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Prank Wars Challenge Update #1
“Ok, George.” Ginny started into him. “You raised this Challenge. How do you plan on ending it?”

“Simple” he replied. “We all have to come up with a prank and spring it on someone else in this lot.”

Ron gasped, “What?! We have to do seven pranks? Isn’t that a little much?”

“No, no, no. Just one prank. And to give you some help, you can team up with someone. But not Hermione, Ron. No couples on this one.”

“Kitty, you may know George somewhat, but we all have known each other since early school years. Wanna team up with me?” Ginny invited George’s girlfriend.

“Indeed, I would be pleased.” she answered.

Hermione looked around the group to see who would be her best partner. Neville was waving his finger between the two of them. That was enough for her. “Neville and I” she spoke up. Neville smiled in satisfaction.

“Luna? Care to partner with the likes of me?”

“I’m thankful for the offer, George. But I was thinking of going with myself. I have some ideas I think would go well on some of you.” The others were a bit surprised at her statement.

Ron was seriously looking at Harry so he put his two Knuts in. “I was thinking the same as Luna. I want to go solo as well. Sorry Ron.”

“So Ronikins, you’re either stuck with me or you go alone. Pick one.” George offered.

That was easy. “Alright, you and me. That way I’ll know you won’t prank me.” Ron let out.

“Okay.” George said while clapping and rubbing his hands. “The game is afoot, as someone once said. May the best wizard and/or witch win.”

“So when do we start? I don’t want to wait till next year to get a bucket of cold water over my head.” Neville asked.

Again, George came up with a solution. “In answer to a very good question, Neville, this is the beginning of October. And a good prank takes some careful planning. I think New Years Eve would be the perfect ending. That’s three months. So we all have three months or less to plan and execute a prank on another person or team. Is that satisfactory with everyone?” Everybody shook their heads and smiled at their opponents.

PS: This short update covers Rules 1, 2, & 7. I'm sure authors can cover a few more. Rules 5 & 6 will probably be the bulk of the story. There are many ways to tell this Challenge. Otherwise, it would just be another story.
Sir Ollivander on 2009.10.10 - 09:11AM ()


Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2009.10.11 - 11:55PM to say:

I was on edit when I saw your Kitty here. Hmm...I paired my other OC Brandon Llewellyn with Kitty Fletcher years ago. I went with Bubbles, but I love how we came up with a similar take. This was an extremely hard story to put down, but I had an immense deal of fun with it. If you hear of my being struck down by a bolt of lightning however, you will know that someone up there doesn't have the sense of humor I portrayed.

Weeks to go folks! Let's have some fun! Apart from learning, that's what this is all about--Eric B.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2009.10.12 - 08:04AM to say:

Spenser - I work with an associate named Kitty Fletcher. That's where I got the name. It was that or Eileen.

Broom Rider came out of the woodwork on 2009.10.12 - 11:32PM to say:

Could I get someone to encourage my sister to give you her story. It's wonderful, but she's afraid to post it. She loves our site. Spenser, your story is so crazy! Thank you!

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