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Jennyelf, SIYE's administrative head in charge of Stores, the Silver Trinkets and social networking, has retired from her position.  She has a new job and has moved with her family.  We at SIYE wish her and her family well in her new job and new location.

At this time, SIYE is determining who will be replacing her.  We have a few volunteers in and out of SIYE staff.  In the meantime the Silver Trinkets Awards are suspended until we have someone  to take over and oversee the program.

Sir Ollivander on 2015.09.13 - 07:37PM ()


ProfessorBinns79 came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.14 - 02:09AM to say:

I see that the nomination links for the Trinkets are still functional. Should we continue to nominate stories? Would that be helpful for when the Trinkets resume, or will you wipe the slate clean and start over?

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.14 - 02:50PM to say:

It's obviously not my place to answer that, but my opinion is that the decision to this very important question rests on two issues: whether an attempt will ultimately be made to revisit the July/August trinkets retroactively, and whether the database actually records which nominations were made at which time. I.e., nominations for New Story are technically only relevant to the July/August trinket if the nomination occurred in July or August. For other awards, perhaps it doesn't matter as much.

That said, I can't help but notice the level of fostering interest that ProfessorBinns79 has sustained in this site for some time now, and think that SIYE could benefit a fair bit from enthusiasm like that in an administrative capacity!

Brennus came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.14 - 02:58PM to say:

Can I say how sorry I am to see Jennyelf go. When I was a fledgling writer regularly getting chapters rejected due to naughty content, she was extremely helpful to me, guiding me through what I could and couldn't get away with in good humour. Thanks for all the help, Jennyelf, and good luck in your new job.

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.14 - 04:39PM to say:

I have difficulty believing that Brennus could have been flagged for naughty content... Er, okay seriously though, I certainly can picture Jenny having been very helpful to him, as she was to all recent writers on the site (even some of us whingers). Thank you JennyElf and, as I mentioned in my PM, I hope you can find time for your writing too, amid all the excitement.

ProfessorBinns79 came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.14 - 06:44PM to say:

GHL, kind words from an author I really respect! You're among the top 3-5 authors going right now, and once your next batch of novel-lengths are done, you'll be ready to join the Pantheon. (That's what we need to go along with the Trinkets: a Hall of Fame! Sovran & Northumbrian & the like go in right away; then GHL and this crop of greats will be ready for induction by Epilogue Day. That would be great!) Seriously, if the current admins want to spread JennyElf's duties among themselves, they should do so. They do a fine job running the site. It they do want to add to their number to cover the Trinkets, I'd be interested. I'm not an author myself, but I've read just about everything that's been posted on the site over the last 4 years. My wife and I started reading fan fiction after the final movie came out and we realized that no more canon Potter was forthcoming (Yay for Fantastic Beasts!). I'm sure there are many more qualified than I am, but yeah...thanks, GHL.

RighT3rantZ came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.14 - 07:35PM to say:

I AM surprised the that I am not the one who has spent more time reading than even Professor Binns. 1979 is a fine wine GHL. You could always form the horse head staff a ward. Just an idea for the next chapter. I need a job, bit currency won't feed my children though, unless it is bit coin I suspekt.

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.14 - 11:25PM to say:

Jenny Elf is still with us...just not with us. It was so great talking with her during her visit here to Portland two years ago. My big regret was that my @##$&%$!! stomach flu kept us from having dinner that evening. Our site is sum of all our members, staff or not. We will carry on with Jenny Elf, even if not in person. Mischief managed my good friend.

RighT3rantZ came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.15 - 12:26PM to say:

So what you are saying is that Mr Sails will running things now? Perhaps he was running things all along. I met him down in Florida back in the 90's. I got a better grade in Calculus than him, this is known. He went on to do some pretty crazy things though. I go buy Kotex now

Quidditchmum came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.18 - 11:02AM to say:

Good luck and best wishes to JennyElf.

Quidditchmum came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.18 - 11:11AM to say:

Good luck and best wishes to JennyElf.

pleurocoelus came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.19 - 02:24AM to say:

Good luck to JennyElf. I, too, am among the legions of grateful people whom she has helped.

melindaleo came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.19 - 05:06PM to say:

Best of luck, Jennyelf. We all owe you a debt of gratitude for all you've done here.

hgromance came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.21 - 11:12AM to say:

Wishing Jennyelf the best of luck to her and her family.

Mistress_Lrigtar came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.22 - 04:14PM to say:

Good luck, Jennyelf! You were always a great help to me when I first began posting!

RighT3rantZ came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.24 - 02:35AM to say:

Wow, cheap Air Jordan's, from Korea, just like the original. I am surprised a post like that gets through considering the infernal buggery constantly present on this site, and to make it onto this particular feed to boot. How odd. GHL you need to work on the formatting of the spam allowance. Maybe redirect it as a personal message to Brennus, it should arrive sometime in 2016.

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.24 - 10:25AM to say:

Agh -- I fall upon my Mont Blanc Pen! It may be because my own stories are getting the same spam, or perhaps it's any proposal to irritate the edgiest of SIYE authours (the Martin Amis of HP fanfic!), but more than anything I find myself sniggering into a Michael Kors Handbag over any comment that reminds me of my long, Quixotic battles the the PM system!

Brennus came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.24 - 03:25PM to say:

Be careful, chaps! Years ago, I made a few quips when one of these spam ads popped up, only for the site to remove it later. My comments therefore made no sense whatsoever. Of course, there is an argument that my comments rarely make any sense at the best of times...

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.24 - 08:03PM to say:

SIYE is investigating the alleged Comment full of shopping links. we need to leave it up so we can trace it back to its source. Then we will take action, including removing it. This has happened before.

RighT3rantZ came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.28 - 02:40PM to say:

Hey! What the hell...Why am I getting the Brennus treatment here. VEry inConsiderate of the spammers. I blame my comments, which make sense BTW.

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2015.09.29 - 08:01AM to say:

Ah, well we can pretend your comments refer to spam that still resides on some of my stories' review pages. I'd originally asked for the messages to be removed, but that was quite some time ago so now I guess they're just part of the historical record. Maybe in return, I can persuade Louis Vuitton to post previews of some of my pending chapters.

But back onto the original focus of this eclectic discussion, I wonder where things stand now with SIYE program restructuring? How many of our kind, insightful and diligent readers have volunteered to help? I tossed my name into the hat shortly before Jenny left; I'm not sure what will come of it, but having served on other all-volunteer organizations, I do know that extra pairs of hands almost always come in handy. Cheers all!

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