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Congratulations to...

The winners for the Silver Trinkets for the months of July/August are:


Thanks to all who voted and congratulations to the authors for receiving such an honour.

Nominations are now open for the September/October Silver Trinkets.



jennyelf on 2010.09.11 - 12:22AM ()


bones2009 came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.11 - 08:41AM to say:

I was surprised by the nomonees at the just the sheer quality of the stories this round... It was rather hard for me this round to choose in some categories.... Congrats to all the winners all other them deserve it!

M_And came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.11 - 10:11AM to say:

Congratulations to all the winners! All were well deserved! - M

ginnyweasley777 came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.11 - 11:00AM to say:

Congrats to all the winners! I agree about the quality - I had a hard time choosing too. ;)

bones2009 came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.11 - 11:36AM to say:

Shame on me for not knowing how to spell nominees.... oops....

cwarbeck came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.12 - 05:22AM to say:

Hey, thanks! And congrats to everyone else.

babewithbrains came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.12 - 01:13PM to say:

Congratulations to all the winners. I do think, though, that as much as some people might deserve two awards, it would be better if stories could be limited to just one award each so everyone else gets a chance to win something. No offence intended to those who have won more than one award, of course. I just think it would mean more people actually win the DSTAs. ~Soraya~

bones2009 came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.12 - 05:07PM to say:

As much as I agree that everyone should have a chance. there are stories like ones that Andy writes that deserve the number of awards they receive. I like they idea that one story could sweep the awards. I like the idea of a story so good that it wins everything. It would just prove the quality of writing that some of the authors put out. Limiting the number of awards a story could receive would be like limiting the number of Emmy Awards a TV show could win.

redandraven came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.13 - 01:20AM to say:

I'm with babewithbrains 100%. I didn't want to say anything before and seem like a sore loser, but now I can seem like a sore winner since it applies to me. I think there are a lot of really great stories out there, and it is to the point now where if certain authors post a story no one else can even hope to win anything, because the whole thing will be swept. I love our top authors as much as anyone, but I also love the new people who put a lot of effort into their stories. I groan when I see so many repeats! Let's spread the love around!

tangle elfwand came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.13 - 03:11AM to say:

Perhaps we could have a 'best new author' category to give some new people some recognition and still giving old favourites accolades?

M_And came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.13 - 12:17PM to say:

I must be exceeding a word limit, because my posts aren't getting through. The gist of what I tried to submit was that the best stories, regardless of authorship or number of wins, should always be considered by the DSTA's. That's seems to be the purpose of the award. If we as authors don't win, then it's pretty clear feedback from the readership. - Mike

Duelist came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.13 - 11:08PM to say:

Oh, my. I am really .,.. Thanks. Really. It is an honor, every time I'm nominated, and with all the great authors and stories around here, I can't believe I won again.


ReisMacleod came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.14 - 02:24AM to say:

Hey! Thanks to all who voted! It's greatly appreciated! It's been fun writing the story; I'm a little sad that it's almost done. Nice to see my efforts, and the efforts of all the other winning and nominated authors, acknowledged!

babewithbrains came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.14 - 06:41PM to say:

Mike - I understand that, but for one story to win so many awards kind of takes all the glory, which is well-deserved although I reckon there should be some sort of limit. Or, like tangle elfwand suggested, a best new author category would be a good alternative. It's really nice to be the winner of the DSTAs but I'm sure that even the winning authors wouldn't be offended if they didn't win all of the categories. And I love all the top authors on here, there's no doubt. The stories that won were brilliant. But I still think there should either be a limit or an alternative category. It gives others the opportunity to win the DSTAs instead of the same people each time round. I really hope I haven't offended anyone. It's not my intention at all. Congrats to all the winners and good luck to the nominees of the next DSTAs. ~Soraya~

bones2009 came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.14 - 07:40PM to say:

I agree with Mike. Its crystal clear feedback from the readership. If you want a DSTA then write as good as these authors do. Once again, its kind of like say that one show should only get one Emmy Award... You got a story (TV show) that's a masterpiece...What you're saying is that a masterpiece would not be able to get the recognition it deserves.... If a story is as a good as it is, it should be recognized as such.

bones2009 came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.14 - 07:47PM to say:

You also have to think about how to implement it.... If you keep it the way the nominations go you could have a story in multiple categories and receive the most votes but not win because it won another category. How you choose which category that story won too? I guess if you cut a story out of the voting if its already won that category then it would work, but what about a brand new masterpiece story? It would be very hard to limit. I think if you keep it the way it is then you are saying to the fan fiction community look at these authors write as good as them and you could win.

babewithbrains came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.15 - 02:55AM to say:

OK, I understand what it is that you're saying, bones2009. Even so, I think there should be a new DSTA category or two: Best New Author and/or Best Author, so the new authors on the site and the top ones each get recognition. And, of course, no limit on how many of your stories can win. That way, I guess everyone will be happy. ~Soraya~

bones2009 came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.15 - 09:07AM to say:

See I'll agree to that. New categories is always a good idea,... Sorry about splitting the last comment into two I was afraid of reaching the character limit.

colmshan1990 came out of the woodwork on 2010.09.16 - 06:15PM to say:

I would say to add a 'Best New Author' and 'Best Author' category, however, when it comes to the rest of the awards, the best must be recognised. Not the best which hasn't won before, but the very best story in that category that month. If you deserve the award you will get that award. It is not just a recognition of a great story, but that the story was (even if only slightly) better than the rest. And that is something to be proud of. It's not like author's are paid to do this.

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