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Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.02.04 - 02:09AM Title: Knowing

Goodness, I hate to disagree with other reviewers who are probably dramatically more esteemed than I, but I am glad you didn't take us through he entire trial! We read it. We saw an only slightly modified version in the movie. No need to tell us too much of what we already know! Hmmm? I wonder from whom I have heard that advice before???

Author's Response:

Agreed about the trial. In truth, I somewhat defanged the whole thing anyway, by having Harry decide that there were worse things than being denied his spot at Hogwarts, so Rowling's own drama would be diminished. Besides, the trial is far less important to the plot than is the opportunity to have Harry confront Malfoy, and Ginny meet Duff and Dumbledore.

Anyway, I frequently do turn reader suggestions into real revisions, but in this case I left things as is, assuming that diligent readers would fairly quickly reach the point where you and I are.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.02.02 - 02:41AM Title: Knowing


Yes! Home!

Author's Response:

Happy, happy!

This is actually a bit like the end of 'book one of two'. Things are not 'unromantic' from this point forward, but perhaps the best way to phrase it is -- the team is set; now let's get work.

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.12 - 01:17AM Title: Knowing


Hmm... I have to tell you that I absolutely loved the chapter with the exception of one thing. I was a bit disappointed we did not get to see the actual trial. It seems to me that most of the Wizengamot were convinced that Harry was innocent and Fudge is starting to lose it. Furthermore we see a more subdued Fudge trying to rebuild bridges with Harry. This is like 180 from the books. This difference really has me curious. Was it just the confidence that Harry must have felt through the brooch?

He was in there for 20 minutes without the aid of DD and still managed to walk away without punishment. I found their time in the Ministry to be exciting but ultimately I was disappointed we did not see the trial.

With that said... my god. You are just as bad as Dumbledore, GHL. I may have to re-read what the old man and Ginny talked about. It was pretty confusing stuff. It was like he was talking in Riddles. Nothing was said but at the same time so much was said. We know so much but nothing with certainty and in the end we still do not really know what is going on.

I was surprised to see that Harry finally got some courage and went with his feelings. If only JKR would have written a Harry with more spine. He is brave in canon but my god is he a coward when it comes to girls and feelings. I guess it is because he is just a young boy?

*Shrug* Maybe it is just me but I never had that problem. If a girl rejected me then so be it. So I guess this means they are a couple of sorts or are they going to keep things secret?

Author's Response:

Your question about how little attention I paid to the trial is very valid, and even in retrospect, I sometimes wonder if I should have paid it more heed. Let me explain my decision by saying that I take this AU label to heart in that I do not see much use in my reiterating a key canonical scene unless I intend to change it in a useful and evocative manner. I never really saw myself doing that with the trial. The main difference is that in this version of the episode, Harry is not a deer in headlights. He doesn't even dwell much on the unfairness of it all. Rather, he has glimpsed a future in which he sees vividly how so many of the simpler things in his existence are meaningless, because he has been permitted to cut past all of the distractions and understand that the next few years of his life must focus on finding a way to defeat Voldemort. He is also beginning to understand that in ways (still somewhat occluded from him) his current future has Ginny as an integral part. Thus, his mindset as he took to the floor of the courtroom, was very different than in canon where he was deathly afraid that he would be expelled from Hogwarts. The hearing, to him, is very nearly pointless, and as he sits there his thoughts are focused far more in wondering what Ginny is finding out over in archives. That of course *is* a deviation from canon, but I didn't see much inspirational value in it. See what I mean?

Yes indeed, Fudge reacts rather differently in this version in the post-trial encounter. I think if you think about the passage you might come to a conclusion a bif different than 'subdued' and 'trying to mend fences' though. It is absolutely correct that Harry approaches that unexpected encounter in a manner (inspired jointly by brooch and circumstance) that differs from canon; there is both confidence as well as a bit of aggression on Harry's part -- neither of which Fudge is expecting in the least.

Oh yes indeed -- Duff is hardly a straight shooter, right? Then again, the concepts he seeks to speak about are all so twisted that straight shooting is fairly futile. In any case, yes I do obfuscate as badly as Dumbledore, and yes -- if you don't mind taking another quick skim of some of the more abstruse/abstract bits, it will not hurt your future reading.

