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Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.04.15 - 08:00PM Title: Starshine


Wow ... taken to the edge of melancholy and rescued, whether temporarily or not remains to be seen. There are so many colliding powers and timelines. Is it possible to reach an amicable resolution for each time line? Only time will tell!

Author's Response:

Well, I should likely warn you that you've reached the point where perils and rescues come at a furious pace! The good thing about this is, unlike early in the story, there are few almost no opportunities for feel down for too long.

Regarding your question, needless to say that was a precondition for writing this story. Time will, indeed, find a way of telling you :)

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.02.04 - 09:43PM Title: Starshine


Ooh, tension! Everything just about poised to burst. Great chapter!

Author's Response:

Ah yes -- the big ban (or crunch) cometh! I have indeed, just yesterday, finally drafted the first of two climactic sequences. Tonight, perhaps I will reach the breathless denouement!

Regardless, thank you for all of these reviews, CG!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.01.23 - 08:51PM Title: Starshine


Oh, I love the end of this chapter so much! The image of Annisgwyl standing waist deep in the lake, talking to her mother and looking up at the stars is so beautiful. I can readily see it as a painting in my mind. Are you a fan of the Pre-Raphaelites by any chance?

The rest of the chapter had a far different feel of course :) Gemina is always good for a laugh! Her comment about loving random crap and enjoying figuring out how to make it non-random says a lot about her character. Obviously, her Auntie Murietta has inspired her greatly - 'Just do something, and sod the consequence.' That is such a great line that I'm tempted to try to use it sometime ;) On a more serious note, Voldemort having such delusions of grandeur as to see himself as the Master of Time is quite disturbing. I really do not want to see him ascend to eternal glory.

Author's Response:

Oh, how interesting! I had been about to answer, somewhat naively, that I'm more inclined to post-impressionism, however I now see the recurring mystical water / female motif in the pre-Raphaelite works -- Ophelia, Lady of Shalott, water nymphs, etc. Good call! There is a second general major pre-Raphaelite theme that is rather relevant here... but I shall leave that for you to discover (if you have not already guessed).

Glad you like the motto! I worked and reworked that a reasonable amount to give it a decent amount of 'attitude' :) And, of course, Gemina is cool enough to believe that listening to your great aunt is not uncool.

And indeed yes -- Voldemort is jazzed enough by his burgeoning circumstances that he is getting fairly close to becoming unhinged. Not a pleasant thought.

Thank you so much for this bit of art inspiration, K!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.01.23 - 02:34PM Title: Starshine


Well this one didn't take long to go from mystifying to stupefying with several good chuckles along the way! I may be confused again - is Moldyshorts the Master of time, the Master of death or just a Master in his own mind? I must admit if anyone would know about incompetent loyalty it'd be Moldyshorts, yet he still chooses to involve Malflunky, who has his own flunky in Crabbe Sr.(seems to be a pattern emerging there), in whatever scheme he's plotting! Meanwhile, Ron is still clueless and Harry, aka Greeneyes, is indeed back but somewhere else - with Gemina! I just have to ask, do the fluffy-heads at Hoggy (sniggers) know they are fluffy-heads at Hoggy and are teaching wandy-verby magic (sniggers again)? While reading this chapter, I got the feeling I was in an episode from Star Trek but I couldn't tell if it was "The City on the Edge of Forever" from the original series, "Yesterday's Enterprise" from the Next Generation or "Trials and Tibble-ations" from Deep Space Nine! (And yes, I'm a Trekkie) I strongly suspect when Gemina told Greeny to 'just do something' she wasn't talking about getting himself shackled by shackles from who knows where(Okay, maybe you know where)! Wow! You really made the rounds of all the characters in this chapter and added a mysterious, spindly wizard too!! Good to see Annisgwyl make a return appearance even though she seems as confused as everyone else, but at least she found her mother - I think! As a matter of self preservation of my sanity, I've decided to follow Ginny's lead and instead of spending hours trying to figure out what just happened in this chapter, I've become a sensible survivalist and cast concealment charms while this whole marvelously mystifying maelstorm plays out! And as a bonus enjoying a glass Bombay Sapphire Gin and tonic with a twist of lime! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Gin and lime -- I'll take it! You do realise that it was your loyal readership that inspired Gemina to coin the "Ginny-Tonic" nickname?

Until further notice, Smoldyvorts still remains the master of self-delusion. He *does* have a sneaky plan, though.

Love your flunky hierarchy -- that certainly made my day!

