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challenge update (2017-2) and input on challenge topics for 2017-3

"Er..."  Wide eyed, Harry scratched his head.  "Now that was unexpected."

Watching huge gobs of greenish clotted cream oozing from Marcus Flint's armpits, Ginny sputtered into her hand.  "Oops!"  She took Harry's arm and steered him away from the spectacle that had exploded the Great Hall into hysterics.  "I may have dribbled too much doxy egg-yoke into the potion by accident.  Oh well."

"Accident?"  Leaving the raucous hall, Harry glanced back in time to see Flint skid in the cream and land tail first in the mess.  He smirked and pulled his new-found conspirator a bit closer.   "Say, Gin'.  I wouldn't mind having another accident like the one we had yesterday in the, uh, broom closet."  His eyes couldn't resist a quick glance at his conspirator's lips.

"Nuh uh, Potter."  Ginny shook her head firmly.

"No?"  Harry blinked, a bit crestfallen.

"Of course not."  Ginny tugged Harry to the side, sending them both stumbling into a tiny alcove, rattling an old mop and some pails.  "This time it's no accident!"



So April Fool's Day may be months past, but who's not looking forward to reliving some great pranks??  The next challenge is due in less than twelve days now -- we have one great story in already, and at least one more in the works, but here's hoping there are loads more tricks and gags waiting to be sprung on poor hapless Hogwarts villains!

Please get your entries in by midnight SIYE time on July 15th.  Some of you should also be on the lookout for judging requests.  Also, we need to pin down our topic for Challenge 2017-3.  Please either suggest a topic, or vote for one of our the top prior candidates:

  • Someone is going on a magical creature hunt. Why they are hunting the creature?  Do they find it?  Tell us about the journey.
  • Years into their marriage, Ginny discovers something surprising about Harry.  Tell us about it.
  • By accident, Harry and Ginny stumble upon a hidden Portkey and are swept away.  What happens next, and how do they get back?
ghl on 2017.07.03 - 01:53PM ()


Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2017.07.04 - 02:40AM to say:

#3 sounds like fun. I can very well imagine that there is a forgotten portkey among the old junk at the Grimmauld Place, and the two of them accidentally activate it when they clean it up. On the other hand, for #1 I already have an idea. Well, it's #3 or #1.

CharmHazel came out of the woodwork on 2017.07.05 - 03:45AM to say:

No story from me for the current challenge. Can't think of anything and I am no good with coming up with pranks! I have an idea for number 2 already. Though, number 3 sounds interesting as well.

Prongs I came out of the woodwork on 2017.07.13 - 03:23AM to say:

Number 3 sounds interesting. The potential authors should, however, express their opinion on this topic. It would be all in vain if we'd choose a topic and nobody writes a story, wouldn't it?

ellen came out of the woodwork on 2017.07.13 - 04:37AM to say:

I have to agree with Prongs. Since the chances of my writing anything acceptable are very close to zero it seems a bit of a cheek to choose. But, since I'm here, 3,1,2.

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2017.07.13 - 06:39AM to say:

Thank you all! My instinct is to give writers and readers equal voice in this deliberation, with the authour opinion on what they'd like to write about being counterbalanced by the 'challenge' of writing toward scenarios that others would like to hear about.

Some of my best stories came from challenge topics that I never would have thought to write about without the external prompting.

As a final note on this, for topic selection I do take into account the results of prior voting, but that doesn't mean that people who voted for a given topic in earlier cycles are discouraged from doing so again. To me, that sort of revoting is an expression of *enthusiasm*.

FloreatCastellum came out of the woodwork on 2017.07.13 - 11:39AM to say:

Potential new challenge - Harry has never been abroad before. His first trip is with Ginny. Why, and where do they go?

Comet Moon came out of the woodwork on 2017.07.19 - 10:53AM to say:

The war is lost and only Harry and Ginny survive. But neither knows this. Using the last ditch option they had created both go back in time merging with their younger selves but as they had to be at one specific time and they needed to be where they we're located in the past, neither knew the other went back as well . Now, both try to set the future right, neither knowing the other is there causing much humor, drama, and mischief.

Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2017.07.25 - 07:04AM to say:

That sounds very interesting, I like the idea very much. I'm curious if such a tale can be told in a maximum of 20000 words.

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