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Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.04.16 - 01:06AM Title: The Wand


Nice twist! The answer? “It’s magic!”

Author's Response:

Yeah :) There's a slightly more detailed answer in there somewhere if you pull back some onion peals here and there, but the most fundamentally practical answer is just that -- it's magic.

It all is in HP, after all. Thank you again for the reviews!

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.02.27 - 05:52PM Title: The Wand


Aye! And this is where the tension mounts. It's been interesting to watch this all slowly come together!

Author's Response:

Yes indeed -- this is the beginning of a 2.5 chapter carnival ride to the finish line. Great to hear that you've enjoyed the progression!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.02.14 - 02:31PM Title: The Wand


So much to ponder after this chapter. The mechanics of the magic shown has a consistent quality throughout your writings, so I will attempt to expound upon some of what you presented us.

So we have Gemina hop out of the flames. Tremendous action, a raging bull of power and a quick thinking strategist she is. Whatever barrier was holding her in had 'diminshed' somehow. Does this perhaps coincide with Duaff vanishing from Hettie's sight over on Vesuvius? Or perhaps it happens when Ignotus joins his mother and sister...

Onto Harry, some form of reverse astral projection? His spectre has swapped out and projected his corporeal form across the parallel with his consciousness accompaniment? When I think about the various powerful forms of magic that possibly could be in use with all the different times and locations; I have come to expect absolutely anything is possible, and it even follows a logical continuity.

Hettie and Duff...Duff has lost his wild daft speech pattern. The Druid is composed, melancholy and serious here. The range on that fellow. I suspect the power H&G feel comes from the Druid's trance. Where did he go? :). Great use of imagery with the two stones ad infinitum.

So, is it me or is it kinda weird V-Mo and Cadmus are both in the same place at the same time? The two wand mystery I legilimensed(or something) a few reviews back. I still have no idea what is coming next week! Thanks for keeping me on pins and needles like Humpty Dumpty waiting for a tour of Willy Wonka's fudge room...nice double ent...

Yes, they do seem to look up the stars quite a bit. The Aether and the Earth, what a lovely thought for the free time of a philosophist.

Author's Response:

So, I find myself again responding in brief, since many of your comments hit very close to the make, including your set of 'coincide' conditions, all of which indeed show that things are shifting; also the case of the faded form of Harry.

Yes, the Druid of the cleft has a personality that differs from what one would have seen either in A.D. 61 or in the Ministry of Magic Archives. The most reasonable explanation relates to phenomena mentioned in brief in the tale of the second brother.

The presence of Voldemort and Cadmus together is indeed a bit of a violation that goes beyond mere timeline crossing. There was a hint in this chapter (and another forthcoming in the next) that the tenuous circumstances o not lend perfectly to the more conventional hosting / possession scenario.

Anyway, we're obviously nearly there -- both you and I! Thank you for the fine thoughts!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.02.13 - 07:04PM Title: The Wand


Always love a cliffhanger ending ;) So, if Harry has the Elder Wand, what is Voldemort holding? Are there now two Elder Wands, just as there are two Resurrection Stones? I'm thinking I should probably reread since I likely missed a clue in the last chapter or two.

I have to say I loved the irreverent banter of the teens before and after Voldemort appeared. It really is no wonder he tried to lecture them, although 'Defender of the Pure' was a bit much. Tom doesn't have a 'pure' bone in his body.

Gemina's attack of the Death Eaters back at Hogwarts was marvelous! I can only hope that Bellatrix is caught in the crossfire of the chaos sooner rather than later. Perhaps Narcissa will even pull herself together enough to do something about her sister. She definitely owes more loyalty to her son stuck in the castle than to her evil sister.

Very excited to see how the next chapter plays out!

Author's Response:

And once again, I offer my promise of a real response at a point when I have had some real sleep and am not in some travel-induced fugue.

To begin said 'real' response, I do admit that Tom's claim of purity was remarkably disingenuous -- the son of a Muggle father, claiming to defend pure blood wizardry. I can't help but think that this might have paralleled the discussion of Hitler actually having (with fair evidence) a part-Jewish descent. The scars of World War II run deep in Rowling's writing, so I suspect the parallel is no accident.

Anyway, lots of other great points that you raise that I shall respond to soon. Thank you so kindly for chiming in!

Author's Response:

I return to finish what I started!

You have made two excellent suggestions, of which one has given me a fine idea that must make it into chapter 17 -- thank you, Kimberley!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.02.13 - 12:13PM Title: The Wand


