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Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2017.02.05 - 01:33AM Title: Lines and Antipodes


Very nicely done! You have me coming to despise Albus Dumblefore and his arrogant use of brain scans. I have read so many fan ficus in which Legilimency is against Wizarding law, but I believe the written canon of JKR is silent on that, or suggests such behavior is merely rude, like Apparating into someone's house directly. Do you know definitively?

Author's Response:

Excellent question about Legilimency -- one that I hadn't explored explicitly until now.

The most reliable, community validated sources (HP Lexicon & HP Wikia) both agree that Legilimency is very unlikely to be illegal (neither Dumbledore nor Snape are hesitant to admit the skill) but quite likely the teaching and use of Legilimency is legally regulated, in a manner comparable to Veritaserum.

So, not a definitive answer, but the composite canonical evidence for those stances is reasonably strong.

Reviewer: MisterBlack Signed Date: 2016.03.18 - 12:28AM Title: Lines and Antipodes


Aha! Mr. Duff! We meet again!

Well... sort of. Now that was an engaging chapter indeed. You had me absolutely hooked. My sister walked up to me and she literally sat next to me and started talking to me and I did not notice. I did not hear her. I was absolutely just focused on your words. It got so annoying for her that she took my phone and car keys and drank my coke and I still did not notice.

What a wonderful chapter. I would say you had me hooked when Hermione started dreaming. For some reason I thought the first dream was set back years ago but apparently it was a certain future in the year 1998.

I am assuming that in this future, Harry Potter was never born or he was killed. It is interesting though. I thought maybe the names were changed for security reasons but maybe in that future... in that reality... The Weasleys existed as the Wilseys. It is a bizarre alternate reality though. It seems that in this reality everything is different. You would think that even in an alternate reality some things would remain the same but apparently not.

Not too much is known yet but I have to say I cant wait for the next one. I have to wonder though about these realities such as they are...

It seems to me that up until now I have been viewing and approaching those dreams as just that dreams. I thought that maybe if they did mess up then perhaps they would be okay because they can just wake up or perhaps have a second chance like when the Princess rescued the Publican. It is only until Ginny pointed it out that I realized truly how much is at stake right now.

It is like I knew but did not really pay much attention. If it is true that if they are not careful then they can change the present dramatically then that could either be the greatest thing in the world or the worst. If Harry's own existence could be wiped out then could the same happen to Tom Riddle's or even the Malfoy line? If they are wiped out then what does that mean for Harry's parents?

Maybe I am thinking too much here but it is just something that came at the forefront.

Why do I have a feeling Dumbledore will end up doing more damage than good? Maybe not intentionally but I just have a bad feeling about all of this. There is not enough communication between the parties and this is just way too risky. If Dumbledore did read her surface thoughts then perhaps it is best for Hermione to just come clean with Harry and Ginny about everything.

You are awesome, GHL. It is not often I get so involved this deeply in a story. Not since the HP books were first introduced to me.

Author's Response:

In addition to some very flattering sentiments, there are definitely some all-star comments here!

First of all, my apologies to you... or to your sister, or both... But hey -- there is a certain virtue to total immersion, right?"

I'm immensely gratified that you enjoyed Hermione's 1998 dream sequence. True -- the ocean liner introduction to Hettie Gravener is temporally ambiguous, but now the plot solidifies around her a bit. Yes, I don't think I need to hide from you that in this AU, Harry Potter was never born. I am intrigued to see that you are the first reader to raise what I think is the one semi-significant plot detail that I never truly tied up neatly, and that is the alternate naming in the Wilsey/Gravener AU. Let me share with you one conversational reminiscence that I originally intended to share in the final wrap-up chapter. It is intended as pseudo-canonical, which is to say that Rowling never actually wrote it, but it does not contradict canon. It is as follows:

During the dark final days of the First Wizarding War, when the chances for the Order of the Phoenix to actually prevent Voldemort's rise to power were looking particularly bleak (i.e., not long before Voldemort's unexpected semi-demise at Godric's Hollow), leaders within the demoralised OotP strongly advocated to Dumbledore that prominent Light families consider going underground with disguises, new identities, etc. From this pseudo-canonical reminiscence, the reader could theoretically infer that in the Wilsey/Gravener AU, things truly did get bad enough to induce such measures; things likely had been bad enough for long enough so that these new identities had become rather de rigeur. Anyway, this is brand new (we could call it GHLmore) insight, never before been shared :)

Final and critically important query/observation on your part -- do the dreams truly impact reality? Obviously at the point to which you have read, Ginny and Harry still do wake up each morning to a real-1995 world that has not yet been critically altered. But is this guaranteed to always been the case? What could break the normal rules of temporal causality? Read on and find out.

