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2013-3 Asylum Challenge Update #2

At Harry’s prodding, he got Moony to take him to Diagon Alley.  The real reason was that he arranged a meeting with Gringotts.  Four hours later, and a secret trip to France’s Gringotts, the two met Ginny at Hogwarts’ Quidditch pitch.

“It took a lot of research, paperwork, and some gold, but it worked.  You are now talking to Lord Harry James Potter, Head of House Donahue of France.  Apparently, some of the older houses without money or prestige can be sold.

 Also, based on an old, forgotten treaty from the 1500’s when magical Britain needed magical France’s help, they agreed to respect and obey each other’s laws.  So the Wizengamot has to respect and follow magical France’s laws.

One of their laws governing divorce is when a spouse breaks the law.  Being a Death Eater makes one a criminal in France and a divorce is automatic if requested.  The wife or husband just has to declare in front of three French citizens, on French soil, she is divorcing.  The spouse can dispute the claim within one week.  However, any Death Eater that steps in France is automatically a criminal and subject to immediate arrest.  With a divorce, the wife gets her dowry back and one-fourth of the couple’s earned income since the marriage.  That’s what was earned, not what they have.  And I have Gringotts’s assurance they will help recoup the money.

So, if you’re not doing anything tonight, say around 2 AM, we three can meet your asylum-seeker at Gringotts, use Gringotts’ port key to France, she makes her declaration, and she and I both voluntarily take her under the protection of House Donahue.  I’ll set up a Gringotts account where she can put her newly-gained gold.  Where she lives I’ll leave up to her.  How does that sound?”

And how do you expect to protect the secret asylum-seeker?  Submit your story to let everybody know.

Sir Ollivander on 2013.07.30 - 10:09PM ()


Miri came out of the woodwork on 2013.08.01 - 11:46AM to say:

Hmm...sounds like it could fit in with your previous update. Sigh...real shame you probably won't write this out. After the Challenge maybe? Pretty please?

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2013.08.01 - 04:23PM to say:

The updates are really just a way to get people to thinking of ways to write this Challenge. I did get carried away with a couple of Challenge updates into full chapters. But this one was never a full story line. Just one way, thinking outside the box, of how to write this Challenge. Sorry to let you down.

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