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Revenge Of The Mary-Sue: Crossing Over Challenge (2011-4)

We tried this a while back and got a goodish number of entries; this time we've tidied up the prompt a bit, removed the titles that were used last time, and added a couple of new ones.

Last time the challenge was to spoof Mary-Sue characters; this time the challenge is referential. From small references and subtle in-jokes to full-blown crossovers, this one is all about throwing other fandoms into the mix. (Remember to adapt your disclaimers!)

Pick any title - but as we're allowing multiple fics with the same name, just remember to add your name to it in brackets. As for plot, go mad. If it fits the title and meets SIYE's basic requirements, it's OK by us.

The titles can be found on this list.

Indulge your other fandoms, cross your overs, ref your erences! Madness is not a handicap in this challenge - in fact, it's positively encouraged.

Your guidelines - not even remotely required, but you'll be rewarded with candy (and the candy is points) and possibly have some more fun:

  1. One way or another, show a conflict between the established rules of the two (or more?) narrative worlds.
  2. Include one or more of the following ancient and less-ancient tropes (when in doubt, check
    • Implausible parentage
    • Fanservice with censor steam
    • The Intermagicnet is for porn (but only if it's PG-13)
    • Join the Foreign Legion to forget
    • Incongruous refereeing (red cards on a battlefield?)
    • The maiden, the mother and the... other one
    • Multiple variations of Ginny's real name (at least one of which should be "Cyril")
  3. Style your story as:
    • A travel programme
    • A quiz show
    • A sci-fi spectacular
    • A Mills & Boone romance
    • A noir murder mystery
    • Be really very funny indeed.


  1. You know the drill. Any length, any rating, but preferrably below 20K and below R would be nice.
  2. All entries must be submitted under the Crossing Over Challenge (2011-4) sub-category of SIYE Challenges and be submitted by midnight SIYE Time, Tuesday, the 15th of November 2011.
  3. Multiple chapters are allowed as long as all the requirements are in the chapter(s) that are submitted by the deadline.
  4. The categories for judging are Best Overall, Best Comedy, Most Insane, and Greatest Advance In The Field Of Molecular Gastronomy.

Bonus phrases for extra creativity are the following. Using any or all of them is not required. A good, creative story will always count much stronger than any bonus.

  • “I don't think that's going to fit.”
  • “You have white tendencies in your trousers, you bloody agent.”
  • “You put it in there, you get it out!”
  • “Just goes to show, a million people can be wrong.”
  • “I think we might be in trouble.”
  • “It's not what it looks like! It all started when...”

Like the original Mary-Sue Challenge, this is a looser challenge than usual. Go ahead, be a bit mad.

Torak on 2011.09.30 - 02:56PM ()


Miz636 came out of the woodwork on 2011.09.30 - 10:46PM to say:

So... You're basically asking for a crossover? I think, for the first time, I'm going to enter a challenge... With a bit of help from my parents, I've got a plot for one of these titles that I could possibly turn amusing in some ways. I am a bit confused by the spoof bit, however. Do you just want a crossover that has some humor in it, or do you want an actual parody of some sort, because I've got an idea for the former, not the latter. Clarify?

Miz636 came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.01 - 01:39AM to say:

Also, if my entry takes place before Harry and Ginny get together, can I not have any romance in it? It won't be anti-H/G, it just won't involve romance at all because it doesn't fit into my idea... Just curious.

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.01 - 07:32AM to say:

As long as there is H/G in it; not necessarily romantic, but the connection needs to be there. See the earlier books for examples. As for spoofing, just make it entertaining; it doesn't need to be an out-and-out parody.

Miz636 came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.01 - 08:14AM to say:

Ah, okay, thanks. I think I've got an idea to show a connection of some sort, now.

jk_salmeier came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.01 - 08:28PM to say:

Just letting you know that the link for is site is broken.

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.02 - 12:00AM to say:

Urgh, it's appended to it. Fixing it now.

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.02 - 12:01AM to say:

Sorted. Thanks for the heads-up.

st122 came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.04 - 01:48PM to say:

This sounds like fun. Already got an idea forming in my mind... Thanks

tangle elfwand came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.07 - 07:12AM to say:

I can't believed you linked TV Tropes. The addictiveness of that site... I need to sleep sometime you know! But very excited for this one, especially as one of the title prompts goes with a story I was writing.

lenfaz came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.09 - 08:00PM to say:

so, to see if I understood: We pick one of the titles and we can write a parody that hints /references from that fandom (e.g. Star Wars) and/or another?

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.09 - 10:26PM to say:

The titles don't have to be related to the fandom you cross HP with - they'll work better that way, but it's not a requirement. And remember, while the story should remain fundamentally Harry Potter, there has to be some element of crossover to another fandom... or more, if you like.

HarryGinnyDestiny came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.11 - 08:43AM to say:

Tried to post some of this page from the types of tropes on TVTropes -ttp:// - Can we chose any of the tropes in this story, or just the 5 or so listed here?

HarryGinnyDestiny came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.11 - 08:44AM to say:

Because a story where H / G accidentally get married (either by not understanding a strange custom or whatever) would be HILARIOUS!!!

HarryGinnyDestiny came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.11 - 08:46AM to say:

Addidental Marriage Trope - Be careful when visiting foreign parts or in the company of aliens, because you never know... you just might end up married. A character (almost always a male) discovers that a seemingly innocent action now means he is married to a certain young lady he had no idea he was marrying. lololol

HarryGinnyDestiny came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.11 - 08:48AM to say:

Or can that be added to the list of tropes... *hint hint *

HarryGinnyDestiny came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.11 - 09:37AM to say:

Or it could just be a prank from the twins to make them just think they're married. Be hilarious if set when Harry was with Cho / Ginny was with Dean timeframe. Still not sure what to cross it over with even if this trope is allowed. grrr...

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.12 - 08:07AM to say:

Just to clarify - your question was a bit unclear - accidental marriage is not a requirement. Go ahead and use it if you like, but you don't need to.

HarryGinnyDestiny came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.12 - 09:07AM to say:

My question was for rule 2 of how we have to write the story - "2.Include one or more of the following ancient and less-ancient tropes" - You give 5 different types of tropes, but my question was could we chose any trope from TV tropes, or does it just have to be one of the 5 listed? Because the accidental marriage trope sounded more interesting than the other 5, and leads to more romance in the story

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.12 - 10:38AM to say:

You can substitute other tropes, of course, and you can use whatever additional tropes you like - but having one or more of those tropes in it will serve you well in the judging.

tangle elfwand came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.17 - 12:56AM to say:

Just curious, does the inclusion of one f-bomb automatically mean an R rating? Because I only want to use one, promise...

Torak came out of the woodwork on 2011.10.17 - 11:58AM to say:

I'm afraid it does. But remember, R-rated stories are permitted, no problem there.

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