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Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.04.15 - 11:07PM Title: Plans: Made, Delayed, Waylaid


Action and excitement abound, but given the genre ... if it has a genre ... Im just hanging on for the ride.

Author's Response:

Genre? That's a good question that I don't have a ready answer for. I suppose I use the word 'nonlinear' quite a bit for this tale (and have also applied it to Prisoner of Azkaban, and Tijdvelt Twist). That might work it's way into a usable label.

Thank you for the review, Ed!

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.02.05 - 02:29PM Title: Plans: Made, Delayed, Waylaid


Action! A frenzy across the centuries! I'd say 'keep it rolling' but I see you just posted another chapter. Great!

Author's Response: Yes, it's quite a bit to keep track of, and it is no accident that everything seems to be ramping up in every subplot at the same time. And finally, yes, another chapter indeed! Thank you very much for the review, CoffeeGuy!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.01.30 - 04:35PM Title: Plans: Made, Delayed, Waylaid


Ah, this IS coming together quite nicely. The flamEs present themselves as having an apparent diaPhanous quality. Interesting that, as this describes the mystical fire containing a somewhat corporeal Gemina. Yet my mind immediately jumps to the missing piece of a triad. Given my experience with the author's intent with word placement...I tend to think there IS something to this.

Traianius has a fevered...dream? Vision? Trek with a side of amnesia? Antioch has taken interest in the Roman love interest of his half sister. He issues a warning, or statement, of which once again Traianius detects no falsehood. My curiosity grows about the eldest son of the great Publican. His machinations throughout the telling of the tale are subtle yet cause great ripples in moving everything forward.

Speaking of which, we have finally come across Ignotus, excellent! Chained by the dastardly Cadmus, with a newly trained in wandless magic Harry as a guest. My suspicion was correct! More important though, a wand lowered (the Coritani Wand?) down as a test/opportunity for Harry/Ignotus... interesting....A quick escape, then rescued? whisked away by Antioch. To where? Ignotus still has the wand.....

Annisgwyl and the Lady, a consideration of the Aether within the firmament. I think you know I greatly appreciated that exchange. The seven dance their merry path through...

Excellent work!

Author's Response:

Sacre vache! There is 'almost' nothing in your speculations that I can disagree with. And exceptionally little that I dare add, lest I spoil things for others.

Wow. Long distance Legilimency?

Rendered speechless...

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.01.29 - 06:03PM Title: Plans: Made, Delayed, Waylaid


Well I must admit that I didn't anticipate Gemina emerging from the flames, though knowing that Ginny and Hettie are apparently within a stone's throw of one another is really rather comforting. I'm concerned about who Disapparated with Harry. Was it Traianius? I was briefly considering the possibility, or perhaps I simply fixated on the image of him donning a cloak for far too long. Speaking of him naturally brings me back to Annisgwyl. The water imagery continues to lead me in certain directions that seem entirely too romantic and hazy. Clearly I ought to read this chapter again tomorrow :)

Author's Response:

Ah yes -- conditions are not quite right for Gemina to break free of the flames, but stay tuned for that (and the *aftermath*). And indeed, Ginny and Hettie shall soon preside over an odd little reunion. Like any celebration, you can expect, erm, fireworks ;)

Good thought about Traianius and the cloak, however he is not the only figure to have donned (and doffed) a cloak in this story. Regardless, your concern over Harry's well-being is warranted (and the authour likely intended it). I believe you will be intrigued by how it plays out.

Romantic and hazy... I have placed that scene within a context where romantic and, let's say, 'misty' are entirely appropriate. In the same way as some of those Pre-Raphaelite paintings you alluded to can be romantic and misty.

Beautiful review! As you seemingly tend to read in a 'stream of conscious' sort of way, I would write for you any day as that, obviously, is how a lot of my favourite writing comes out.

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.01.29 - 04:43PM Title: Plans: Made, Delayed, Waylaid


I actually wasn't aware of Ginny-tonic being from me but I am most honored. Traianius's rumble is ether an earthquake, Pluto(the God or the dog?) or it had something to do with Annisgwl! Whichever it is, one thing is for certain, Traianius and Hectorus are clearly confused as well! Alot of that going around! Apparently Annisgwl, whose mother called her Annisgwl Gemina(I guess the mother is confused with this too) may or may not be on the same quest as her twin brother Amaethon, I think! Wonder if anyone else thinks that lake sounds alot like the Lake of Avalon? While reading this story, I got a strange rumbling sense I was in an episode of the old US TV series "It's about time", 1966-67, about 2 astronauts who accidently get sent back in time to the stone age! Probably because I couldn't help but notice that the volcano, cave, cliff, boulder, cleft, fissure, chasm, gorge, keystone, fracture and crevasse, all present in this story, would all certainly be found in the stone age! Happy to see Harry still has his priorities in mind when it comes to Ginny! Too bad Harry wasn't qick enought on the scramble up - darn those clattering feet! Now we have a sinister wizard who can grunt and can't produce credentials but can make Hettie scream in the mix - Yikes! Ginny may be upset about five on one but 3 out of 5 aint' bad! Hermoine seems to have caught the clueless bug from Ron while watching the Black sisters and Goyle Sr who alSO appear confuses also! And Gemina(or is it Annisgwl) can't get past the pillar of flames! Nice cliffy there at the end! Sure were alot of noises in this chapter - a rumble, a clatter, a scream, a cannon-like crack, a thud, a gasp and shrieking war cry! Finally, you were quite correct - waters indeed quench, especially when combined with a jigger of either Glenfiddich 18 Yr Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey or The Glenlivet 15 Yr Old French Oak Reserve Scotch Whiskey! Happily I have a bottle of each! Cheers! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Earthquake indeed! Might even have been the same tremor that nearly caused Crabbe to have an aneurism in Chapter 13, though it's difficult to say since there have been quite a number of quakes, and the chronology is, well, a bit confusing.

