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The Cost of Everything Update #1

For the next three weeks, Harry was receiving packages of mail from Gringotts.  They included the cost of a year's tuition at Hogwarts in galleon by galleon detail.  Not every student was paying the same amount; the pure-bloods paid less while the Muggelborn were paying the highest.  Also, there was a number of items being paid for that Harry never received.  After asking a few discrete questions among his classmates, a lot of other people didn't receive some things either.

In the middle of a crowded lunch, Harry stood up and spoke out loud.  "Hannah, may I borrow your Student Handbook you received at the beginning of this school year, please?  I didn't receive mine."

"I don't know what you're talking about, Harry." she replied.  "I didn't receive any handbook."

"Kevin, can I look at yours?"

"No." was his reply.  "I don't have one."

"Mandy, did you receive your Student Handbook?  Your parents paid seven galleons for it."

"I have no idea what you mean, Potter."

"Ok.  Did any half-blood or Muggleborn student receive their annual Student Handbook at the beginning of this year?  Please raise your hand.  You all were charged for one as part of your tuition."  Harry said louder.

When no one raised their hand, Harry gave Professor McGonagall a stern look.  "As Assistant to the Headmaster for Students Affairs, do you have all our handbooks that we were obviously not given?  Or is the staff of Hogwarts just pocketing the seven galleons every half-blood and Muggleborn student paid?"  That got everybody's attention!

What's got your attention?  Care to voice your opinion in a story for the Challenge?


Sir Ollivander on 2015.07.15 - 07:26PM ()


Lokken came out of the woodwork on 2015.07.20 - 04:23AM to say:

Really looking forward to see someones spin on this challenge! Easy writing to you guys!

sanjhiya came out of the woodwork on 2015.07.22 - 02:12AM to say:

Hmm. Sounds interesting. Might give it a try!

JJamieDupane came out of the woodwork on 2015.07.29 - 01:33PM to say:

Sounds like fun and a topic that I actually would love to see tales on... Hopefully we will witness good adventurous and at the sidelines, Romantic stories spun out of this challenge... Best of luck to all the aspiring Authors who plan on taking up the challenge...

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