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Sir Ollivander Is Stepping Down

Sir Ollivander is resigning from the positions of Senior Administrator and Chief Challenger at Sink Into Your Eyes web site effective the end of June.  He is stepping down from his areas of leadership and responsibility to become a regular member of SIYE.  The staff of SIYE have been aware of this move since the beginning of June.

My private and family life is beginning to take on more of a priority.  Working with SIYE is beginning to take a back seat when it comes to managing my time and energy.  I don’t want SIYE to suffer from my lack of attention.

Since December of 2003, I became an avid reader of SIYE stories.  Little by little, I was asked to join different positions in SIYE to the point of Senior Administrator under the owner, Robert.  I have enjoyed running the web site and adding my contributions.  I even had the pleasure of meeting Robert when on vacation near his hometown a few years ago.  Although I am leaving my positions, I will still be around, reading a story here and there.  I wish to thanks everybody who have made my jobs so easy.  Take care and best of luck to all.


Sir Ollivander

SIYE Administration



Sir Ollivander on 2016.06.25 - 08:20PM ()


GHL came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.25 - 08:50PM to say:

Thank you very much for your cheerful service to the site, Tom! In the 2+ years I've been on the site, you have stood out as being the most immediately responsive and helpful to my needs and wants as a writer, While there are a fair number of great people on this site, there was one who was 'greatest' in my eyes, and he shall be missed.

FloreatCastellum came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.26 - 05:04AM to say:

Very sorry to see you go, you will be sorely missed. Best of luck for the future :)

drewbt63 came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.26 - 06:22AM to say:

as someone who is just returning to the site, I just have to say 'dam I missed out on all your insite' lets just hope you trained your replacement to your standard and manly thanks for sorting out my password problem LOL

mdauben came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.26 - 03:47PM to say:

Very sorry to see you stepping down, but its understandable that "real life" has to take priority over things like fan fiction.

potterfan2008 came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.26 - 07:15PM to say:

Tom, Thank you very much for all of your hard work and support that you've shown everyone over the years. The work you've put in on the Challenges is amazing - as both an author and a judge I appreciate your hard work and insight. I certainly understand real life taking priority and I hope to see you around the site.

Lokken came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.27 - 03:01AM to say:

Thank you so very much for all time spend on making this site what it is or was! You will be sorely missed! May your figurative scar never hurts again!

Northumbrian came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.27 - 09:48AM to say:

Tom, your dedication puts me to shame, I flit into and out of this site like a butterfly, abandoning it for months on end. Trust me, I appreciate how changes in personal circumstances can make commitment to "the cause" difficult. This is, and probably always will be, my favourite fanfiction site and that's down to you and the team. Thanks for all your hard work. -N-

Mistress_Lrigtar came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.27 - 11:15AM to say:

Thank you for all of your hard work over the years!! Putting real life first is understandable. I am amazed you were able to dedicate so much of your time for so long to the site. Good luck!

WestexWanderer came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.27 - 12:13PM to say:

Thank you for all your great work!

ellen came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.27 - 04:51PM to say:

Many thanks for all the work you must have put in over the years to help keep things running smoothly. Hope to see your unique pen name pop up in the reviews from time to time.

pleurocoelus came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.27 - 11:02PM to say:

Thanks for all you've done!

YelloWitchGrl came out of the woodwork on 2016.06.30 - 06:18PM to say:

Thank you for everything!

luvbug came out of the woodwork on 2016.07.02 - 10:45PM to say:

Thank you for all you have done

BigFatMaybe came out of the woodwork on 2016.07.04 - 04:43PM to say:

I'm a bit late to the party, but thank you very much for all the work you've put into this site! The SIYE challenge was an integral part to this site and one of the things that make this community so good. You can be proud of that!

alicia rose potter came out of the woodwork on 2016.07.07 - 02:41PM to say:

The most wonderful thing about this site is the community, and you've been a huge part of that. Thank you for all you've done! I hope you'll still check in from time to time.

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2016.07.24 - 01:39PM to say:

I would like to thank you all for your warm words. I'm still around and check in every now and then. I see the Challenge will be starting up again. I hope it runs gangbusters like free food at Honeydukes!!!

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