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Another Plagiarism; Caught in the Act

A number of readers may have noticed that three stories have been removed from SIYE.  All the Reviews were removed also.  It was brought to our attention, which we confirmed, that the stories were plagiarized, or stolen from their real author.  The original stories can be found at FanFiction(dot)net and HarryPotterFanFiction(dot)com by the original author.  They have the same names and are all completed over a year ago.

Sink Into Your Eyes web site never has, does not, and never will tolerate plagiarism in any form, by any author, on any web site.  We will viciously pursue the truth and expose the thief. "CoolwhipSpecial" is no longer welcome on SIYE even if he wrote and submitted his own story.

SIYE Administration is sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  I hope the readers will respect the original author and continue reading the stories on these other sites.


Sir Ollivander on 2010.07.02 - 08:15PM ()


Anniepaulie came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.02 - 09:01PM to say:

I had the first one and had that feeling of deja vu (but took it as reading too many post DH fics) I really apreciate the fact that SIYE is always careful about plagiarism, being a former author from another fandom, I know how it feels, it's like being robbed of hours of your efforts. Congrats to the Admins

rbrt_emmer came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.02 - 09:06PM to say:

which stories were they?

sanidad came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.02 - 09:09PM to say:

The stolen stories were: "Chapter 37, Picking up the Pieces," "Harry Potter and the Legend of the Twelve," and "Harry Potter and the Final Chapter."

ReisMacleod came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.02 - 10:18PM to say:

Why in the world would anyone plagiarize fan fiction?

hot48cricket came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.02 - 10:21PM to say:

I thought I had read them before - I just thought that they were posting the stories here now....I think we should sick Gred and Forge on them!

Ginny Guerra came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.02 - 11:37PM to say:

Way to go! This kind of abuse can't be tolerated.

Quidditchmum came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.02 - 11:54PM to say:

That's crazy! Glad I hadn't gotten around to reading them yet. What were the originals so props can be given to the real author.

M_And came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.02 - 11:56PM to say:

How very...disappointing. As a contributing author, I find it absolutely pathetic that someone would try to pass off a fellow author's work as their own. A hardy thank you to the Admin's and to whoever first caught on to this perp for bringing their theft to an end. - M

jennyelf came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.02 - 11:58PM to say:

Quidditchmum The originals can be found under the very same titles on both fanfiction and HarryPotterFanFiction.

jblakew came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.02 - 11:59PM to say:

Just a quick note that this, uh, "person's" "stories" are still on the DSTA voting page.

jennyelf came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 12:03AM to say:

jblakew They don't show up under the DSTA tally and if someone tries to click on the link, there's no story there to read.

sweetdreamer285 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 12:32AM to say:

And this is why I respect SIYE, for taking action and keeping original Fiction credited to the hard working true writers. Like at Hogwarts, Thievery is not tolerated.

sapphire200182 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 02:39AM to say:

It's little things like this that really endear SIYE to me. I've stayed with this site ever since I found it, primarily because it's great fun and the community is pretty close-knit and downright neighbourly at times. I'm sure other sites do their best to combat plagiarism, but I believe only SIYE exposes their deeds like this. Good going SIYE!

Plagiarism, as we all probably know, is about taking credit for someone else's hard work and effort. Us fanfiction writers, I believe, write for the love of writing and that fictional universe. When somebody steals a published author's work, it's bad enough; when somebody steals a fanfiction author's work its downright despicable. Even the small bit of satisfaction gained by the author from a "Well done, you" from a reviewer is taken away by the plagiarist. That's especially painful for us who don't get any consideration for our work other than credit via reviews and the personal satisfaction from the writing itself.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 10:07AM to say:

sweetdreamer285 & sapphire200182 - thank you both.

ginnyweasley777 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 10:26AM to say:

Well done to everyone involved in sorting it out. Plagiarism is truly awful and undermines the true author who has put in all the hard work to begin with. It's good to see that SIYE comes down heavy on it.

Potterfan922 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 10:34AM to say:

Holy cricket! That is dispicable. It is horrible to think someone would steal fanfiction, but it is comforting that SIYE discovered the situation and dealt with it beautifully. Well done, SIYE.

Rosina Ferguson came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 11:04AM to say:

Thanks for your care and attention to your roles as Admin. As an author on my site it nauseates me to think someone has had the gall to plagiarise a work... and to think I actually nominated it for a DSTA!

Bware0313 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 11:24AM to say:

Great Job Admin! It would make me sick to find some of my stories spread across other fandom sites by other authors than me. The only reward us writers get for this is "Great Job!" How is that satisfying if you didn't write the story to begin with? Also, you'd think he'd be smart enough to CHANGE THE NAME OF THE STORY OR SOMETHING!