Terrific start but you didn't specify whether Harry, er, Greeny, is a ghost, an apparition, a computer generated image. a patsy, Gemina's imagination or a strange image from another timeline!?! It must really suck to go from being a Deathgulper to a gormless twit! But then Bellatrix has never been known for her tact! I think Hettie/Hermoine is the only one who could've figured out what that Druid(Death perhaps?) was talking about! Can't help but wonder exactly what was in that vapour?! So is Cadmus the second Peverell brother, Moldyshorts in a different personna or someone else? I think I'm confused again! I hope Hettie is listening very carefully! While reading this chapter I got a weird feeling I was in a scene from "The Lord of the Rings", but I couldn't tell if I was in Gondor, Rivendell, Rohan, Mordor or The Shire, let alone which movie it was! Good to see Harry and Ginny still together! Darn that pesky chasm again! Intrigued, I can't help but ask this question: If you can do wandless magic does the off hand matter? Wonder if Hettie wasn't listening well enough when she stepped in to that goo? Good thing Harry and Ginny "dropped" in for a visit, tho I'm sure they weren't expecting an audience with Tom Twiddle Jr., Malflunky & assorted Deathglupers! Kind of surprised you didn't have Gemina, Ron and Hermoine show up too just for kicks! Devious little cliffy at the end making us wait until the next chapter for the answer to three burning questions: Where did Harry get the Elderwand, Will he defeat Moldyschmuck again and Why still no kiss between Harry and Ginny?! This chapter was so good I decided to toast it with a jigger of my prized bottle of Glenmorangie 18 Year Old "Extremely Rare" Single-malt Scotch - straight!
You don't want to spoil the taste with water! Cheers to you and Tolkien! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Hey! As stated with Martin, I am going to offer a little placeholder response for now, with a promise of true dialogue later.

I have also had Glenmorangie, and can vouch for it being a true experience!

In my real response, to come later, I shall relate my struggles with the realisation that I planned a key climactic scene within a rocky cleft on the slopes of a volcano. This is definitely not Frodo, Sam and Smeagol, but I certainly did have to work a bit to make sure that I was not inadvertently relaying a Mordor scene!

Stay tuned for more banter!

Author's Response:

I'm am back!

First of all, you are right to wonder just what is meant by Harry's 'fading', and the speculative option of him being a 'patsy' is brill beyond words :) As it stands, though, I can offer you my version of precisely what his state is, but (as happens in my stories) I may leave determination of the precise, explicit status as an exercise to readers. Same for the magical nature of the 'vapour' -- a trick from a magical culture long extinct. It may be nothing more than a teaching tool... or is it?

Excellent question regarding wandless magic vs. the ability to go ambidextrous. It's fairly clear that Gemina is both wandless and ambidextrous -- likely the product of a curious mind who likes to try stuff, and has been away from the rigid environment of Hogwarts for years. I got my own start on this very line of thought years ago, reading Finding Us by Kezzabear where it is revealed that Harry has wandless abilities, but that his left-handed conjuring is unreliable.

Kiss is coming, but in the ~10 minutes or so (they're time) that they've been together, the situation has been a bit dicey. Fortunately, chapter 17 finally gives them 'a moment' :)

Other questions shall be addressed in due time. Thank you, as always, for spicing up the discussion, Cosmo!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.02.13 - 11:55AM Title: The Wand


Wow, Gemina enters the Hogwarts grounds. If the delusive mists in my brain don't deceive me, it's the first time that someone enters the alternate timeline? Does it really matter? I dunno. Wait, Ginny and Harry had done it before when their hosts disappeared. But it was back in time, just like Hettie and Rob, not between alternate times.

One of the hardest things is to remember where the heck a certain character was the last time you've seen him or her. How do you think simple when your misty mind insists on thinking complicated?

Does Hettie need to interrupt the infinite refection between the stone mirrors at the right moment to ... yes, to what exactly?

Are there two Elder Wands, just like there are two stones?

Seems, FoT is going to merge into the final battle scene from Splinters on the home straight.

I'm curious how Ron will react if Ginny and Harry show the slightest hint of a PDA. On However, I suspect that Gemina taught him early to behave that he does not even think about throwing her a wrong look, lol.

I've earnestly tried to find the word 'fortuately' in the dictionary because I'm not used to finding typos in your texts, only every now and then a word yet unknown to me.

Don't worry, if it takes a little longer to post the next chapter. I'm away for a couple of days, too... no, sorry, for a few days, so I won't scold you.

Thank you so much for another great chapter.

Author's Response:

First of all, let me state unequivocably that a great review deserves a decent answer. And this shall get one, but due to my current state (traveling) this is only a placeholder that I will return to in earnest.

I am going to pick one point at random to reply to now, and that is that yes, absolutely, Rob is sufficiently broken in by his sister that he is unlikely to mount the sort of indignant brother response that Ron might. I think that Gemina is different from Ginny more because of the exceptionally hard life than because of the lack of a 'Harry'.

Lots more later!

Author's Response:

Back again!

First of all, my empathy to you and to Cosmo (and other patient readers) in that the number of details to keep track of in this story is huge. I suspect it is easier to read in one shot, as opposed to a seven day lag between installments, which sometimes means 14 days without seeing a given character.

Regarding the timeline crossing, actually no, things have been quite jumbled for some time, beginning with Greyback and the lurches and an increasing level of insanity on Vesuvius. It is perfectly correct to say that having a major character crossing from one modern reality to another is not 'normal', though. It is a symptom of a very messed up causality -- even worse than what was encountered in Splinters, where the ruptures remained in 'bubbles' (rather than breaking fully across the causal barriers).

Yes, definitely two wands. The question of how Harry got that one is evident from how he got onto the mountain, though I will admit a bit of confusion is natural, since Harry didn't hold onto anything else from A.D. 78. Curious that.

You have it nailed as far as the battle trajectory.

Et finalement, yes, fortuately is emblematic of my fights with this keyboard. I used to be a decent typist before I got a Toshiba laptop. Ah well.

Thank you for some great thoughts!

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