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The Burrow Secret Challenge (2016-3)

Someone at the Burrow has a secret and it's causing tensions amongst the occupants.

Your challenge is to write a story about who is keeping the secret, why, and how it is revealed.

The categories for judging are Best Overall, Most Humerous, Most Unexpected, and the People's Choice Award.



1.  All general submission rules apply.  Stories over 20,000 words are discouraged but not prohibited.  R-rated stories are allowed but discouraged.  Judges are not required to read stories over 20,000 words or any R-rated stories.

2.  All entries must be submitted under the Burrow Secret Challenge (2016-3) category sub-category of SIYE Challenges and be submitted by midnight SIYE time on Tuesday 15th November 2016.

3.  Only completed stories will be accepted.  Multiple chapters are allowed so long as all the requirements are in the chapters and the story is completed by the deadline.  All stories still go through the same approval process as normal submissions so please don't wait until last minute to submit your story.

ginnyweasley777 on 2016.08.01 - 04:10AM ()


pleurocoelus came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.02 - 08:12AM to say:

Go forth and fanfic!

Lokken came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.02 - 11:11AM to say:

Not really excited about this particular story idea but regardless - Best of luck to all authors!

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.02 - 09:05PM to say:

Yes, for those people whose first choice may have lain elsewhere, please continue to opinion here and wherever. High ranking suggestions from our earlier polls are good prospects for subsequent challenges, and we will continue to evaluate feedback to choose subsequent rounds.

pleurocoelus came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.02 - 10:52PM to say:

Good. Some of those other prompts sounded interesting and, as the comments indicated, several people had ideas based on them. I don't believe that all the good fanfic has been written yet.

CharmHazel came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.03 - 06:44AM to say:

Need to have a think about it. Have a couple of ideas in my head so at least I have the time before it needs to be submitted.

Emerald came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.06 - 08:53PM to say:

Glad to see challenges come back! I'll probably be writing something for my first story on here :)

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.07 - 08:25AM to say:

That's great to hear, Emerald! There has been a real upswing in 'first story' submissions in the past several months, which is really very encouraging. We'll be looking forward to seeing your work!

Bekah Jo came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.08 - 10:36PM to say:

I have some ideas swirling.....hopefully some of them come together clearer in the next month :)

Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.11 - 06:39AM to say:

Today the tension is high at The Burrow. The residents keep secret what they've bought Ginny for her birthday. But Ginny certainly will reveal all the secrets when she opens her presents, lol.

Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.11 - 06:41AM to say:

Oh, I almost forgot. Happy Birthday Ginny!

Prinzesa came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.11 - 11:12PM to say:

Oh, happy birthday to my only favourite female character! 😊

ginnyweasley777 came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.14 - 06:42PM to say:

The stench of lies and deceit hung over the Burrow like an ominous thundercloud - roiling and brewing until it was ready to unleash it's fury. The tension was palpable and it gave Molly Weasley the jitters.

She was sure that so far she was the only person who'd picked up on it - Arthur being busy with both his work for the Ministry and for the Order, but she knew, a mother always knew.

It had something to do with Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione, of that she was sure. Several times since they'd returned from Hogwarts for the summer she'd caught them arguing amongst themselves, all four clamming up as soon as she got within earshot. Oh, she wasn't naive, she knew they'd split into two couples. Indeed, she'd realised that Harry as falling for Ginny the summer before, and couldn't be happier about it, even though none of them had actually come out and said they were together - it was the worst kept secret in the Burrow at the minute. No, whatever it was that was going on was much bigger and more serious than the usual teenage relationship dramas, of that she was certain.

Molly frowned as she walked downstairs and neared the kitchen. The unmistakable sounds of raised voices could be hear from within.

"You've got to do something about it soon!"

"I know, okay, but it's my decision when and what I do, I just need a bit longer!"

"I don't think I can keep this up for much longer!"

Worry crept into Molly, chilling her bones and sending a shiver up her spine. This was obviously serious and it was time she found out just what was going on. She stepped into the kitchen and was met with stony silence. Hermione was stood with her arms folded and Ron's ears were bright red - never a good sign.

She waved her wand and both the back door and the door she'd just come through sealed themselves shut with a loud squelching sound. "Right," she said, "it's time someone told me what's going on, and no one leaves this room until I find out."

Ron and Hermione looked at each other worriedly, Harry looked decidedly green, while Ginny just looked sick to the stomach.

ginnyweasley777 came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.14 - 06:49PM to say:

Just an idea to get the ball rolling, I'll post another later!

Sir Ollivander came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.15 - 09:43PM to say:

I KNEW IT!!! One of them is in love with Malfoy Jr. The others are in shock, jealous, and can't believe this is happening.

ginnyweasley777 came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.16 - 10:00AM to say:

Damn, you figured it out already!

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.16 - 10:10AM to say:

Ron, Ron, Ron... What have you been hiding behind all that bluster?

Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.17 - 07:17AM to say:

Ew! What a yucky idea. Snape must have brewed a love potion in order to make his only favourite student more popular.

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.22 - 08:15AM to say:

So we have our first story. Hurrah!

Hope to see some others filtering in over the next while. I myself will not be submitting one (that conflict of interest thingy) but I will gladly assist any and all authours who could use a hand (tech issues, edits, betaing, etc.). I imagine ginnyweasley777 feels the same way.

ginnyweasley777 came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.22 - 09:20AM to say:

Yep, if anyone needs help I'm here.

BigFatMaybe came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.22 - 07:02PM to say:

I won't have time at all to write a story for this challenge, sadly. All my sparse spare time is currently going into writing part 2 of my story. Maybe next time? Good luck to all the participants anyway!

CharmHazel came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.25 - 03:19PM to say:

In the middle of writing my first story for a challenge. Hoping to have it up within a couple of weeks.

Kneazle_NZ came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.25 - 07:23PM to say:

I've got a first draft but I'm leaving it to percolate for a bit!

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2016.08.27 - 05:48AM to say:

Muy bien! From what I've seen of your writings, we have some wonderful stories to be looking forward to!

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