Oh hell -- I can't stop myself from dropping one more glimmer... H&G&H will have a second chance at a second chance... Make of that what you will ;)

Reviewer: ginnyweasley777 Signed Date: 2015.12.22 - 09:07AM Title: Lines and Antipodes


yay! my suspicions were right about what was wrong with Ginny...oh how would she explain that one to Molly!
a thoroughly enjoyable chapter, and I loved Hermione's dreams too
Dumbledore really is a nasty piece of work

Author's Response:

Well, I shouldn't surprise many by saying that it was only females who correctly guessed Ginny's affliction (or at least admitted to guessing it). Good job working with the disparate clues!

Glad that you enjoyed Hermione's dreams -- they've been rather fun to write and as soon as I sign off on this note to you, I need to get to work on her next dream; it will take place about a third of the way through ch. 14 and will, once again, raise a question or two before the final answers roll in.

Disingenuous Dumbledore! He has only the best of intentions of course -- just like Sepp Blatter...

Thank you very much for chiming in, Hannah!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2015.12.22 - 03:18AM Title: Lines and Antipodes


That was the first time that I've got the feeling that there were more answers than new questions. Slowly we are making progress. The biggest mystery, at least for me, is still the question of what or who triggered the whole dream experiences? I suspect that it happened sometime in 1998. With Duff's involvement?
The princess is pregnant, a decisive step towards Harry's existence apparently is done. I wondered briefly if Ginny and Harry virtually have experiences the...act, since Ginny obviously feels the effects. But that certainly isn't of importance. I hope that the two of them will make the right decisions to be able to pull the strings in the past. They seem to be on the right track.
Hettie’s story is very revealing, a very interesting plot idea, and a peek at the world without Harry Potter. Should Hermione's dream be a kind of warning to Ginny and Harry, what happens if they don't succeed? Or will Hermione still get a crucial hint in the future? Or both? We will see...
The Ginny-Hermione scene on Ginny's bed was ... I have no words … perfect is an understatement. Anyway, Ginny has given her something to think about relationships.
I'm curious what's still on stack for Dumbledore, whether he finally will be helpful, or if he is more an obstacle.
Many thanks for another wonderful chapter. I have the feeling that the fog slowly lifts.
Happy Holidays.

Author's Response:

Verily! As someone who says he senses answers, I say that it appears your senses are not misled. As to the trigger, time will tell how close you might be to the truth.

Ha! Sadly, Ginny had been granted slightly-more-than-vicarious insight into one of the downsides to procreative activities, but none of the fun. Time is decidedly plastic in this confused web, but one can surmise that the 'act' took place while Harry and Ginny were concentrating on their trip to the Ministry -- a time in which they left the princess and Publican to spend a long interlude of quiet bliss in the woods.

So are the Hettie/Hermione episodes a warning or an opportunity? I think you actually came close to answering this yourself earlier on in your own review...

Good question! Will Dumbledore be helpful, or an obstacle? Canonically, he really spent surprisingly little time in the first four books being either helpful or obstructive; he experimented with being modestly obstructive OotP, then closed off his role in the series by being fairly helpful in HBP. So, if anyone is relying on me to give an appropriate nod to canon, one encounters more questions than answers. Maybe we need to keep looking back (or ahead) to 1998 for some glimpse.

I am so gratified that you enjoyed the Ginny/Hermione tete-a-tete. That is precisely how it was intended -- as an eye-opener. And Hermione is indeed at a slightly vulnerable stage in her life, when open eyes may sometimes see best.

Happy holidays, Martin, and thank you for the gift of your wisdom and wit!

Reviewer: lunagranger Signed Date: 2015.12.21 - 11:25AM Title: Lines and Antipodes


the plot thickens. Lots of material to thought: Hermione's dream and its meaning, the Publican's line, and in all that Harry and Ginny agree that what they should do is save each other and not try to make the other avoid danger. that's who they are. I like it better than the Ginny that immediately accepts Harry breaking up with her for her safety. Your Giny is more consistent with the Ginny in every other scene of the books. Great chapter, by the way.

Author's Response:

I can only imagine that you have identified the one reason, more than anything else, why H&G fanfiction is such a vibrant (almost obsessive) passion of readers and aspiring authours alike. There is a fanfic afterlife for virtually any top selling fantasy fiction or science fiction, but to have a single site like this running nearly 13 years, producing so many tens of thousands of stories based predominanty on the premise that Harry and Ginny belong at each other's sides -- what does that say? Personally, I would suggest that it says that Jo Rowling created spectacular characters but distinctly unsatisfying plot lines. There's no question that within OotP Ginny was poised to be a thoroughly transformative character for the rest of the series, so what happens? Well, there's a prolonged lead-on in HBP, followed by... bleh.

