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Forty-Eight Hours Challenge Update #1

“What!  Where’d they go?  I didn’t mean for them to leave.  Ronald, Hermione, where did they go?” Molly started to rant.

“I don’t know mum.  He didn’t say anything.” Ron safely answered.  “But knowing Harry, they’ll be fine.  I trust him completely.”

“That’s not the point.  I want to know where they are.  I didn’t even know he could Apparate.  How did he get his license?”  Molly continued.

With that Ron and Hermione couldn’t stop giggling which caused Mrs. Weasley to give them a stern look.

“Mrs. Weasley,” Hermione said, “we’ve been Apparating all last year.  And no, we don’t have our licenses.  Can you imaging Harry or us walking into the Ministry of Magic, controlled by Voldemort, asking to try out for our Apparation licenses.  I’m sure the Death Eaters would fall over themselves silly trying to accommodate us.”

This is one way the Challenge story could be told.  How about yours?

Sir Ollivander on 2010.04.10 - 08:47AM ()


lonecall came out of the woodwork on 2010.04.17 - 08:42PM to say:

(just incase you haven't checked the other thread) Sir Olli...I have another couple questions. Is there a minimum length for chapter fics? that is, minimum # of words per chapter? The fic I'm working on seems to be lending itself toward chaptered but the first chapter would only be like...843 (per MS Word word count). I just submit each chapter as I finish it? or should I hold on and submit them all at the same time?

Sibling Creature came out of the woodwork on 2010.04.18 - 12:31AM to say:

Lonecall: item 4 of SIYE's general submission rules states: "Each submitted chapter must be of 1,000 words or more. Author notes, quoted text or lyrics, summaries, etc do not count towards this minimum." I seem to recall there being an exception for prologues in the past, but I don't see it there now.

Kezzabear came out of the woodwork on 2010.04.18 - 08:37AM to say:

You can submit each chapter as you finish it as it will need to go through the queue anyway - that's how most authors submit at any rate but as long as the chapters that fulfil the challenge criteria are all in by the deadline I shouldn't think it would matter a great deal.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2010.04.18 - 11:46AM to say:

lonecall - It looks like Sibling Creature and Kezzabear answered your questions as I would. The exception for Prologues was removed. There wasn't much difference between a Prologue and a first chapter. Also, it's easier for us if you submit one chapter at a time as you finish them. It keeps our submission stack, or queue, neater, and doesn't hold up the queue if one chapter has an issue.

lonecall came out of the woodwork on 2010.04.18 - 12:28PM to say:

That's great thanks. Sorry for all the questions, it's been a long time since I wrote (or submitted) anything and I've never done a challenge before. Thanks for all the help :)

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2010.04.18 - 05:19PM to say:

lonecall - questions are fine. We'd rather answer them than suffer through any consequences. Challenges are just like other stories submitted and follow the same rules. The only difference is that I already set the plot or storyline and the author has a limited time (one month) to submit them. Plus, they also go under the Challenge sub-category.

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