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Buried Gems 07-2019

Today SIYE has its 17th birthday. I would like to take this opportunity to nominate the very first SIYE story as the next Buried Gem. 


Unfortunately, the story with SIYE story-Id #1 is gone a long time ago. If anyone here still remembers the story, please let us know and tell us about it.


The story with SIYE story-Id #2 is Can not Stop Loving You by LaArpista.

Unfortunately,  this story was left incomplete after 12 chapters and therefore does not qualify as a Buried Gem.


The oldest completed story on SIYE and therefor the Buried Gem 07-2019 is the story with the story-Id #3, published in August 2003.


My Best Guarded Secret by Amanda SaturnVenus

Summary: Ginny writes a letter to Harry on the day he finishes at Hogwarts.


Oh, and by the way, story #4 is the sequel to My Best Guarded Secret. Both stories together are only 2.000 word long. So, if you have 5 minutes, give it a try.

Gin110881 on 2019.08.03 - 11:19AM ()


parakletos came out of the woodwork on 2019.08.06 - 03:48AM to say:

Perhaps the next challenge could be to write about the meeting they eventually have. It could be in a few weeks or even many years.

Amanda SaturnVenus came out of the woodwork on 2019.09.01 - 10:48AM to say:

Wow! That was a nostalgia rush! When I saw this website again I got teared up. I spent countless hours here. English is my second language, and I can for sure say that big part of what I know I learned reading Harry Potter fanfics. This was one of my favorite places to be. Thank you for giving this feeling back to me. ❤️

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