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Reviewer: pottermania Signed Date: 2009.10.24 - 03:54PM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


Just brilliant. Nail-biting stuff then just at the right moment a quick finish. Do you know that way when you know they all survive but you're still thinkning to yoursefl how are they going to get out of this one?

I know it was pretty risky what Harry got Ginny to do...and it could have been disastrous. If Ginny had died I think Harry would have just given up. As you said the clasp had a monumental part to play in Voldermorts downfall.

I did wonder what he would do for a new wand. I don't remember reading about that in your other stories but maybe I just forgot because i didn't realise the relevance at the time of reading. I also dont remember anything mentioned about his i look forward to reading what happens in the final chapter. Cant beliee i'm near the end of the end:-)

Author's Response:

It\'s been so long since I began LEO, maybe close to four years, but I do remember that I had this ending in mind before I even started writing. Specifically, I knew that Harry was going to be healed somehow by Ginny\'s tears. In fact, when the rumors first circulated that her patronus in the OotP film was a phoenix, I thought that meant that she was going to have unusual healing powers.

I carried on into HH only one aspect of LEO, that Harry was going to live in Hogsmeade during Ginny\'s seventh year. The other stuff -- his wand and his hand -- became AU the instant DH was published.

I\'m glad you liked the suspense! Peter

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2009.10.17 - 10:36AM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


wow, Merlin's wand is now Harry's!
I don't know what else to say about this chapter apart from I'm glad that Voldemort is dead
I liked the way you had Harry kill Nagini, very clever

Author's Response:

I enjoyed killing off Voldemort. :-)

Reviewer: DebbieO Signed Date: 2007.08.11 - 09:42PM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


Great climax, wonderful resolution. I love the Pendragon/Merlin connection. The story always seemed like it was begging for some of that lore. You made some great guesses. I thought everything would happen in the Veil room myself, especially after I saw the American cover.

Author's Response: The guess I feel best about is Kingsley. I aways had the impression that there was something special about him. I suppose that if Jo had it all plotted out from the beginning that she would write him that way, and it came through. I don't know how many people know a lot about the King Arthur legend, but Arthur's father was Uther Pendragon, which is where I got the name from. I think a lot of people thought that the end would come in the veil room, but there are also a lot of fics that end it at Hogwarts, so they all guessed right about that.

Reviewer: bengpotter31 Signed Date: 2007.03.29 - 05:35AM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


I finally brought myself to read this story a few days ago. I didn't read it earlier because I don't like too much angst. Now I regret it since I've found it very nice and compelling. I especially loved the way you made Harry realize after the incident at Merope's grave what a prat he was for trying to avoid Ginny. I wonder if anyone will finally explain to him what happened to his magic. I'm not sure if he fully understands it. It was great the way you tied it in with how Tonks was in book 6 before she and Remus got together. This latest chapter was the best. Il's a great way to kill off Voldemort. Granted it's been used in a couple of other stories but Harry came up with the idea in one and it was used to execute the non-magical remnant of Voldemort in the other. This just shows how arrogant Voldemort was and serves him right to die that way. I'm glad this isn't the last chapter in the story. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for this review. LV's arrogance, especially with Dumbledore gone, is his obvioius weak point. Next chapter is being written.

Reviewer: Kezzabear Signed Date: 2007.03.28 - 07:29AM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


Well, I should have read this story before!!

It's very brilliant.

I loike it!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and the kind words. Glad you like it.

Reviewer: stiney_potter Signed Date: 2007.03.27 - 10:11PM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


Is that the end?

Author's Response: No. :-)

Reviewer: skiutahnum1 Signed Date: 2007.03.27 - 05:51PM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


well thats one to tell the grand kids...glad they all made it and voldy is gone...way to get rid of the snake...snape is so dead and he knows it...kutgw

Author's Response: Harry's grandkids? Hmmm... :-)

Reviewer: aryell Signed Date: 2007.03.27 - 01:51PM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


WOW! This was an awesome ending. Very glad you didn't kill Harry off.

Author's Response: My philosophy is, if JK Rowling wants to kill off Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Ginny, she can do it without my help. Frankly, if any one of them dies in DH, then I can't see the point of the whole series. Jo would be telling us that even if you fight the good fight one either you or one of your best friends will die. Of course, that is "reality," but HP is supposed to be a story about something, and so far it has been about something very worthwhile. If any one of the quartet dies, then IMO Jo will have thrown it all away. 'Nuff said, and it isn't quite over yet. :-)

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2007.03.27 - 08:51AM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


Interesting way for Tom to go; well done.

I found "faithful traitor" to be a rather amusing oxymoron in its context. :-}

Pity Harry wasn't visited by a phoenix who was willing to shed a few tears.

Author's Response: You mean Tommy? :-) Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Katehc2 Signed Date: 2007.03.27 - 08:48AM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


Very well done. Harry and the Wand of Merlin sounds like a sequel.

Author's Response: It does sound like a sequel...hmmm. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: cwarbeck Signed Date: 2007.03.27 - 05:50AM Title: The Stag and the Serpent


Excellent chapter.

I'd like to congratulate you on thinking up such an original way of getting rid of Voldemort. I've read several stories where he fell through the veil, but this is the first time that he was actually yanked into it by vengeful spirits. I hope that Sirius was at the head of the pack of ghosts that grabbed Voldemort. It would be sweet revenge for him.

Harry owning the wand of Merlin? Cool.

Author's Response: I'm sure Sirius and everyone else LV killed was there. I thought about making it explicit, but decided no to. It's a good idea, though. Thanks for the review.

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