HGRHfan35 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 12:34PM to say:

How very sad that someone does this to another author. I had no idea ...... Thank you for catching this person. May I ask how you found out about this.

jennyelf came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 01:22PM to say:

His penname is actually lmb3. *grin* Are you channeling my son there, Sir Ollivander? The author found out from a reader who saw it here and messaged him on another site.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.03 - 03:06PM to say:

Reprint: Rosina Ferguson & HGRHfan35 - yes, they are stories worthy of a DSTA. The original author e-mailed one of our staff admins. How he found out, I don't know. Usually readers let us know. Please respect the author and read his completed stories on the other web sites. His penname is lmb3 (corrected).

Manxman1831 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.04 - 11:31AM to say:

"Imitation is the greatest form of flattery." Plagiarism is not imitation and nor is it flattering.

potterfan2008 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.04 - 12:48PM to say:

Thank you so much for your dedication to authors. I had read one of the stories and didn't like the review response I got so hadn't read any more. I'm glad there are truly alert readers out there who will report this and thanks to the SIYE administration for taking such immediate action.

st122 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.04 - 03:36PM to say:

Thanks to all those involved for doing an excellent job. I just cannot fathom why someone would copy another authors work. Whats the point? The only reward is the communities support and that is only worth something if you wrote the story yourself. I actually just wanted to say thank you to SIYE for being alert and acting on all the information that you received. I am sure some people would have just let it go.

hgromance came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.04 - 04:31PM to say:

thanks for keeping the quality of the 'neighborhood' here high. it's one of the reasons I love posting here. I'm thoroughly disappointed that some people will try to take credit for others' work. It's a shame.

archanon came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.04 - 05:05PM to say:

This is such a let down... I read all 3 stories, and I was amazed at how fast the updates came everytime.. Call me naive, but I just figured it was an author who had the story already done.... such a shame...

ginny_lola came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.04 - 05:30PM to say:

I guess this explains the ten or so chapters that they would post at a time. I was enjoying the stories actually. I've never been plagiarised myself, but I can only imagine how horrible it would be for the actual author :(

HarryGinnyDestiny came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.04 - 06:55PM to say:

That's insane! What would make someone do such a thing????? Maybe he had some Nargles buzzing about his head????? Sheesh!

Mistress of Potions came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.04 - 07:28PM to say:

Curse on the plagiarist: May such a miserable excuse for a human being have to endure logic lessons from Luna Lovegood and diversity tolerance from Dolores Umbridge.

tenorspaz came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.04 - 09:04PM to say:

They are wonderful stories. Please go enjoy them on

flamel came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.04 - 10:15PM to say:

How pathetic it is to copy someone else's fan fiction. On the plus side, at least I get to finish reading what is a wonderful story. Props to the real author, lmb3.

hms42 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.05 - 11:25AM to say:

Good move on the plagiarism. That is one of the reasons I like this site. (I will go and leave the original author some positive feedback on one of the other sites.

The Seeker came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.05 - 12:18PM to say:

Thanks for your 'Constant Vigilance.' This is one of the many reasons so many of us enjoy and admire SIYE. Good job in identifying and quickly eliminating the miscreant's account and the stolen stories.

monkeyboy came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.05 - 01:11PM to say:

I should have known something was up when I looked at how amazingly fast those stories were being updated.

louie came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.05 - 04:18PM to say:

I recognized those stories the very first time I saw them posted at SIYE. I followed these stories just over at the first website because I was so hooked. I just thought the author LMB3 somehow chose to submit it to SIYE under a different penname. Those stores are really awesome. Can't SIYE publish them under the real author's name (assuming of course that the real author is willing?)

skiutahnum1 came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.05 - 07:03PM to say:

I am glad that ADMIN is on the ball, and people who resort to something this low, should be showed for heat they really are and should be made example of, and what admin is a nice start I just hope the admin has told the other heads of sites that deal with fan fict to keep an eye out for this person and the others that have been fouled out. KUTG8W.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.05 - 07:18PM to say:

louie - SIYE cannot post the stories without the author's permission. However, we will not take on such responsibility. If lmb3 would like to have his stories posted on SIYE, he will have to do so, under any name he wishes. And he is more than welcome and invited to do so.

aimless came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.06 - 09:45AM to say:

The stories is great, 110+ chapters of inetresting read is a great achievement. I don't like the ending though, so I'll skip the reqading. No matter of that, original author diserved all the honour, good that plagiarism was caught here.

HarryGinnyDestiny came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.07 - 05:32PM to say:

Can't we track down the plagiarist, and we can all practice the Cruciatus Curse on him??? ....mmmmwwhhahhhhahhhhhhahhhhhahhh... *evil laugh*

lalachoa came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.08 - 08:56AM to say:

It also falls on the avid fans and readers to call out the plagiarists.

Pilargirl came out of the woodwork on 2010.07.09 - 05:54PM to say:

Wow...I can't believe it...the real author of these stories are the reason I read and write fanfiction. It's horrible that they did this to him. I hope, however, that LMB3will post his story on siye on his own because they truly are great.

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