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Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.04.16 - 12:15AM Title: Brothers & Others


I think I have run out of things to say! Surprises come at such a rapid rate that they have ceased to be surprises! Iíll try this a different way. When my wife and I first saw a Raiders of the Lost Ark, the pace of the action was mind-boggling. The movie literally redefined the parameters of an action movie ... so much so that, by modern standards, Raiders no longer seems fast-paced. This story throws surprises at the reader in much the same fashion! At long last I found the answers: (1) Itís magic; and, (2) Itís in the plot! Nonetheless, your writing quality, both from a story-tellerís perspective and as a technician, remains outstanding. Now that I have abandoned my drive to thoroughly comprehend each element of who, what, where, why, when, and how, itís now simply a brilliant ride, and one I am delighted to have taken.

Author's Response:

I'm immensely flattered by the comparison to Raiders of the Lost Ark -- thank you! It's bizarre for me to admit this but, despite knowing that it was a rare movie to have made the transition from hit sensation to genre defining exemplar, I have never actually seen it. On the bucket list!

Anyway, I'm delighted to hear that the story has fully caught on. I think the remainder will be pretty fun.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.02.08 - 11:00AM Title: Brothers & Others


Bittersweet ending to this chapter! I'll admit to not being completely surprised by it, but still somewhat saddened. You write beautifully, haunting imagery quite well. On a lighter and happier note, seeing Harry and Ginny together again was perfect :) I also appreciated the chuckle from 'Fear not, milady. Your foe hit his head rather hard on landing. I believe he is still having...a rest.' I'm guessing the next chapter will be extremely climactic with more characters converging on the same location. I suppose only time will tell ;)

Author's Response:

Yes, you were not the only one who was saddened by the news. I painted in some melancholic trajectories in Splinters (in this case the sad story of a princess in love with an older man who is fated to die before she herself is old)... a scenario that tends, classically, to often produce something akin to Monastic Vows. On the sweeter side of your 'bittersweet' is her opportunity to play crucial roles in saving her children, and [redacted to avoid a spoiler].

And, yes! Together! After all this time :) The remainder of story leaves our favourite pair rigorously together in both the romantic notions, as well as in the real-world sense of two people who best conquer life's challenges 'together'. A concept you likely know well.

Excellent question regarding whether the next chapter will contain the big fling! The chapter boundary is a little in flux right now (as is the question of whether I will finish in 18 chapters, or whether the story stretches now to a 19th). In either case, I think things are now fated to go wild in '17'.

Time will tell? Heh heh. Time is being a right naughty little tease, isn't it?

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.02.06 - 02:44PM Title: Brothers & Others


In response to the reply to my last review:
LDL? Probably. Or maybe I am just an alpha reviewer... Even without the preview.
Rendering speechless or giver of chuckles. Effortless...there is only one RT3Z experiencing his own reality of duality. Perhaps some shared meta-magic with a couple of people.

Maybe I should pull back this review to holy hamburger level.

A question that occurs to me. If Antioch and Cadmus's order strictly forbids possession, wouldn't that prove problematic for Antioch's newly acquired sweet tooth?

I do hope that The Coritani (i)Druid(/i)/Duaff/Duff/Death(?)/Mtrsgtn bnw(heh..j/k...or am I?)/HIM and Hettie proceed with their discourse immediately in the next installment.

Vesuvius and Avalon...I have thoughts, but hamburger.

Beckon through the void, twins of flame and water, and let's not forget the Earth which cradles them all.

The cape is gone, but who is the master of the |.....of the ∆ and the į?

Author's Response:

Er yes, I concur. Compared to last week's review, this is more on par with 'Holy Hamburger'. Or perhaps 'Sublime Soyrizo', for the vegans in the audience.

Regarding Antioch's hypothetical sweet tooth, do you suppose there may be a reason why the elder Peverell grew rather reticent around the end of the conversation?

Yes, said conversation occurs promptly and without interruption... however it is a rather heart-felt, private discourse between plucky Kiwi lass and ageless Druid, so you may only hear the most crucial revelations.

A minor correction from a mythological perspective: Dozmary's Pool may be in West Country, but it is but a final step before Avalon. Those who are worthy pf the pool (i.e., Lake) will some day make that final journey further west. However, this likely does not impinge on your unstated speculations.

