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Buried Gems 08-2018

A few days delayed, but here is the 8th edition of the Buried Gems introducing you a story nominated by BraverLeonheart. He recommended this story with the following words: 

Written during 2007 and completed in 2008, Saving Harry is a tragic AU story detailing Harry dealing with living in an abusive home throughout his life, and the subsequent discovery of this abuse and relocating to join the Weasley’s in a loving, caring environment. If you’re looking for a story that will make you feel good inside, this is not the story for you. I cried buckets when I first read this. It’s a tough read, but that speaks of the quality of the writing to evoke such emotions in the reader. The story covers Harry's life up to his first year at Hogwarts and the way that a young red-headed girl can help a broken-hearted boy. 


The today's edition of the Buried Gems presents you Saving Harry written by The Seeker.


Summary: What if JKR had never intended the Harry Potter series to be for children? How would Harry’s time at the Dursleys been written? This story focuses on the years Harry lived in the cupboard under the stairs at number four Privet Drive, as well as his first appearance at Hogwarts. The treatment he receives during his decade there is not described in fairy tale terms. The boy who initially develops is not the Harry Potter we know. The story is liberally AU, with different personality traits, events, and relationships used to reflect the changes in this very different Harry and the environment in which he grew up. In the end, through the assistance of a certain redheaded young lady, Harry ultimately finds the life he should have had and rediscovers the qualities he always had inside of him. While I am not a psychologist or child development expert, the symptoms, actions, and behaviors portrayed reflect the realities of child abuse. Appropriate disclosures will be contained in the Author’s Notes above the chapter when warranted. 


I'll opened a new thread in the HarryandGinny Reddit Sub where you can discuss the stories if you want, or simply follow the discussion (if there will actually be a discussion) if don't want to register.

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I still accept nominations for the Buried Gems, just send an email to The nominated stories should have been published on SIYE before 2010, and they should be complete. It would be nice if you’d add a few lines telling me and the other readers why your nominated story is worth to be a Buried Gem. I will publish all nominated stories in this column, but please be patient. I have about two dozen nominations on my list, so it may take a while before your nomination becomes a Buried Gem.

For an overview of all the stories presented as a Buried Gem so far, please follow this link.

Enjoy reading!

Gin110881 on 2018.09.21 - 02:16PM ()


ginnyweasley777 came out of the woodwork on 2018.09.26 - 10:36AM to say:

I feel like I know this story since it was so well known but I don't think I've actually read it - I suspect it was on my list of must-reads that I never got round to. Shall have to remedy that.

Gin110881 came out of the woodwork on 2018.09.28 - 04:31AM to say:

Same here. The story has been on my must-read list for ages, I've read the summary more than a dozen times, it's very memorable, isn't it?

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