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Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2009.10.15 - 12:27PM Title: Firebolt


Harry is being so stupid
can't Ginny just kiss him and make him understand that he's hurting himself?
although 17 year old boys do have a tendency for being completly stupid :(

Author's Response:

Having been one myself a long time ago, I can agree with your assessment of 17 year old boys. :-)

Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2009.10.08 - 07:11PM Title: Firebolt


I know ginny is kicking herself for her slip which meant she had to mention dean...but i still think it was better then than later. I wouldn't describe his brush off as telling her to get lost, but just as a poor bloke who doesn't know what to say or feel. It must look to him like she was "seeing" dean.

I found ginny's comment at the end hilarious. Better to laugh than cry though as your described how she may as well have been crying.

Hoping Ginny can sort things out for him.

Author's Response:

I agree that it wasn\'t really a brush-off, but both of them are pretty emotional nd confused about it, Harry more so than Ginny. Your description is accurate, a poor bloke who doesn\'t know what to do. :-(


Reviewer: Fleury Signed Date: 2006.11.08 - 04:59PM Title: Firebolt


"It's stupid, but the only thing I can think of right now is how is he going to play Quidditch?"

I nearly sprayed what I was drinking all over my keyboard. I have to say, I'm looking forward to the next chapters. I'm definitely following this :D

Author's Response: Sorry about that I\'ll ask Ginny to be more careful what she says. :-)Glad you are enjoying it

Reviewer: Breanie Signed Date: 2006.11.07 - 05:50PM Title: Firebolt


yay harry needs ginny - when is he going to figure it out???

Author's Response: By the end of the story :-)

Reviewer: Miri Signed Date: 2006.11.07 - 01:27PM Title: Firebolt


My, my...Just when it looked like this story might become a, somewhat light-hearted, story of the girls working together to change a certain dark-haired young man's mind, you threw a real curve ball.

Given what JKR has established in cannon about the effects of emotion on a person's magic ( Tonk's situation with Remus and needing a strong amount of hate or sadism to get some of the Unforgivables to really work); then Harry's problems with his magic are certainly a possibility. It's also the first time I've seen it used in a story--coming up with a new twist in fanfic is not easy and I'm quite interested to see what you do with it. Especially as it presents a whole new problem/challenge to Harry and Ginny and their relationship. How does Ginny feel about the fact that they may get back together not because they love each other and Harry respects her abilities (or at least that's the main reason) but because the situation is forcing them to do so? And what effect will this have on them, individually and together, and on their future?

Looking forwad to more.

Author's Response: Good points. Merope also looses her ability to do magic when Tom senior leaves her. Dumbledore is very explicit about that. But I have to admit that it wasn\'t my original idea to hae it happen to Harry. I got it from postings on several threads on Champber of Secrets. I don\'t think that Ginny wants to get back with Harry because he needs help. She wants to get back with him because she loves him. Ron and Hermione would also want to help him because they also love him (in different ways than Ginny does, obviously). Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. I think the next chapter will be ready by this weekend.

Reviewer: HarrynGinnyfan Signed Date: 2006.11.07 - 01:54AM Title: Firebolt


Hey i almost forgot about this gotta post the next part sooner :)...and poor harry; I feel bad for him..

Reviewer: potternut190 Signed Date: 2006.11.06 - 10:49PM Title: Firebolt


Excellent chapter! I can't wait for the next update.

Reviewer: travelgirl87 Signed Date: 2006.11.06 - 05:14PM Title: Firebolt


I've read alot of stories about what would happen after dumbledore's funeral and this twist is so original i LOVE IT ... and I disagree with what hghr(sp?) said....just b/c Harry's magic is screwed up by his conflicting emotions doesn't make him weak.....this was a great chapter!

Reviewer: hersheykiss Signed Date: 2006.11.06 - 04:10PM Title: Firebolt


Interesting concept. I like it!

Reviewer: cwarbeck Signed Date: 2006.11.06 - 02:23PM Title: Firebolt


That's an interesting twist, Harry not being able to perform magic correctly because he's so affected by his emotions. I think that would be possible - he didn't lose his ability to do magic, but he's not able to do it properly because his emotional state is affecting his concentration, just like what happened to Tonks when she was having trouble with Remus. Well, we know the remedy for that problem... Harry just needs to let Ginny take care of him again. :)

Reviewer: hgrhnl Anonymous Date: 2006.11.06 - 02:06PM Title: Firebolt


u know the first three chapters are good.... but this is bad... harry is not that weak and he will never be that weak..... i somehow don't agree with harry losing his magic just because he broke up with ginny

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