Good question about the fluffy-heads! It is implied that both Gemina and Rob were dropouts, so it's rather possible that a few bridges were burned before departure; perhaps in a manner that would have made Fred and George proud.

Yes, I do agree that Gemina had no intention of Harry getting himself shackled 'somewhere'. However, just like Ginny making the decision (Chapter 12) to release Cadmus, there is a strong element in this story of characters making seemingly questionable (bad?) decisions that might (?) not turn out so badly in the end. Perhaps the underlying theme parallels the Celtic god Amaethon who lays chance, opportunity and peril in everyone's paths, with an overarching design that very few people ever descry.

Star Trek! I was borderline Trekkie at one point -- a lot of Next Generation, and a bit of the old stuff and DS9. I definitely enjoyed some of the time scrambling episodes, though I do my best to not mirror anything 'too' closely :)

My gratitude for the lively chat!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.01.23 - 01:50PM Title: Starshine


And so the mystical chapter 13 has come to its close. You managed to jam pack this sucker with a lot of bits, let's see what I can cover here.

Voldemort has shown he possesses second sight. Curious this, because in JKR telling that would normally be the Horcrux link. However, in this weaving we have centered around the stone. So, combining your AU and canon it would seem V has forged a bond with his particular Peverell ancestor (known as number 2, the dark spindly one, in my heart Cadmus) somehow. In the context of the story, going back to Splinters, Harry and Ginny have bonded with their ancestors The Publican and the Iceni princess respectively. Then forward Ginny with Annisgwyl, Harry with Traianius (even though I don't believe they are of blood relation but quite effective as a plot mechanism) and perhaps Harry eventually with Ignotus. So back to Voldemort, he has somehow now got Hettie in his sights in the parallel close to current day thanks to Cadmus who has somehow time traveled via whatever strange happenings are occuring at the forge of Hercules. Thank you to Hermione insight there. I admit I could be far off, but now you see the perspective of this reader regarding that one matter.

Next up, Harry and Gemina. A little magic lesson? This just gets more and more curious. Try a little wandless magic green eyes...a big damn rock appears...somehow connected to Vesuvius? Charging a rock? Makes a hell of a lot more sense than charging a tattoo that is placed incorrectly to affect one of the seven(you know who you are... ridiculous...hehe.) Did Harry just somehow kickstart the eruption, was it perhaps just practicing? I don't know!

Duaff? Yes I too recall this name. This Duff cat has so many Solomon...just sayin'. Perhaps he suffers from Benjamin Button aging in this telling. Then again he seems to be everywhere all the time, criss crossing the timelines more frequently than Marty McFly and Doc Brown hunting down Gray's Sports Almanac from Biff. Must be a tough situation thinking you have the right to die when you are some(but not just any) ancient immortal.

Love the way you have portrayed Lucius here. He is like Voldemort's least favorite pair of shoes that he never wears, but yet can't seem to bring himself to dispose of them either.

Lastly, Annisgwyl seeing the Iceni Princess. Back in Brittania? Huh? I have no clue how she arrives here(maybe her consciousness traveled after G/G took over *shrugs*), but the imagery used ties in quite nicely with the arc. Will Ffodion return and hold his Mother's hand one last time? Where for art thou Ignotus? Hidden in your cloak? The world needs you.

Author's Response:

Wow, someone is converging almost (but not quite as) quickly as the story itself; interesting points!

Yes Riddle is pulling a trick that this AU has documented and, yes, the concept of time is indeed a bit haywire in the near vicinity of the Forge.

Yes, Harry's interaction with Traianius does not match any strong, natural pattern... but nor was it a strong interaction in the manner of Harry/Publican and Ginny/Lanossea synergy. Harry/Traianius was never strong because it was unnatural, and one may surmise that it was attained only because Harry *had* to find Ginny, and Ginny *had* to be found by Harry. Ginny's and Gemina's connections, meanwhile, were not very strong with Annisgwyl because she (A) worked to resist the occupancy. In any case, these somewhat weakened interactions, though a bit dissatisfying, managed to keep both H&G from utter despondency during the hardest of times. They also (semi-incidentally) helped to produce an unexpected (i.e., not predestined) romance between Annisgwyl and Traianius.

Harry, Gemina and the rock -- not the ignition, but the precognition...

Duff/Duaff... darkness (in Gaelic); agent of chaos; gentle old eccentric archivist; Solomon of the ring? How real is he, suspended wraith-like above the forge? Is he death? Can he die? Friend of foe? In truth, even I am short on answers. I suspect you know as well as I (even if you know somewhat differently).

