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Awards for Challenge 2017-3 & topic for Challenge 2018-1

Quite a wild ride, this magical creature hunt has been!

Well, the dust has settled, the beasts are accounted for, and the judging is complete.  Congratulations to all contributors, and especially those who produced our winning stories:

Let us all offer a round of applause for our wonderful judges:  AS, KH, MG, AM1 & AM2!

I will mention, for interest's sake, that for every authour who wrote a second story for this challenge, it was the second story that fared best in judging.  Fascinating.  In light of this, from heretoforward, I am happy to now make it standard policy that writers may contribute more than one story to a challenge.

This makes a nice seque to announcing our voter-selected topic for Challenge 2018-1:

By accident, Harry and Ginny stumble upon a hidden Portkey and are swept away.  What happens next, and how do they get back?

Awards will be made for Most Adventuresome, Most Romantic, Best Overall, and People's Choice.  Please stay tuned for a followup announcement in about a week, specifying rules for Challenge 2018-1, and opening the voting process on possible topics for Challenge 2018-2.

ghl on 2017.12.01 - 06:54AM ()


Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2017.12.03 - 01:29PM to say:

I'm glad to see that my favourite has won. The most unexpected, however, was the most unexpected for my silly little something that hit me just before the deadline and refused to go out of my mind, until I finally wrote it down. Kudos and a big thank you to all participants!

potterfan2008 came out of the woodwork on 2017.12.03 - 09:09PM to say:

Thanks so much to the judges as well as readers! I'm so glad my story was enjoyed. I had a lot of fun writing both stories. Congrats to Gin110881! Thanks again to GHL & GinnyWeasley777 for not allowing the challenges to die out!

pleurocoelus came out of the woodwork on 2017.12.04 - 06:59PM to say:

Congratulations to all! Sorry I didn't get anything in, I started three stories, but none got past 200 words. I'm glad there were so many enjoyable entries though!

Spenser Hemmingway came out of the woodwork on 2017.12.07 - 08:38PM to say:

Incredible submission. Great job! Oh, I'm retired, but I'm still a member. Keep up the good work folks.

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