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And The Winners Are....

For this Challenge, we had eight judges and the People's choice Award voting on the two stories submitted.  It was a virtual clean sweep.  And the winner is...

The award for Best Overall, Most Useful, Most Unexpected and the People's Choice Award goes to:

Biscuits Deferred by GHL

The winning story is now prominently listed in our Featured Stories section.  The Challenge category is back open.

My thanks to judges AM, JG, HW, NS, ZA, EB, SM, & FD.  Without judges taking the time to read and judge, the Challenge would not be happening.


Sir Ollivander on 2016.05.31 - 08:49PM ()


Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.01 - 02:33AM to say:

A thank you to the participating authors, they've both done well, and my congratulations to the winner.

BigFatMaybe came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.01 - 06:56AM to say:

Bit congratulations to GHL! I'll go and sulk in a corner now.

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.01 - 08:26AM to say:

I wanted to second Martin's comment and emphasise that there were indeed *two* fine stories here. If lots of readers give BFM's story ("Everybody Loves"...) a little 'love', then hopefully he'll honour us with his major work which honestly sounds pretty cool!

My appreciation to readers, reviewers and judges. Sincere gratitude to Sir Ollivander for his tremendous services to the site!

RighT3rantZ came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.01 - 12:18PM to say:

I thought both stories were good. Don't feel too bad Martin, the judges were swayed by constant subliminal massaging that conveyed "Vote for GHL, make the trinkets great again."

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.01 - 12:32PM to say:

For the record, I donated all of the proceeds to veterans groups.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.01 - 08:06PM to say:

GHL then Spenser and I will be waiting for your check. Thank you for your support.

BigFatMaybe came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.02 - 06:39AM to say:

Hello. I'll probably post the first chapter next Monday. But what I really wanted to say was that my name's not Martin. How you lot came up with that name, no idea, haha!

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.02 - 07:05AM to say:

Ah, slight confusion in the course of a chaotic conversation. Martin is our incomparable Deutsch Freund, Gin110881 -- master reviewer and connoisseur of fine malts.

Looking forward to seeing your story, BigFatMaybe!

RighT3rantZ came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.02 - 08:03PM to say:

Sorry BFM, I blame GHL for calling you Martin first. On a separate note I got a check in the PM's written for a Mr. Sails. The sender was listed as 404. Rotten luck, really.

Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.03 - 02:39AM to say:

I'm already anxious for BFM's new story. The summary sounds very promising. However, it's bad timing from my side again. On Monday I'm going to visit Devon to see Ottery and The Burrow. I'm already excited. But with the luck I usually have, I assume that there is not much to be seen there with all the muggle repelling charms in place, lol. Nevertheless, I'll keep my eyes open for any red heads when I'm there. ;-) But with a wee bit of luck there will already be more than one chapter of BFM's story when I'm back. cu, the real Martin.

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