Earth definitely cradles flame, stone and water, but does it cradle void? Might the void equate to Aether? If so, might that tie together a number of threads in this story and Splinters? I will, finally, ask one rhetorical question: how many times in this story have characters gazed up to the stars?

I think SIYE may have eaten your non-ASCII characters (probably still hungry after the hamburger), but the general gist of the question is intact. And shall be revealed at a later date.

Thanks for the review. Coolness!

Reviewer: Dad Signed Date: 2018.02.06 - 07:53AM Title: Brothers & Others


Definitely a drama through the ages.

Author's Response:

Thank you very much -- I appreciate that Dad!

I have to say that it's quite a learning experience writing something like this -- lots of time spent pondering maps, archaeology papers, historical texts. I'm sure there are details I flub, but hopefully I get more right than wrong.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.02.06 - 03:03AM Title: Brothers & Others

Oh, the two floorsof the 'forge lift' are the lake and the forge. I must admit that I didn't see it, even after LanossŽa mentioned the forge and fire, stone and waters. I was just too focused on finding a connection between the forge and the fires where Ginny and Gemina disappeared. I thought the fires were floors, too, or at least temporary floors. Thanks for enlightening me. Now I just need to find an explanation for how our two beloved red-heads disappeared.

Author's Response:

The key to cracking the authour's code in your ponderings is to realise that he sees the chaos in Splinters, and the even worse chaos in Fires, as the product of a confluence of canon-magic and meta-magic (stuff occasionally hinted at in canon like time disruptions, but also mysticism from other times and cultures). Thus, a Portkey, say, is a canonical tool; Fiend Fyre is a canonical peril, but what happens if meta-magic intercedes? Strange outcomes perhaps. And the outcome is not going to be identical, if the precise magical ingredients are not identical...

Stuff to think about.

Also to be pondered is the question of what is evil, what is good, and what is incidental? The answers to that question may be less obvious in this story than in some -- one of the many confusing aspects to this wild web! :)

Thank you for the thoughtful queries!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.02.05 - 05:25PM Title: Brothers & Others


Early again! You do know how to make me smile! :) Okay I'm confused again - who is with Cadmus? Is it Harry, Ignotus who thinks he's Harry, Harry possessed by Ignotus, or none of the above? Antioch? Albus? Interesting to contemplate! Speaking of glancing to the stars, on the way into work this morning before dawn I saw a meteorite streak across the sky, one of the brightest and lowest I've seen in awhile! Wonder if that was a foreboding of this chapter? Good thing for Hettie & Rob those Deathgobblers aren't too bright! Gabby Geckos that Goo seems gregariously gummy! While reading this chapter, I got the strange feeling I was in a scene from the movie "The Time Machine", but I haven't seen any Eloi or Morlocks! Although, a case could be made for a resemblance between the Eloi and our heroies/heroines as well as the Morlocks and Deathknibblers, especially since both partly take place in the U.K.! Wonder what H.G. wells would think? So happy to see Harry and Ginny reunited, especially when they got the best of Malflunky and Doloslob! And the best news is neither one of them is confused - at least not about there being something very odd about that place! Now that I mention it, there is something odd with this story too! Too bad Harry and Ginny didn't at least get to kiss before they disappeared again! Does that bit at the end mean Ignotus is Annisgwl's brother! O Brother! Can't wait for the finale! Since I don't have any Vitero Red to toast this with, I'll make due with a bottle of Frogís Leap Napa Valley Rutherford Merlot 2013 from my wine rack!
Cheers! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Yes, Mondays have worked reasonably well of late. No guarantees, but if the chapter seems ready to fly, Monday will continue to be a possibility. Either way, I'm overjoyed to be able to bring you a Monday smile!

Regarding your next question, I vaguely suspect you're pulling my leg, but I feel honour bound to answer it as literal. Thus, as Harry says, "Cadmus is Riddle." These choices (Harry/Ignotus, Riddle/Cadmus, and Dumbledore/Antioch) are either canon or pseudocanon relationships. Ii.e., Harry is Ignotus's descendant (known), Voldemort is Cadmus's (via the Gaunts / pretty sure this is canon), and Dumbledore is Antioch's descendant (sketchier, but there have been a number of essays arguing this). Anyway, that was the basis for these correlations.

Yes, I do suppose that a more leisurely interlude of closeness would have been most deserved... however this whole crazy story spans less than one full night in Harry's and Ginny's time line. It is seemingly not a very restful night. If they had time to be appropriately amorous, there is a slight concern that they would instead fall asleep.

