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Buried Gems 06-2019

The Buried Gem 06-2019 is a gem in two ways. Not only is the story a gem, but the author is an exceptional gem, too. Her beta skills are praised in almost every other story I read, and her support of other authors makes her an important pillar of the Harry/Ginny ship.

The Buried Gem 06-2019 is Arnel's Gifts Trilogy.

Gifts are precious things, no matter who the giver is. Gifts can be material, but there are emotional gifts as well. In this series of three stories, Ginny and Harry give and receive gifts. What these gifts are, only they will tell.


The trilogy consists of:

You're Still You

Summary: It's Harry's sixth year and Ginny Weasley has been "Harry-Watching" from afar. She doesn't like what she sees and decides to do something about it. Will her actions result in failure or will she and Harry become closer?


New Year, New Hope

Summary: It's Harry's sixth year and Ginny Weasley's "Harry-Watching" has paid off. In this sequel to "You're Still You" the two teens explore their new relationship while dealing with the challenges of life threatened by war.


Summer Story

Summary: Summer at the Dursleys’ is typical for Harry Potter who hopes his stay with his relatives will only last two weeks at most. In this sequel to You’re Still You and New Year, New Hope Harry learns that his role as “savior” of the Wizarding world is more complicated than he thought and that he needs his friends and mentors more than he ever imagined. 


If you enjoyed the trilogy, check out Arnel's other stories, especially her For Love of Family, part of her Family Series, where a freak accident changes Auror Harry Potter’s life and tests the love of those around him.


Please tell us what you think about the stories, just follow the 'comment' link at the bottom right, or follow this link to the HarryandGinny Reddit Sub.

If you want to nominate your favourite story for the Buried Gems, just leave a comment here, or in Reddit Sub. The nominated stories should have been published on SIYE in 2010 or earlier, and they should be completed. As always, it would be nice if you could tell us with a few lines what you liked best about the story and why you recommend it.

For an overview of all Buried Gems we had so far, please follow this link.

Enjoy reading!

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