Why? I dunno. I suppose so that Harry (and at least 82% of readers) could suffer, but it still doesn't explain why Neville, Luna, Dobby, Percy, Molly and Narcissa all suddenly get promoted to role of such depth and heroism, while Ginny gets swept into a vaguely petulant corner.


Anyway, three cheers for Ginny, and three whoops to any authour who gives her a fair shake!

As always, sincere thanks for your insightful words and support, Silvia!

Reviewer: LysCsuri Signed Date: 2015.12.20 - 05:43PM Title: Lines and Antipodes


I'm fascinated by the 1998 Hermione story, even if it isn't a Harry/Ginny world. Hettie, Rob and Neill sound like very interesting and likable characters. I'm guessing we won't see a huge amount of them since the main story is nearing the end, but I think they'd have their own really fascinating story.

Oh, and Bad Dumbledore! I hope he plays nicer by the end!

Happy holidays, GHL!

Author's Response:

Happy holidays, Lys!

So I must admit that the Hettie Gravener / Rob Wilsey story is a late addition to the overall Splinters plot, having emerged a Hermione began to take on a more active and direct role. In my original sketch, I always knew that something would have to take place in 1998 in order to resolve the plot, but my first inci=lination was to leave it for a single, somewhat vague dream. Now, however, I've added a subplot with just enough detail to (apparently) capture some people's imaginations. You're correct that I will not be elaborating it into anything of the same detail that you're getting wit either 1995 or AD 61, but I personally find the 1998 scenario to be very fertile ground for the imagination. It would never truly be a H&G story, though (H&G are the 'objective' of the 1998 plot, rather than the principle players) so it likely wouldn't be published here.

Oh, and by the time Dumbledore died in HBP, he had discovered much wisdom and humility that had eluded him through most of his life. Is it possible to capture some of that in the brief time left before things 'splinter'? We shall see!

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2015.12.19 - 12:04PM Title: Lines and Antipodes


So, I'm guessing there at the end Albus used legilimency on Hermione. Rather shocking of him really. It is good that Sirius noticed and is there to help and support Hermione. Harry and Ginny are amazingly connected in this story. I am eager to see how their relationship progresses as they try to solve the problem at hand, and to see how that will impact them in the future. Of course I do not know how far you intend to take this story. The pregnancy is certainly a significant problem for the ancient couple, as well as being vital to the future obviously. The alternative future with everyone gone except for Ron and Neville is too much for Hermione to handle on her own. She really should confide in someone, like Sirius.

Author's Response:

I agree that Sirius was the ideal choice for an understanding person to help Hermione at that juncture. Sirius is likely to be more sympathetic than most, since has his own canonical beef with Dumbledore -- primarily his being housebound and over-protected at this stage, although lots of other fanfics have raised the valid question of whether Sirius should have been upset that Dumbledore made no attempt to ascertain his guilt or innocence in 1981. Furthermore, one wonders whether Harry or Ginny would have been capable of a measured, subtle response? Over-reaction at that point might have been particularly dangerous. Anyway, the incident by the stairway will be the focus of a scene coming in chapter 14, so stay tuned.

Sirius will continue to be a key ally as drama plays out in Grimmauld Place, although he will have less influence on the 1998 dream scenario. I definitely agree that Hermione very much needs support to navigate the perilous currents of 1998, but that assistance will come from another character (as you shall see).

No question -- the pregnancy is a major concern and has actually already complicated matters (prior incidents in the plot that had not been previously explained). Like many things, it can either be a strength or a weakness...

Anyway, some great thoughts, MollyandArthur -- I sincerely appreciate them!

Reviewer: Wolfs_Scream Signed Date: 2015.12.19 - 09:19AM Title: Lines and Antipodes


A lot of attention on Hermione this round -- particularly from the Headmaster. (Hmmm... I don't recall that we've seen a Doppelganger for him... yet, anyway.) And yeah, I can see how she might have more than just a cause for concern if Sirius is correct (and I don't think of any reason he'd have to be misleading about that).