Okay, perhaps not :)

And yes, again I suspect you're having me on, but Annisgwyl Gemina Peuerellius is indeed the twin sister of Ffodion Ignotus Peuerellius.

Finally -- Frog's Leap Merlot! I've had it and very much enjoyed -- vastly preferable over for a A.D. 78 vintage Roman red (probably vinaigre by now).

In any case, my kind appreciation for another excuse to opine and chatter!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.02.05 - 03:15PM Title: Brothers & Others


Woolen socks, that's a surprise, indeed. I'd expected Toms spirit somewhere in the Order of Letum, but not him. Evidently, Dumbledore has learned to love such role-playing games in Splinters, lol. On the other hand, there's still the mystery of Dumbledores mysterious disappearance.
And we still don't know much about the druid and his intentions. Who had ever said that the story of the three brothers happened exactly as it is was written in The Tales of Beedle the Bard? Druid or death, such small differences blur in the fog of time.

Is the Forge a kind of lift between the worlds, or better between the times, that moves with the speed of the fire, using the overlaps of the dimensions. Who pushes the buttons of this lift, and where are the buttons?

Ah, the Lady of the Lake. Recently, in a review for another story, I'd guessed that a mysterious woman might be the Lady of Lake. I was wrong. I had not dared to repeat this assumption here, lol. How did Annisgwyl and Ffodion find their way to their mother? Did she summon them? It's unlikely.

Who was the old man Ginny and Gemina had seen before the fires did ... whatever they did? Was it the Druid who lured them into the fire? Is he the one who really pushes the buttons?

Strange, that I was wondering, just before I started reading this chapter, if the solution maybe lies back in the mist, no, not in the mist of time, but in the mist of the first few chapters of this story.

I wonder what Gemina is doing all the time. Showing Traianius the way?

Somehow I feel like being in one of those online games where you can control characters from ancient times, druids, wizards, elves, etc. The last time I played such a game was at least fifteen years ago.

Author's Response:

Yes, I think by mid-story it was fairly clear that Riddle must be engaged in temporal/causal machinations. He indeed has been a principle mover among time disturbances, although (with respect to one of your later musings) he is not the only one pulling levers. Dumbledore has obviously been manipulating. The Druid's work has, until very late in the story, been limited to 1st Century A.D. machinations so unlike the true Duff in Splinters, he had rather little role to play in Harry's and Ginny's odd 'travels'. And then, finally, there is the quiet mistress manipulator...

Regarding your 'lift' analogy, that is apt although (and this is vaguely implied in an earlier chapter by Lanossea) there are only two relevant 'floors' -- the Forge and the Lake. They are both 'centers of power', and thus have an innate connection (via ley lines, or whatever).

So, if I recall the earlier mentions of 'mist', there is the mention that Ffodion departed on such a morning, and also Annisgwyl's first encounter with Cadmus had him ensconsed in mist. I believe those are incidental, however I am perfectly happy for a reader to prove me wrong :) The more salient watery symbol was in liquid form. Just as in Splinters, the moment Lanossea and the Publican fell in love occurred on a river bank (and they were forever boating here and there, as was a common form of transportation for the Celts), in this story the first major spiritual event for Annisgwyl occurs riverside, and she also discussed how her mother loved such settings. That is where the main intentional symbolism lies.

Gemina, you will discover shortly, is exceptionally determined to break out of the fire. She has a major role yet to play!

Actually no elves in this one, but otherwise -- yes, a bit like one of those role playing games! Except, of course, the lines are quite blurred between wizards (Romans) and Druids (Celts) herein.

Anyway, thank you very much for your fascinating thoughts!

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.02.05 - 02:32PM Title: Brothers & Others


I wasn't sure it would be possible, but the different threads really ARE coming together as one. What a wild story. Can't wait to see how the final twists pull together!

Author's Response: Well, after hedging for quite a while, I actually *can* now say that I know how all of the twists will pull together. I semi-deliberately left a lot of things rather sketchy, since I find that many inspirations hit me while writing; things that would not have occurred to me when sketching the original plot. So, to be honest, there have been many details earlier on that some readers have wondered about that even the authour had not fully resolved. Made it quite fun for me and now I'm just as excited to learn how everything unfolds as I would be if I were reading it!

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