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April Fool's Challenge (2017-2) Update


As the shock wave receded from the Gryffindor Table, Colin Creevey timidly wiped a spatter of stew from his nose, Ginny slowly emerged from her blast crouch, and several seventh years looked down their sharp seventh-year noses at... Harry Potter.

On her way over from the Ravenclaw table, Luna smiled genially.  "Good evening, Harry Potter.  You're looking quite tetchy tonight."

Harry took a breath, low and raspy like a 'quite tetchy' lethifold. His white knuckles unclenched the seat back that he had just slammed, and he scanned the Great Hall, seething, "I'm going to rearrange someone's bloody face."

"Oh dear no."  Luna blinked.  "It need not be bloody.  Magical healers can do excellent, non-intrusive cosmetic surgery these days."

Ignoring her, Ginny stared at Harry.  "Oi Potter.  Does that mean they got you too?"

"Got me too?"  Harry looked in askance.  "Do you mean, someone else was cursed with a singing cauldron in Potions?"

"Yes.  Me."  Ginny nodded stiffly, banishing from her mind the strains of a daft love song (something about her fancying the Boy Who Lived).  "They pranked me this morning."  

"Bugger."  Harry gritted his teeth for a moment.  "Do you have any idea who did it?"

Ginny's shoulders slumped.  "No.  Snape took all the evidence and locked it in his office.  How are we going to find out?"

"Simple!"  Luna beamed a ray of sunshine at her friends.  "Just ask that lot over at SIYE.  They know everything that happens to us."

"Hey!"  Harry grinned.  "That's a great idea.  You know, I'm still chuckling about that Hugo Granger-Weasley piece.  That poor lad is so clueless..."

"True."  Ginny smiled.  "But I think my favourite was the story about two weddings.  Who would have thought, you know, that old Mrs. Figg would have let that happen?"

"Uh, I may have missed that one..."  Harry scratched his chin.  "What was that about two wedd-?"

"Shush!"  Luna rapped the table.  "Be quiet and hear what the authors say.  Meanwhile, I'll find you a book on cosmetic surgery."



Somebody has just wronged Harry and Ginny, and they're going to get even in the most fitting and funny way possible.  There are roughly six weeks left for you to tell us about it and compete for fame and (nonmonetary) fortune in the 2017-2 April Fools Challenge!

Challenge award categories are:

  • Most Humourous
  • Most Unexpected
  • Best Overall
  • People's Choice Award

Standard advisories:  all challenge entries must be marked as 'Complete' by the due date (midnight, July 15, 2017).  Stories longer than 20,000 words or with a Restricted rating are discouraged.  Judges need not read Restricted stories, and are not asked to read beyond the 20,000th word of any story.

Everyone, please feel free to suggest new challenge ideas whenever they occur to you!

ghl on 2017.06.06 - 10:08AM ()


Prongs I came out of the woodwork on 2017.06.08 - 08:01AM to say:

What about the use of the word Belgium?

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2017.06.08 - 08:47AM to say:

I was wondering whether anyone would ask! Let's say that Marvin has volunteered to appear in Ballroom 5 to award the First Annual SIYE August Fool's Rory Award (FASAFRA, for short), should any deserving entry emerge.

Brennus came out of the woodwork on 2017.06.11 - 08:11AM to say:

Hey, Stella Artois lager comes from Belgium - I'll not have a bad word said about the place!!!!

Kneazle_NZ came out of the woodwork on 2017.06.11 - 10:00PM to say:

I'm working on it!

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2017.06.15 - 01:41PM to say:

First and foremost, great to hear that K_NZ is working on another challenge story. The last one was great!

As far as Belgium is concerned, perhaps we can instruct the judges that it may be considered a 'word'... and that word may be used 'gratuitously', but that gratuitous defamation of the flat EU producer of fine lagers and abbey beers is to be discouraged.

A small price to pay for fostering the site's third most prolific writer.

And yes that's 'third'. In the past months, Sharon has rather stomped you, Mark. If it's a consolation, though, you've both written more than JKR did within the canonical 7 novels.

Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2017.06.19 - 12:26PM to say:

Brilliant. I'm just back from holidays and the countdown begins. Now I only need to find out what I've to do to post my debut story.

uke_lilly came out of the woodwork on 2017.06.27 - 01:57PM to say:

I've actually been working on a Harry/Ginny fic for a while now that just so happens to fit within this challenge's guidelines (aside from the word Belgium). Originally, I intended to put it exclusively on Wattpad, but I suppose there's no harm in entering the story here instead...

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2017.06.28 - 05:31AM to say:

Please do, Uke_Lilly! There are many stories on SIYE that are cross-listed on ffnet and other places, and many that were first published here and then republished elsewhere.

As far as Belgium is concerned, you can simply honour Mark by quaffing a Stella.

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