It seems that Harry (& Ginny) are becoming rather more observant (ref. the thoughts Moody's photo catalyzed -- possibly influenced by those dreams (and the situations in which the protagonists of said dreams find themselves). Well, in some respects. They also seem to be able to be quite oblivious to (certain) others' reactions to the interactions between the two of them at times.... :-}

I found the scene between Hermione & Ginny (just after Hermione awoke from her dream) both amusing and touching. Ginny seems quite ... single-minded (with respect to seeing Harry). I admit that I was half-expecting Ginny's reaction to Hermione's pronouncement that she was going to die to be something along the lines of "Yes, Hermione, eventually that happens to each of us. Was there something especially novel that caused that outburst?" -- but "top of the morning to you, too, Miss Granger!" works. Oh -- and the ref. to a bear trap was quite funny.

Hmmm... sympathetic morning sickness...? Ugh. (Though if so, I'm mildly surprised that Molly hasn't been rather more inquisitive....)

Yes, names do undergo modifications over time and from place to place. And our notions of proper orthography are rather recent innovations, compared to the range of times in this story. Indeed; literacy wasn't all that common in much of Western Europe during most of the time span in question.

Things definitely have a sense of coming together.

Author's Response:

Lot's of great points here! I must admit that Hermione is paying some belated catch-up here, having been shut out of the 'know' for so long, and only truly getting the chance to really learn things in these two latest chapter. She did indeed catch the Headmaster's attention, first in precisely the way she intended, but ultimately later in precisely the way she most feared. Hermione has taken upon herself the most thankless, tenuous and isolated of tasks; an an authour I'm still intrigued by how she managed to acquire such a deep role, especially since I only truly settled on her rather belatedly (around chapters 5-6) for the chief supporting role. When all is said and one, there may be some readers who would argue she rose to a level of heroism every bit as high as Harry and Ginny.

So, I like your point about the gradual sharpening of Harry's and Ginny's analytical skills. They had been consistently humble in that they're clearly dealing with magical and historical concepts that are difficult for anyone to grasp (let alone a pair of teens), and they are consistently aware of the fallibility of their own assumptions, but on the other hand, the quality of their assumptions is getting better and better. In addition to the discussion over Moody's photo, also witness Harry's "Both. Or all three." comment, which is a very key encapsulation that hints toward a complex climax to a complex story.

That said, however, I'm glad to hear you say things have a sense of things coming together; the nature of your comments tells me that you're converging in this, right along with the story itself.

Regarding Ginny's morning episodes, thus far Hermione remained very discreet about the first one, and Harry artfully covered up the second. So, thus far, neither Molly nor anyone else (other than the central three) have any inkling of a problem. Probably better that way because I simply can't imagine Molly accepting the label 'sympathetic' in her currently agitated state of mind.

And finally, I sense another devotee of etymology! I love the quirky ways that word and name evolution plays out in history and sociology.

Thank you greatly for the thoughtful feedback, David!

Author's Response:

Regarding "Ugh" -- I had not been particularly enthralled by the particular passage where I made that revelation, but have come up with a bit of an improvement. As you can see, many authours are not above lifting the occasional reviewer's bon mot.


Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2015.12.19 - 05:52AM Title: Lines and Antipodes


Well then, more questions I take away than answers but I started around 0.6 and came away with...hell IDK 0.82 let's say. Nobody is quite sure how, but there you go. Hermione seems to have been woven into the overall prose more than the Grimmauld Place Resident. Confused I still find myself in this overall, although I am kinda starting to get some the story mostly.

Dumbledore is probably fortunate he made such a significant impression on Harry when he was is like a musty hall of bloody mirrors now. Good thing Harry is stuck at Grimmauld Place dealing with madness and snogging the firey one. Dumbledore made his choice to avoid him directly, but he chooses to spy via proxy and monitoring. At times I think the Publican in Harry, by blood or Whatever, could(Read here: EASILY withouT magyc) put an end to Dumbledore's nonsense by using the bearing of Sirius as the antipode... but alas you are the author that brings monkey wrenches into play and Harry is still the more even keeled of the two if not slightly catatonic or burning it at both ends with his damn nose in books at times.

I will say this, magic tests boundaries and Bends spoons in your story, literary nomad. I can honestly say I have been taken from the get go. I have caught many of your subtle nods while reading, especially when looking back at previous chapters, but I would have never suspected a man concerned over a vengeful spam filter would jack the messaging system up so terribly. Have you ever considered the talent that Harry showed causes Dumbledore, a proud man if not foolish at times, to doubt himself? All of while Harry "struggled". So goes the crazy HP fabric.

Author's Response:

Ah? Interesting to hear that I have actually led further from your prior assumptions. In truth, convergence is not far away and I believe that there is at least one version of you (in some unique space and time) who has placed all of the beads in alignment to make it all happen.