Finally yes -- Harry did finally speak his mind in the affairs of the heart! The Harry that I have written here is not too far from canon in his awkwardness around girls but, just as many of us learned fairly quickly how to navigate such waters once given a bit of success and reinforcement, Harry grows fairly quickly. With any girl other than Ginny, the process would be unquestionably more stilted; with any story not augmented by brooch-induced synchronicity, things would even still be a bit more tense than need be. But in a scenario where great/terrible things are at stake, and where Ginny's close allegiance is appearing so fundamentally critical, I assure you that Harry will be a quick learner.

Anyway, a great set of comments and thoughts, MisterBlack! Thank you effusively for chiming in, and my apologies for the delayed response!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2015.10.31 - 08:01PM Title: Knowing


Hey, I realized I hadn't left a review for this wonderful chapter. This story is so interesting1 I love it

Author's Response:

Hey LG! Does it bear repeating that the only day better than one with a LunaGranger review is a day with two LunaGranger reviews?

As always, it's great to have such loyal and enthusiastic readers, and in recognition of your (and others') very heartening enthusiasm I do definitely plan to get the scenes flowing again on this story. We are past the half-way point in the tale, and must now turn our attention to the events of AD 61.

Thank you so much for your comments, Silvia!

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2015.10.25 - 05:57PM Title: Knowing


Excellent read. I had a problem getting started, actually. I follow you so I got the notice,, but when I tried to read the first chapter, I got totally lost so I had not read anymore. Then I tried again yesterday and finished today. All straight in my head now. At least as much as it is to Ginny and Harry, I hope. Look forward to more and more.
Thank you so much

Author's Response:

Hey Tricia -- great to hear from you!

In retrospect, there was a better way to condition readers for how to approach the first chapter, and that is to regard it not as coherent plot, but rather the diffuse, incoherent stream-of-conscious that one sometimes gets in dream sequences. The quirky thing is that the dreams and waking sequences blend a bit, and the former affect the latter.

I would assume that a fair number of readers would have felt similarly confused at the outset, but anyone who sticks with the story would realize that much of the initial confusion goes away because some of the most confusing scenes are 'echoed' (in some cases multiple times). Thus, it is not so much the wacky sequence that is critical to the plot, but the *changes* to the sequence from iteration to iteration.

Anyway, if I was experiencing something like this as a reader (rather than an authour) I think I would try to latch onto what felt comfortable (the developing H&G friendship and romance perhaps, or maybe the Publican/princess adventure story) and let the rest be like background music in a movie... when the drums beat low and the contrabass swells in the background, it might not seem like a coherent narrative, but you still feel creeped out...

All that said, however, those drums and contrabass are ultimately going to gang up on you to produce a climax that (at least hopefully/theoretically) is semi-logically consistent.

Dunno whether such endless chatter is any help, but I['m grateful to have you aboard, and hope you stick with it!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2015.10.18 - 07:00PM Title: Knowing


Wow, fascinating chapter. I really enjoyed all of the scenes at the Ministry, and I am glad that Harry took the time to thank Mrs. Figg for her testimony before the Wizengamot. Love that you have Harry and Ginny getting together now. Looking forward to seeing what will happen next.

Author's Response:

Ah yes -- there was a certain small satisfaction in involving Mrs. Figg that way. Technically, it had an artificial origin, which is to say that when writing a scene I have a certain basic goal for what must take place (i.e., Dumbledore must bolt, leaving Harry bereft) but I often try to convey emotions not as the core adjective but rather by how interact with their environs. So I asked myself what was in the courtroom to interact with, and the answer was Mrs. Figg. What's fun (for me, as I write) is discovering just what will happen with these unscripted adornments. In this case, I can't foresee Mrs. Figg doing anything else in this particular story, but it was a gratifying chance to show just a bit more how circumstances have shifted Harry's character relative to canon.

Indeed, I did seem to boost my popularity a bit by removing those final little obstacles from the path of romantic destiny. The circumstances all did warrant it. However, to make this a true romance, I fear that the path must have additional bumps... and there are indeed a few adversaries lurking in the background with spades...

Thank you most kindly for your continued readership and interesting comments, M&A!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2015.10.18 - 02:55PM Title: Knowing


What a great character Duff is.

