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Quidditch Update Number One


Quidditch Challenge Update:


Wham!  Wham! he heard, but he couldn't look.  Harry gripped the very end of his broom as he traveled, and leaped forward.  This time he retained contact with the Firebolt, using it to push him onward to...  Harry grabbed the Snitch, swung under his broom, and allowed the momentum to carry him back on top of it again.  Hogwart's team...the United Kingdom had won the exhibition Quidditch match.


Harry pulled to a hovering stop, holding the golden ball above his head, and only then taking the opportunity to turn to see what...who had saved him.  Forty feet back, and slowly approaching him, was Ginny on her Wind-Duster broom.  Her smile was a cross between amusement and intense pride.  Every other bit of her countenance was demonstrating complete exhaustion.



Does this little passage give anyone any ideas?  The Challenge is wide open!  Harry/Ginny, Quidditch, and run with it.  Try a story.  Have some fun.  We know you really want to.

Spenser Hemmingway on 2014.10.11 - 05:22AM ()


GinnyP7 came out of the woodwork on 2014.10.11 - 12:33PM to say:

Gratefully, Ginny is a young woman and should have no problems with "continence" (or she'd have to dismount her broom mid game and dash off to the loo) as her beautiful "countenance" crowned by her smile would tell us;)

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2014.10.15 - 09:08AM to say:

Oops. So much for trusting spell-check. Thanks for the catch.

parakletos came out of the woodwork on 2014.10.18 - 04:56AM to say:

Its worth pointing out, because international representation tends to be a bit of a minefield for some, that normally a British Team would compete as Great Britain or Team GB. Rugby Union has the British and Irish Lions when they tour. The only time I think we compete as the UK is in Eurovision.

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