One cosmic plane we definitely cohabit is in respect to Dumbledore -- the long history of the old fellow's mentoring likely does reduce the amount of disdain Harry feels for him, and likely explains how Harry is somewhat less inclined toward rebelliousness than Ginny. For all cases, however, the de facto captivity in Grimmauld Place does blunt anyone's ability to push back in a meaningful and dramatic way; I'm sure it would be a very different story if all this was set in a more open environment. I also agree with you that Harry (and indeed especially the Publican) could put an end to the nonsense, with the caveat that Harry has been stifled in his response by being shut out of any direct dialogue with Dumbledore -- an arena where the Pubican would be particularly strong. Now that Sirius is becoming more involved, of course, he emerges as a natural proxy -- the only question is whether there will be any opportunity for effective mediation before things get even more screwed up?

It's an interesting point to suggest that Dumbledore's canonical behaviour is motivated in appreciable part by insecurity. I have been sticking b the canonical argument that Dumbledore's asininity in OotP was motivated by a fear of Harry's possible possession by Voldemort, but is it really possible for the greatest magical theoretician of the generation to fail to grasp why a 14 year old girl (Ginny) did? That Harry's symptoms bore no semblance whatsoever to possession? Instead, it seems much more plausible that Harry's awesome display of magic at Little Hangleton shocked Dumbledore, and he only truly accepted Harry's status as a dedicated disciple again after Harry was battered and nearly obliterated by Voldemort at the Ministry a year later. I think you're onto something.

Ah, now speaking of possession, if I am somehow influencing the demonic SIYE messenger system, then perhaps it is an alternate incarnation of myself, similar to the powerful mage-version of yourself who moves pieces subtly about the story chess-boards...

And finally yes, I cheerfully admit to lots of 'bending spoons', especially if you use spoons as a metaphor for causality relationships in history and destiny.

Dare I say, you've made me think again? My head hurts, which means it must be time for a beer!

Reviewer: mjc Signed Date: 2015.12.18 - 08:26PM Title: Lines and Antipodes

The Publican and The Princess...sounds like a great name for a pub. Mind if I borrow it?

As to the end. Quite.

Author's Response:

Go right ahead -- I'd like to hear more about it as the concept evolves! If I were you, I'd drop the 'articles' though (i.e., "Publican and Princess" will work better for rolling off the tongues of inebriated patrons).

And indeed, the end cometh!

Always great to hear from you, Mike!

Reviewer: Shalli Signed Date: 2015.12.18 - 06:05PM Title: Lines and Antipodes


Oh shite indeed! :s

Author's Response:

Verily! So far nearly all of the chaos has been in dream worlds, but I think we all knew that the Grimmauld Place powder keg was going to go off at some point. Fortunately, Harry and Ginny are no longer alone amongst the denizens of 1995; with any luck, their supporters will outweigh their antagonists. If not, I suspect I will be in big trouble :)

Thank you very much for keeping pace and chiming in, Shalli!

Reviewer: KateP Signed Date: 2015.12.18 - 01:49PM Title: Lines and Antipodes


Wow just when I think I have all the answers you throw in that dream of Hermione's and throw me for a loop again.

This also confused me on Albus is he going dark because of his need to control everything or is there hope for him in this story

Not sure on when you plan them going back to school but if the year is like cannon umbridge dealing with all this could make things interesting

Keep up the good work and have a happy Christmas and a great new year

Author's Response:

Ah! one of your reviews is allways a great way to break in a new chapter -- thank you Kate!

So, you may be relieved to know that I have no more *major* twists to throw at you; there are a few minor feints and gyrations before the goose is completely cooked, but the main trajectory is now set.

Erm, I wonder if I can possibly mix a few more metaphors in there?

Anyway, let me guide you to the other side of the fence for a moment to see things from the perspective of A.P.W.B. Dumbledore. He suspects, but is not absolutely certain, that some of his students are messing with strange, powerful and potentially dangerous magic. He has asked semi-politely about it, but not gotten a useful response. He tends to rely on extra-cognitive perception a bit, but only for the good of society and his students, right? Just a kindly old gent who happens to carry the weight of the wizarding world on his shoulders?

What this comes down to is that the Headmaster could almost certainly avoided all this if he had not committed himself to foolishly avoiding Harry at all costs -- a fact which has eroded Harry's trust in him. With any breakdown in trust, there is that ominous chance for perilous miscommunication... And having said that much, the authour-oracle goes silent...

Erm, well not so silent as to say that, aye, Umbridge would be in for a few challenges in a world where Harry isn't a passive victim, and where he is flanked by a beautiful firebrand on one side and a sneaky (if slightly neurotic) genius on the other. This particular story will wind down before the Hogwarts Express rolls into the station though.

Happy Christmas and joyous new year to you too -- thank you again for the kind comments!

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