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Muggle Technology Challenge (2014-1)

Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes invents a wizard technology device based on Muggle technology and has Ginny testing out the device(s).

The Challenge is to write a story concerning this new invention and the trials and tribulations of its testing.

Suggestions:  There is no timeframe. Fred may or may not be alive and Ginny may or may not be in school.  There is no number of devices Ginny has so she could or could not share with other friends…for testing purposes only, of course.  The device may or may not work.  Or work in a different manner than expected!


1. All general submission rules apply. Stories over 20,000 words are discouraged but not prohibited.  R-rated stories are allowed but discouraged. Judges are not required to read stories over 20,000 words or any R-rated stories.

2. All entries must be submitted under “Muggle Technology” Challenge 2014-1, sub-category of SIYE Challenges and be submitted by midnight SIYE Time, Saturday, February 15, 2014.

3. Completed stories are seriously preferred.  Multiple chapters are allowed as long as all the requirements are in the chapters that are submitted by the deadline. 

4. The categories for judging are Best Overall, Ingenuity, Serious/Silly, and The People’s Choice Award.

*** The basis of this Challenge idea came from the Tweeter Twig © device.  I don’t know who its creator is.  Thank you.

Sir Ollivander on 2014.01.02 - 01:46AM ()


daderm came out of the woodwork on 2014.01.02 - 12:52PM to say:

I think the "Tweeter Twig" was first "devised" by St Margarets and is in a few of her stories.

kitana415 came out of the woodwork on 2014.01.02 - 05:06PM to say:

The Tweeter Twig is from a St. Margarets one-shot called "The Not-So-Newlywed Match"

r6in came out of the woodwork on 2014.01.03 - 06:11AM to say:

This is out of topic. I don't see any contact info of who to send, or I'm really just don't have a good eye :D . Is there any chance I can read/subscribe this site via ebook in the future?

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