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Another Quidditch Challenge Update about this little tidbit to spark the imagination.


Finally, by the light of still another flash, Ginny spotted the Snitch approximately forty yards off to her right.  Breathing a sigh of relief, she directed Harry's broom in its direction only to be nearly knocked from it at the last second by a near miss.  A lightning bolt had actually hit the Snitch!  Its magic had been negated. and it was simply falling.

"Oh crum!" Ginny shouted to the storm as she dropped the broom into a nosedive.  Could she catch it before it hit?  The Firebolt was the second fastest broom she had ever ridden.  Only Tromed Love, the first racing broom Harry had built, could match it.  The Snitch, however, was plummeting like a meteor.  The nose of the broom was aimed straight down, and she was only three or four hundred feet up. 

"Closer...closer...I almost have you she called out to it.  Still hugging the broom, Ginny reached out to grab it, only to have the wind catch and pull it away from her.  Without thinking, Ginny threw herself from the Firebolt, seizing and then clutching the ball to her chest, and only then realizing that she was now the one dropping to earth at breakneck (literally) speed.

Down she fell.  Two hundred...a hundred and fifty...Ginny knew that she was mere seconds from death.  Even if she had bothered to bring her wand up with her that morning, she doubted that she would have had any time for an Accio Firebolt.  It was a manuever that both Harry and she had used a number of times during their stunts...other stunts.  Perhaps it wouldn't even work in this electric storm.

 Yes...Harry was going to be very upset about this.


Any inspiration?  We have so much time left with this Challenge, and it doesn't need to be a novel-length.  Shirley, you must have a thousands words in you about Harry, Ginny, and Quidditch.  The rest of you do as well.  Break out that quill true believers!

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Don't call me Shirley.

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