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Challenge 2018-1 update/rules, plus topic choices for 2018-2

As previously announced, the topic for Challenge 2018-1 is:  By accident, Harry and Ginny stumble upon a hidden Portkey and are swept away.  What happens next, and how do they get back?

Awards will be made for Most Adventuresome, Most Romantic, Best Overall, and People's Choice.  Completed stories must be submitted by midnight, March 15, in order for award announcements to be made on April 1.

Please note rules for challenge stories (including some judge-requested modifications):  submissions must be stand-alone stories that are marked as complete by deadline; stories must be shorter than 20,000 words; R-rated stories are discouraged, and judges are not required to read them.

Finally, please use this space to cast your votes for the 2018-2 challenge topic.  Additional suggestions are encouraged but top current choices include:

1.  Years into their marriage, Ginny discovers something surprising about Harry.  Tell us about it.
2.  Auntie Muriel announces that she will take her tea at the Burrow next Sunday.  Excuses fly as everyone tries to avoid attending.  Will anyone escape?
3.  Tis the Valentines feast at Hogwarts, and something is odd.  The pumpkin juice tastes suspiciously good, and all who drink it are behaving strangely.  Uh oh.
4.  A debilitating accident brings Harry's and Ginny's hectic schedules to a screeching halt.  How will things change as the couple adjusts to a slow recovery?
5.  My, how the kids have grown!  Voices are changing, giggles spur up at the oddest moments.  Dear, I think it's time for... 'the talk'.
6.  Harry has never been abroad before. His first trip is with Ginny. Where do they go, and why?
7.  Late at night, a hooded stranger appears at Harry's bed and casts a spell.  Another does the same to Ginny.  The mysterious pair meets in the Common Room.  After a kiss, they whisper, "That’s done.  Now, for the great adventure."  What happens next?

ghl on 2017.12.19 - 06:51PM ()


Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2017.12.20 - 10:42AM to say:

Perfect, I'm looking forward to the new challenge. The storyline is already sketched, the very first scenes are written. All suggestions for the next topic sound interesting, but # 3 sounds funniest. So my vote goes to #3.

pleurocoelus came out of the woodwork on 2017.12.20 - 11:46AM to say:

I vote for #1. (though #4 is really interesting too)

potterfan2008 came out of the woodwork on 2017.12.23 - 12:42AM to say:

I like both #1 & #3

snarky24 came out of the woodwork on 2017.12.31 - 03:41PM to say:

I like #2 and #3!

ellen came out of the woodwork on 2018.01.01 - 02:43PM to say:

I'll happily read anything, but especially like the sound of 3 and 6

cyko2041 came out of the woodwork on 2018.01.02 - 11:32AM to say:

In regards to standalone stories. Is this a refference to series. Or shared internal universes?

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2018.01.02 - 09:30PM to say:

As yes, I guess clarification is warranted. By 'standalone', we are looking at the simplest denotation: a story that has a beginning, a middle, and an end, all contained within 20,000 words.

It can be part of a series, but judges will not be required to read prequels or sequels, so if the story is AU, the authour ought to ensure reasonable encapsulation of key prior events or OC within those 20,000 words.

melindaleo came out of the woodwork on 2018.01.12 - 08:50AM to say:

I like the sounds of #3 and #4 the best - fun stuff on the opposite ends of a spectrum!

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