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Buried Gems 05-2018

The 5th edition of the ‘Buried Gems’ presents you with a story suggested by freshwater. Thank you so much for your collaboration.

The buried gem number 5 is "How It's Going to Be", written by Lady Tory in 2005. 

This story has received 5 full stars from all reviewers (well, all but one), and that at a time when those stars weren't given as generously as they are today.

Let's listen to what freshwater has to tell us about the story:

When Harry, in his quest for a dreamless night of sleep, asks Ginny to tell him a bedtime story, the consequences are something more than he would have ever imagined.  This tender, gentle story of the beginnings of their relationship is one I prefer to even JKR's version.  It is my all-time favorite HP one-shot, and I deliberately re-read it 3 - 4 times a year, just because the simplicity and hopefulness of it does my heart good.  This elegant little fic uses an economy of language to reveal a great deal about the characters.  It is so very well done.  Read it and see if you agree with me that the most poignant bit is when Harry says that he doesn't want to be an Auror.

Official Summary to the story: Harry is having trouble sleeping, he asks Ginny to help. "Just then Ginny closed her book, and Harry turned with a start of realization. Ginny. Ginny could lie to him, and she was so good at it that he would probably even believe her for just a moment." 

Since "How It's Going to Be" is only about 5,000 words long, it shouldn't prevent anyone from reading the stories of the recent SIYE challenge and casting their votes. Please don't forget the challenge. There are three wonderful stories waiting for you and your votes.

The next buried gem will be a longer story, much longer. That's all I'm going to say today.

I have received about 25 suggestions for buried gems so far. Thanks a lot for this. I will consider all suggestions and plan to mix up longer and shorter stories, and stories that are probably better known with less-known stories. The order is not a rating!

Of course, I'll gladly accept further suggestions, just send an email to, but please be patient. It might take a while for the suggestions to be published. I don't want to publish the buried gems more than once every three weeks so even rare visitors have the opportunity to read the recent gem before I bring the next one up for discussion.

For an overview of all the stories that have been presented as a buried gem so far, please follow this link.

Gin110881 on 2018.07.17 - 06:35AM ()


Aragorn came out of the woodwork on 2018.07.24 - 12:33AM to say:

That is a good one! Know I was considering mentioning that to you but don't recall if I actually did or not...

ginnyweasley777 came out of the woodwork on 2018.07.24 - 06:15PM to say:

Just read it - great choice! Never read it before so definitely enjoyable:)

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