Torak--I stand by my belief about what you could do extremely well.

Persipicacity--I will Beta Read any Harry/Ginny Challenge submission you have ready for me to see, if you don't mind another entrant looking it over. As for fluff...I blew Spenser up in one of my latest...very grizzly.

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.26 - 03:24PM to say:

Perspicacity: It's good that you write what you believe to be the right story for the material. However, the thing you also have to bear in mind is what is the right story for the target audience. If the right story doesn't satisfy our publication rules, then it doesn't matter how right it is.

If you like, though, you can send me the story and I might be able to figure out why it was declined.

Perspicacity came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.27 - 11:30AM to say:

Torak: Thank you very much for your offer to help; it is much appreciated. As only an occasional member of your community, I confess, it's at times difficult to accurately gauge the temperament of the site. Spenser Hemmingway was kind enough to let me know where I failed last time and he offered sage guidance on what I could do with the tale. With his and others' help, I was able to recover it and turn it into what I believe is a better story, one which I posted on another site.

I just peeked at the Action Log and my story for this submission was indeed accepted after all (though I gather it may have been a close thing).

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.27 - 11:45AM to say:

Persicacity--It was close, but I made a call on it as an Administrator. I don't like dark stories as a rule. Just as Torak is, I consider myself first and foremost a humorist. Admittedly, I could have spent a bit more time with it. With just over thirty-six hours to the deadline, my focus has to be on those submissions that I received a week ago to beta. I'll leave it up to the judges and reviewers as to whether yours is acceptable to them. Good luck--Eric

Perspicacity came out of the woodwork on 2009.02.27 - 12:18PM to say:

Spenser Hemmingway: Thanks for taking the time with it that you did. Again, it is much appreciated.

In my defense, Deathly Hallows itself was also a very dark tale: Hedwig's and Moody's deaths, George's scarring, angst at the wedding, the attacks, magical society dystopia, starvation in the wilderness, betrayal, capture and torture at the Malfoy mansion, Dobby's death, and a finale where Harry offers himself up as a human sacrifice. The Hallows center on one of the least pleasant aspects of the human condition, death itself. For some reason, I just never think about them and feel like smiling. My hat's off to you and Torak both for being able to write humor in this setting.

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2009.03.01 - 11:03AM to say:

I don't know about Spenser, but I tend to just ignore Rowling's darker tendencies. Then I write dark stuff in a funny way, and throw in some subtle "adult references" to tweak the Think Of The Kiddies Brigade. (Seriously - there's murder, genocide, torture, but people run screaming at the thought that maybe a kiss wasn't all Ginny had in mind at the start of DH?)

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