Speaking of 'confusing', I'm fairly certain that this tortuous plot can throw any reader off track at time, but a some of the conundrums are simplified in referring back to the prequel (Splinters). Especially names. Near the end of Splinters, the twins are born. Because their father is Roman and their mother Celtic, each twin is given one Celtic name and one Roman name, thus Ffodion Ignotus (transliterates as Destiny Unknown) and Annisgwyl Gemina (literally Unexpected Twin). It is also open to possible interpretation that Annisgwyl's parents may have named her after Gemina Wilsey. Imagine being named after one of your descendants? Don't know if your astronauts from "It's About Time" had to contend with that one :)

Actually yes -- a bit of a sound-effects chapter although, as you and Martin both reveal, it was most obviously a Whiskey chapter! If half of these metaphors had occurred to me, I would have just named it 'Whiskey". Less clunky than the monikor I gave it!

Thank you for keeping my wits about me with incisive comments!

Oh, and while I have nothing against Glenfiddich, I'd be much obliged if you saved me two fingers of Glenlivet for editing Chapter 15!

Author's Response:

Oh, and I forgot to add -- Amaethon is the Celtic god of Agriculture and (more relevant herein) Chance. For those who might care about Percy Jackson-esque lineages, Amaethon is the father of Dn, who is the Celtic equivalent to Artemis / Diana.

Names, names, names. Lots of them.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.01.29 - 02:32PM Title: Plans: Made, Delayed, Waylaid


Oh, the consequences of global warming can't be missed, the poles are melting, the sea level is rising, and the new chapters are coming early.

Ever since the last scene of the previous chapter, I'm pondering if Lanossa is really dead. I'd hoped, and I still hope she isn't. But I'm afraid she is. Is Annisgwyl dead, too, since she's at the place her mother went to die? Probably not. Are the two of them the Ladies of the Lake now? Probably not, even if it seems so, lol.

Good to know that Traianius hasn't given up on Annisgwyl. I already missed him. It'll be quite the surprise for him when he finds out she's back in Britannia.

A low rumbling? Seems Vesuvius makes itself felt.

Fire, stone and water? The Fires of Time, the Resurrection Stone... and Uisge Beatha? Maybe a glass of the latter will help to understand the riddle?

The invisibility cloak, whose fabrics is "strange to the touch, like water woven into material". Quod erat demonstrandum.

Was Hetties scream the beginning of the downfall of their enemies, like the war cry of Tȟatȟŋka yotake in Custer's last battle. The next chapter will show us...maybe.

The chapter had enough things to ponder to justify another glass of Uisge Beatha.

Thanks for that.

Author's Response:

Climate change? However much I like your extended metaphor, I think (ironically) that a bit of good old fashioned winter drear helped me along last weekend by reducing my motivation for doing yard work. But yes, and early chapter, but I haven't started editing chapter 15 yet, so next Tuesday is likely a good target for that.

So the anwswer to your question of whether Annisgwyl is alive was addressed in Chapter 13, albeit it is a bit hidden in Celtic mysticism. Annisgwyl ask, "Shall we you and I pass without Ffodion upon the fated final journey...?" Passing over the western seas, of course, was a Celtic symbol for death. Lanossa's answer, you will see, does fairly clearly address Annisgwyl, though what she (Lanossa) says for herself seems a bit ambiguous -- she declares that she has Earthly responsibilities, but does not say much more. In any case, you will learn all in due time, although I will go so far as to say that you said one thing that is so brilliant that it is 'half' right. :)

Traianius, has indeed not forgotten his Celtic maiden. The final note on that sonata shall sound in the final chapter -- watch for it.

I love the way your mind works, arriving at Uisge! One may even extend that metaphor to the eternal aether, for surely a spirit of firmament pervades its fine hues and essence! In any case, the answer to this riddle is twofold, where half of the story aligns (roughly) with HP canon, and the other half is something that will occur to you (perhaps already has, and you have just not committed it to open dicussion).

A perfect observation regarding the cape! This ties in with much much much, including the plot!

So may things come in 'threes', including screams. You have now witnessed two of them, but will have to wait a while (Ch. 16, not 15) for the third. The Tȟatȟŋka yotake war cry of Custer's last stand is a beautiful analogy -- you're certainly on a roll!

Glad to hear this inspired you (and others) to explore the satisfying aesthetics of the water or life!

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