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WET&R Section Updates
After some technical difficulties, I'm pleased to announce some updates to the Writing Essays, Tips and Recommendations area.

First of all, we have a new essay on the basics of writing dialogue, found here:

In addition, we also have two new resources listed in our "Useful Books for Writers" page: The 3 A.M. Epiphany by Brian Kiteley and On Writing by Stephen King. Many thanks to member (and recent Challenge winner) Perspicacity for his recommendations.

Thank you to SIYE members who have provided their support for the WET&R section. And, of course, many thanks to our president, Lord Dreadnault, for his determination in dealing (and continuing to deal) with our current technical issues.
sanidad on 2009.03.20 - 04:52PM ()


tangle elfwand came out of the woodwork on 2009.03.20 - 11:11PM to say:

Dialogue, my arch foe. This will be most useful :D

Enchantedgurls came out of the woodwork on 2009.03.22 - 06:14AM to say:

Oh this is a great topic to have for an essay, looking forward to reading it! :)

Perspicacity came out of the woodwork on 2009.03.22 - 12:33PM to say:

Thanks, sanidad, for linking my suggestions and many thanks for the new essay. To any who are interested, I'd note that a challenge from The 3 A.M. Epiphany became one of my stories ("Harry James Potter: Anagram", accessible on my page--I can't post it here, since it doesn't meet the 1k word limit; for what it's worth, it's my highest "review per word" story, clocking in at around one review per six words).

As a suggestion to the community, I'd propose that if any novice writers have specific topics on which they'd like to see an essay, they should mention them here so that the site's more accomplished writers can offer their guidance.

Perspicacity came out of the woodwork on 2009.03.22 - 12:42PM to say:

Apropos to my prior message, I'd also note that I'm not about to consider myself adequate enough to be one of the "accomplished writers" I spoke of, though I would be willing to try my hand at an essay if it were on a topic I were knowledgeable.

sanidad came out of the woodwork on 2009.03.22 - 08:29PM to say:

Just to reiterate the point that Perspicacity brought up: Anyone can write an essay for the WETR section. In fact, each of the first four essays were written by four different SIYE members. If anyone has an idea for an essay that they think would really benefit SIYE's membership, just get in contact with me and I'll be glad to work with you on it.

ginny_lola came out of the woodwork on 2009.03.24 - 03:08PM to say:

I actually have an essay that might be good, if I can find it somewhere. I actually wrote it for a class a couple of months ago, and it's all checked over, so no possibility of typos - my own personal Voldemort. Now just to find it...

sanidad came out of the woodwork on 2009.03.24 - 09:17PM to say:

ginny_lola: Sounds great! Feel free to send it to me whenever you get the chance.

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