After suggesting to Martin earlier that I rarely laugh in reading reviews, I must admit that I snorted a bit at your Malfoy metaphor. Brilliant, my friend!

"Hidden in your cloak?" The answer, is no, however the question is sharp. Very sharp! Stay tuned on that.

Thank you most kindly for sharing your very unique knowledge!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.01.23 - 04:32AM Title: Starshine


What a nice early Morning surprise. There is no need to wait impatiently for the new update until the afternoon.

Ol' Tom has distant visions, I shortly pondered the possibility that his spirit is also hosted by someone back in the Roman times, however, somehow I doubt it.

Ignotus, is he really needed back in Britannica? Or did his father just want him as far away from Mount Vesuvius as possible? I tend to believe the latter. Of course, when he returns to Britannica he's far away from Vesuvius, so they'd kill two birds with one stone.

I'm pondering if it would be a good idea to go a few chapters back and check the contents of Hettie's handbag? Maybe there's something useful in it I forgot about?

Voldemort wants to become the Master of Time and I reckon he needs the stone to make it happen. Does it mean that, in the end, it will be the Master of Death vs. the Master of Time? I doubt it.

I don't think it matters how many 'incarnations' of stone there are at the moment, it only matters how many of them exist in the end (probably one) and, even more importantly, who owns it.

Harry sensed tightly clamped shackles? From whom? Traianius? I doubt it, but I wonder where he is. Will he be the one who'll save the day in the end?

Dumnonia? It's not so far away from the Burrow, not that it really matters. The last scene was a bit mysterious.

I hope my ramblings were as entertaining for you as your story is for me. A good chuckle is the least reward you deserve for your work.

Author's Response:

Aha -- guesses and second-guesses! Very interesting.

Yes, old Tom seeing things. One must still wonder what his real 'plan' is, right?

Interesting question about Ignotus, as I think I've asked myself previously whether there's any 'need' in Britannia for Ignotus, other than the very obvious one that you can likely think of. As far as needing to be in Britannia to not be on Vesuvius, that's astute, although the answer is complex. There are times, perhaps, when one must be in danger only until the point at which one must clear the heck out... And yes, two birds with one stone. Or two times with one cloak.

Hettie's handbag... Well, I haven't gone out of my way to emphasise such things, how if you track through things carefully you'll notice that, like so many male/female pairs who are getting to know each other while traveling together, the female gradually tends to acquire stewardship of more and more of the male's belongings (could be a hat, or some maps, or... some odd stone perhaps). Interestingly, the opposite flow of belongings is a fair bit rarer. One of those wonderful little quirks of the binary nature of the human race :)

Regarding the number of stones, you are correct that, in the end, there must only be one in the past and one in the present, and present and past musts no longer mush together so sloppily. Beyond that, I say no more.

Your second guessing regarding the various 'Master' titles is warranted. 'Master of Death' is pure Rowling; I shall not attempt to interfere with her perfect creation.

Yes. Not telling. No. Not telling. Actually yes. Those are some answers, however I'm not telling you which questions they're for ;)

Yes, Dumnonia is indeed rather southwest, as are both Little Whinging, the Burrow and Godric's Hollow. It doesn't matter greatly for this story, however it's important from the perspective of both Rowling canon and Celtic legendaria. You shall see. And yes, the last chapter is indeed mysterious, although you'll find it contains a partial answer for an older question of yours.

Anyway, I believe that wraps things up for another fine review! I don't believe I actually 'chuckled' per se, but a good number of 'hmmms' of the sort that are rather useful for the story.

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.01.23 - 04:07AM Title: Starshine


It feels as if it is all coming together. I just cannot see how. Keep it coming.

Author's Response:

I assume that 'coming together' feeling stems from the fact the the disparate stories are starting to blend more and more. In this sense, it's a physical 'coming together' as much as a plot resolution. But yes, we're close now. This evening I expect to actually begin writing the seminal Chapter 16, where everything goes nuts :)

As far as not quite being able to see how, I will admit to you that I have, over the past months, entertained a whole bunch of different final climactic sequences, and am still nailing down some of the fine points for how it all resolves. Because I left things a bit loose until the last minute, there are probably a few instances where reader comments have nudged the outcome a little. So, to all you opinionated readers who may or may not feel like it's worth the time, let me just say that the right note at the right time may have 'interesting' consequences!

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