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And The Winners Are….
Not exactly the Pulitzer Prize in news reporting, but a very tight race for our four story-tellers. The thirteen judges had a difficult time with just a few, good candidates to pick from. But in the end, the winners were quite clear. I would like to note our seasoned authors were bested by a relative newcomer to SIYE with his first, posted story. Good show! And now the results…

The award for Best Overall and Best Security goes to:
”The Ministry Six Uncovered” by Count Westwest

The award for Best Drama goes to:
”The Other Side” by sanidad

The award for Some Serious Newspaper Editing goes to:
”The “Chosen One” Speaks!” by quinn

The winning stories are now prominently listed in our Featured Stories section. Those of you that have multiple chapters or need to do some editing may continue at this time. The Challenge category is back open. If your story is completed, please ensure it is edited and YES, as completed.

The 2009-3 Challenge is coming very soon. We’re getting back on track.

I would like to thank my many judges who worked hard for this Challenge: BP, CM, CP, EB, GC, JH, JML, KC, LN, LW, NSL, RS, & YC. You know who you are. Thank you very much for all that reading and judging. The Challenge would not exist if nobody judged them.

Some authors have asked if I would tell them how well they did in the judging. If you wish, e-mail me and I will tell you your results.

PS: Judge JML, you picked ALL first place winners! Most Excellent!
Sir Ollivander on 2009.05.15 - 06:01PM ()


Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2009.05.15 - 08:07PM to say:

Sue Who? We're doing a Doctor Who take-off!! Outstanding...uhm...wait a minute. What does this have to do with dark roast coffee? Hmm...? Regardless--congratulations to the Challenge winners.

tangle elfwand came out of the woodwork on 2009.05.15 - 10:00PM to say:

Mary-Sue ripoffs? Or maybe Dr. Seuss everything up?

ElusiveEvan came out of the woodwork on 2009.05.15 - 10:20PM to say:

Congratulations all of you! :-) I'm very glad to be back on SIYE after years.

sanidad came out of the woodwork on 2009.05.16 - 10:26AM to say:

You know, I've always thought about doing a challenge entry Dr. Seuss-style, but the thousand-word minimum was a little intimidating. I doubt any of the original Dr Seuss books were a thousand words long. Anyway, congrats to all the winners.

ginny_lola came out of the woodwork on 2009.05.17 - 10:29AM to say:

I've always loved Dr. Suess. I'd write any story with that connection - even though I have no idea HOW....=-D

Perspicacity came out of the woodwork on 2009.05.18 - 10:59AM to say:

Congratulations to the winners!

At first, upon reading "sue who", I was inclined to think the challenge would feature legal battles, but then I remembered my grandma (and her grammar) and realized that it'd be "sue whom". Now, I'm thinking perhaps a crossover with Babylon 5 (Susan Ivanova).

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2009.05.18 - 04:41PM to say:

You don't remember...? Sue Who? Doctor Who's (William Hartnell's) granddaughter Susan (Sue), portrayed by Carole Ann Ford. This next Challenge is obviously a take on the series, although WHO wasn't actually meant as a name.

Hmm...and here I had this strange idea that it had to do with either coffee, or with the authors placing themselves in a story. No one believes I don't do that with Spenser, so If that is the case after all, get ready to meet the real Eric B. Earplugs and buckets everyone!

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