Author's Response: Ah yes -- a rather eccentric personality indeed! Great to hear that you enjoyed his convoluted exposition; thank you very much for following along and offering your thoughts, Dad!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2015.10.17 - 08:22PM Title: Knowing


You have a truly distinct writing style, which I really like, and which is unlike any other I can recall in fanfiction. Not sure how I can articulate tha t very clearly...but it is unusually intelligence with a lot of substance...


Author's Response:

You're very welcome, and my sincere gratitude in return! In writing, I guess most of us strive to be unique in one way or another, but admittedly the best case is to be able to produce writing that is both unique and readable. It's heartening to hear that I seem to have been able to do that :)

Great to have you as a reader, oh Eagle Of the Star!

Reviewer: Dreaming Haven Signed Date: 2015.10.17 - 06:44PM Title: Knowing


Good chapter. I loved when she asked to see Dumbkedore's wand. There must be a whole slew of questions running through his mind. I'm glad they are already together as well.

Author's Response:

Thank you Debra -- always enjoy hearing from you!

Very true -- as a man of many secrets, Dumbledore has inevitable insecurities, and with that do come questions. Many questions!

Oh, and yes, to paraphrase the brilliant line by Keith Richards, wild horses... couldn't keep them apart ;)

Greatly appreciate your comments, and am glad you're enjoying the story!

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2015.10.17 - 10:55AM Title: Knowing


Well...! It seems that one of our Protagonists who had been "classically clueless" now has gained the benefit of some Clue. :-)

OK; I admit that the time-meddling is something I find confusing -- but I also figure it rather goes with the territory.

Harry's verbal take-down of Lucky Lucy was fun to read; Lucy's pet Minister seems to have reacted appropriately. :-} Of course, Harry's subsequent reaction (during his conversation with Ginny) to having done that was fairly priceless, too.

Nice set-up for the next chapter; looks as if things are likely to get (even) "more interesting" (read as "convoluted"). :-)

The Druid wand-maker shows up again... after a fashion. As odd as his mode of speech is, there were points during the subsequent Harry/Ginny conversation where she seemed to be taking on similar patterns -- quite possibly because of the common topic.

Oh! And Ginny's ... interrogation ... of Prof. Dumbledore was quite amusing.

Author's Response:

Yes indeed -- a bit of 'knowing' is sometimes all it takes for the clueless to clue in!

And yes, if you are somewhat mystified about what 'is happening / is going to happen / eventually will have happened', then your response is justified and healthy. As I mentioned to Arnel, much insight has been imparted, but not all is guaranteed to be completely reliable, so confusion is a worthy state.

Back to brass tacks though -- if you found a particular statement of Ginny's to be out of character, would you mind sending me a PM? I do not intend for her to become a mystic; she is far too charming in her down-to-Earth persona. Thanks David!

Oh, and I'm glad you enjoyed the little 'oops' :)

Reviewer: Arnel Signed Date: 2015.10.17 - 01:41AM Title: Knowing


Oh, a very nice lo-o-ong chapter. You have some very interesting theories about time as it pertains to Harry and Ginny's situation and I certainly enjoyed the scene in the archives between Ginny and Mr. Duff. I found it quite interesting that he himself might just be one of the supporting characters to Harry and Ginny's Publican and Princess. I'm looking forward to how the two use this information to discern what will happen with the outcome of their future.

I also liked your cagey Dumbledore and how nervously he answered Ginny's hypothetical questions. He certainly exited quickly at the first opportunity. Hmm, interesting twists to canon facts here. Well done.

Finally, I let out a quiet "Huzzah!" when, without the aid of a certain broach, the Publican and the Princess declared their affection for each other. When reading in the public library, one needs to be exceedingly quiet lest the personification of Madam Pince is lurking in the stacks.

Thanks for a thoroughly entertaining chapter.

Author's Response:

Aha! An insightful reader dropping a subtly poignant word, namely 'theories'! Have you already deciphered me so well as to recognize that I would never offer such a long and detailed disclosure and actually let it actually all be 'accurate'. You don't have to answer that but, er, well, you would probably be right :)

Immensely happy to hear that you had the chance to enjoy a moment of quiet satisfaction without incurring any Pince-like ire! ;) Thank you again for brightening my day, Arnel!

