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Buried Gems 04-2018

In the today's edition of the 'Buried Gems', I want to present a story a whole universe is based on and for which many writers later wrote missing moments stories. There is an eventful history behind this universe which culminated in the so-called StalkerGate in November 2001.

I'm talking about Imogen's 'Carpe Diem', a story Imogen wrote in 2001 and posted it on SIYE in 2006. 'Carpe Diem' was one of the first well known Harry/Ginny fanfiction stories, set in Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts. Of course, since the story was written in 2001, there is no Dolores Umbridge, there are no Horcruxes, and there is no Prophecy in this universe, well, at least not the Prophecy we all know. In exchange, the story introduces us to an amazingly refreshing Ginny who was not born on August 11th and who is guilty of having a weakness for stolen socks. But don't be afraid, Harry doesn't die because of cold feet.

According to Imogen, 'Carpe Diem' grew out of an assignment she set for a high school English class she taught:

"I started writing it initially after I set a Year 7 class a homework piece to 'write the next chapter after Goblet of Fire' and said I'd do a chapter as well. As it turns out I got the class hooked, and they wanted more. So I kept writing what is posted on the internet as 'Carpe Diem' on the condition that if they all handed in their homework, they got another chapter every week until the end of term. And they all did. In fact, one Friday I'd forgotten to set homework and the entire class turned up on Monday morning having done something over the weekend!"


The summary to the story doesn't give much away:

The Fifth Year at Hogwarts. Why does Harry have Ginny under the Imperius Curse, and what dangers does Voldemort pose for you this time?


On SIYE, there is also the One-shot 'Riverside Reflections', which is set during the summer after 'Carpe Diem', as well as the 7th year story from this universe, 'Alpha and Omega'. If you are interested in reading 'Alpha and Omega', I recommend the full version on Phoenixsong. Although the story is marked as completed on SIYE, it contains only 10 chapters instead of the 26 chapters of the completed version.

An overview of the stories written for this universe can be found here, here, or here. Unfortunately, the story 'Home is Where the Heart is' is only available on Imogen's former homepage, which is accessible only for existing members, there's no registration possible anymore. edit: As I just noticed, the completed version of A Pensieve Affair probably is also only available there.

I'm always open for further suggestions for the 'Buried Gems'. Just send me an email ( with your favourite 'Buried Gem'. Please add a few lines to explain why you like the story so much and why everybody else here should read it. The story should be complete and preferable posted on SIYE before 2010.

I will continue to release a new edition of the 'Buried Gems' every three weeks. The order of the presented stories is random and not a rating!


edit: If you want to see which stories have been featured as 'Buried Gems' so far without searching in the archive, just go to Categories, at the top of the SIYE home page. There, thankfully, GHL has set up a new category 'Buried Gems' containing all the stories presented here...or just follow this link.


edit2: Thanks to Phil42 who just informed me that on ffnet chapter 4 of "Alpha and Omega" is missing and chapter 5 has been posted twice. I have removed the ffnet link. If you want to read "Alpha and Omega" you should read the version on Phoenixsong ( just like I did.).

Gin110881 on 2018.06.26 - 11:30AM ()


Prongs I came out of the woodwork on 2018.06.27 - 02:38AM to say:

Great choice! I love Imogens universe.

ykirirn came out of the woodwork on 2018.06.28 - 09:33AM to say:

Oh! great selection. I still remember that was one of the first ff that I read. funny I tried to log into the site and don't remember my password, tried to retrieve a new one but was not possible. I also enjoyed a lot with Leela Starsky artwork of the pictures. Now both had been long gone underground as too many good writers and artists. I remember Abraxan, It's a great writer. and think it can be a good next recommendation

Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2018.06.28 - 09:48AM to say:

I hope I'm not blabbing too much when I admit that Abraxan is already on my list. But I can't tell when she'll appear in the 'Gems', because, at the moment I only know which story will be the next 'Gem'. I've received a bunch of really good suggestions so far, so it's hard to decide.

Tron came out of the woodwork on 2018.06.28 - 09:14PM to say:

Is it possible to have a new category added to make it easy to find these Buried Gems? I know we can search them out, but to have them all in one place would be great.

potterfan2008 came out of the woodwork on 2018.06.29 - 10:03AM to say:

This is one of my favs! I was just rereading it recently!

GHL came out of the woodwork on 2018.06.29 - 07:08PM to say:

Tron's excellent suggestion has been implemented -- a new category has been created and is now being populated!

wvchemteach came out of the woodwork on 2018.07.10 - 12:22AM to say:

you couldn't go wrong with including kjpzak's Ancient Magic and Blood of the Heart or anything by Yellowitchgrl.

Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2018.07.10 - 03:35AM to say:

As for kjpzak, I give you the same answer I gave regarding Abraxan.

Phil42 came out of the woodwork on 2018.07.11 - 04:24PM to say:

Thanks to your tip I read through "Carpe Diem" and have now started "Alpha and Omega" Here's a tip for those who are interested in reading that story: There seems to have been a posting mistake on ffnet, chapter 4 is missing and chapter 5 has been posted twice, as ch 4 and ch 5. I got the missing chapter from phoenixsong. Martin, maybe you could check this and, if I'm right, edit this into your Buried Gems text.

Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2018.07.11 - 04:44PM to say:

Thanks! I added a note to the text and removed the ffnet link.

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