SIYE Time:14:51 on 5th July 2020

And The Winner Is…

The SIYE Building Inspectors have completed all their inspections and have declared The Burrow ready for occupancy.  The Weasleys have already moved in.  So how well was the home built.  Let’s find out from our winner.

The Burrow Rebuilt by MrsAlphardBlack wins Best Family

The winning story is now prominently listed in our Featured Stories section. If the story needs any editing, you may continue at this time. The Challenge category is back open.

The 2010-6 Challenge is just around the bend.  Be sure to study your potions!

I would like to thank my many judges who worked hard for this Challenge: AM, BP, CM, CP, EB, G, IV, JM, JS, NS, RS, TM, and YC.  You know who you are. Thank you very much. Your time to help out is quite valuable. The Challenge would not exist if nobody judged them.

Some authors have asked if I would tell them how well they did in the judging. If you wish, e-mail me and I will tell you your results.


Sir Ollivander on 2010.11.15 - 07:42PM ()


Miss Gryffindor Girl came out of the woodwork on 2010.11.20 - 04:34PM to say:

Congratulations on winning. Even as you were the only entry, you won a specific category vice Best Overall. Not bad for a first fanfiction. Keep it up.

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2010.11.21 - 08:56PM to say:

Kiddo--you did a great job with your story. The Challenge was a wonderful concept this time, and I wish we had a few more submissions. I had already done another tale , which had a run with the theme. That was fun...but I think the next one will be an edge-of--the-chair, write home to Aunt Selma, don't tell Voldemort I read Yes, fun! We look forward to some serious hula dancing...I uhm...mean literary consideration very soon. Eric B.

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