Reviewer: HPmum2014 Signed Date: 2015.10.17 - 12:46AM Title: Knowing


So happy to see an update on this, I love love LOVE this story. When i started reading the chapter, I wished i had Luna next to me to decipher what i was reading, but it did all come together. And that kiss! Beautifully written. Im going to go and read again from the start and i beg yout o update again soon. Well done xx

Author's Response:

Well, first of all let me say that it is a special bit of manna for the creative spirit to receive such a wonderful review from SIYE's premier story-teller. Thank you Anne-Marie!

Ha -- you are so right to suggest that Luna would be by far the best person to have in the room to deal with the obfuscation! Hermione, of course, would have been the worst. Ginny, fortunately, is right in the middle, and comes away with a decent fraction of the available insight.

Oh, and great to hear that you enjoyed the long-awaited kiss. Thank you again for sharing your kind thoughts!

Reviewer: minerfan Signed Date: 2015.10.16 - 10:00PM Title: Knowing

Great story, I hope Ginny figure out the message about leaving the dog at home

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review, Minerfan -- great to know that you're enjoying the tale! Yes, I too hope that Ginny heeds that strangely-phrased bit of advice! We may not find out in this particular story, though, since it is headed for a conclusion before that fateful June evening, but personally I have faith in Ginny to head off a few canon disasters before they happen :)

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.10.16 - 07:02PM Title: Knowing


No brooch, no dream (loosely based on Bob Marley)
The dubious Mr Duff seems to be a riddle wrapped in mystery. His explanations will be helpful to explain the existence of the brooch in the current time line and to find out what exactly caused the dreams. My head still buzzes from the many information. Kudos to Ginny that she has memorized everything.
Will we ever learn about the wishes the both of them made at the fountain? And ups, seems Harry had told Ginny about the sons of the Publican in the mean while.

… and yeah, finally, well done!

Many thanks for another brilliant chapter. Maybe I have to re-read it to gather all the information.

Author's Response:

The dubious Mr. Duff! Once again, you have regaled me with a great turn of phrase!

So Martin, do you know the etymological origin of the name Duff? It is Gaelic, of course, but beyond that I will leave it to you to ponder...

Yes, it is loosely implied that Harry broached to Ginny the situation of the Publican's sons, but there will be some more perspective in the next chapter.

Duff sheds the barest light on the presence of the brooch in the 20th century, but there is more (well-shrouded) insight in the last (and fairly surreal) exchange with RighT3rantZ... if you can navigate your way through the sphinx-like riddling.

Remember your question about the fountain. On a basic level, I think it likely that you could have guessed close to the mark regarding their wishes but, then again, perhaps there is more to it than 'basic'.

Und schliesslich, you are most welcome, and thank you very much for your thoughtful comments!

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2015.10.16 - 05:25PM Title: Knowing


I stand and applaud you! What a magnificent masterpiece this is¬
From the frustrating, confusing and yet oddly informative conversation is the Archives, to the wonderfully written kiss I between Harry and Ginny...
I was so pleased to find this is the validation queue - just what I need when I'm sat in candlelight in a caravan in the middle of a field with sheep trying to get underneath it... :)

Author's Response:

Thank you most sincerely for the kind words and for all of your help with the story -- I'm flattered that you would take time from your candlelit pastoral paradise to bring the chapter to light!

Actually, I'm not certain whether sheep attempting to get under your caravan is a perfect rendition of paradise, but at least they're not goats ;)

Great that you enjoyed the moment of bliss. It occurred to me (especially as we all consider our six-word novels) that while I could have dashed off a statement like "Then he kissed her", in this case the moment begged to be slow and sweet. I hope that works for other people too.

Thanks again for your thoughts!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.10.15 - 05:26PM Title: Knowing

I wish that I could read the chapter soon.

Author's Response:

Sorry Martin -- I wish I could offer some reassurances on that. A few stories still manage to get approved very quickly, but I think for the most part that there are too many stories and not enough archivists. I've actually, multiple times over the past year, offered to help with the archiving load, but have never really gotten any responses on my offers. I may try volunteering one more time...

Anyway, if the story doesn't post in a couple days, I may start posting everything on my wordpress site.

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