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Reviewer: she123 Signed Date: 2018.05.27 - 06:46AM Title: Whistling


One of the cutest 'when Harry met Ginny' scenes. Perfect :)

Author's Response:

Oh great -- thank you!

Chapter 4 was tremendous fun to write. And yes, the gradual, adventitious collision course may have had a little Nora Ephron feel to it. I've not read the script, but I recall enjoying the movie.

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2018.05.17 - 11:42PM Title: Whistling


Nice! A very awkward, but interesting meeting. Its interesting how they all seem to be dealing with memory issues differently. Harry enjoying the library is a bit of a change - I wonder if its because of Ginny or because of what he can remember or almost remember.

Author's Response:

Sharp as a chromium razor!

Two different, subtle, and very telling observations:

  1. Dealing with memory issues differently: Mione mostly has her childhood memories, though she semi-consciously suppresses a few that she regards as awkward; Lee has mostly lost his, though he pines for memories of lost friendships; Ginny has only a smattering and she is seemingly traumatised by some memories that she has 'mostly' lost; Harry has also mostly lost his, and generally displays little interest in seeking to recover them. Such inconsistencies! If there 'was' something systematic done to obliviate, it seems an imperfect process, perhaps?
  2. Harry enjoying the library: I would posit that Ginny's presence is a key factor, but (round about chapter 9) you may glimpse another factor at play.

Wonderful! Love it when someone catches subtle threads -- makes the weaving all the more worth while!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.05.09 - 07:54PM Title: Whistling

Oh, I meant to reflect upon the miraculous "coincidence" that Ginny could have worked out the melody that Harry and Ginny have been working so carefully upon! Too many coincidences at play here, so I feel none of them are actually coincidences, at all.

Author's Response:

Good point! In truth, she did have Harry's whistling as a rough guide, however that does not diminish the exceptional difficulty of transcribing the written word of a poem fragment into melody of a tune you've never heard of before so... absolutely.

On a human (rather than magical) level, is it perhaps almost as if they vaguely understand each other musically?

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.05.09 - 07:52PM Title: Whistling


Fascinating chapter. I like the way you have shown Harry and Ginny working each other's way into their respective minds. And more? Something big seems to be happening here, and not just on a potentially romantic front. You seem to be setting them up to break through a big secret ... THE BIG SECRET, perhaps?

And this truly intrigues me: '"Kingston?" Langley chewed his lip for a moment. "Good question, but aye. I haven't heard from him since. That's not necessarily a bad thing he works in mysterious ways; comes and goes without warning.'

Hmmm? someone important and impressive enough to become Minister of Magic could be destined to play a major role in the parting of the memory-killing veil?????

Good stuff, as always!

Author's Response:

Chapter 4 was obviously huge fun for me to write. The long, slow approach was a challenge to write since it could have come across dry as a desert, but I felt it was necessary to set up the final precipitous vignettes.

As far as big secrets are concerned, perhaps the biggest, baddest secret in this story is how big secrets can remain secretive for so long?

This is an unfortunate world where Kingston never quite ascends the MoM ladder. How much role might he have played in a grey veil? It would be hard for him to avoid it completely, wouldn't it be? I think he will prove to be an interesting character... but he does remain elusive.

I think you may be onto more of this than any other reader has publically admitted -- well done, and thank you for the review!

Author's Response: I somehow missed the word 'parting' in your review. Sorry! That changes the complexion of the image, and the precise way I'd reply. Yes, Kingston may prove the lynch-pin; he may be the only person who knows all. He may have a challenging 'judgment call' to make.

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2018.05.05 - 12:35AM Title: Whistling


Yes, indeed...let's "meet"!

and an acknowledgement of This line: "as if music contained the adjectives and adverbs of a message, but he was still missing the nouns and verbs"

May those Nouns and Verbs flow...

Author's Response:

Very glad to hear you enjoyed that!

A bit of insight into the writing process for me: in this story, a very key part of the 'adventure' is cerebral. There are physical events to contend with, and those will begin to perturb the plot more as chapters pass, but a critical dynamic is in taking characters who have lived relatively unremarkable lives (as far as they know) and gradually steeling them for the unexpected. So a lot of the small incremental victories are in attitude and comprehension.

What makes this prospectus challenging to write is that Harry, Mione and Ginny are all somewhat introverted, so much of this personal advancement occurs in internal dialogue which can be pretty dull unless care is taken to spice it up again. Consequently, you'll get a bit of humour, a bit of self-deprecation, 'and' some attempts to articulate wisdom, as wisdom is attained.

Anyway, a little glimpse into the mind of the crazed writer :)

Thank you for the review!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.05.03 - 12:39PM Title: Whistling


To harken back to your Ch.2 response. One, if someone was going to finagle a way to embed a .jpg it would be you. As for the content. Three Feather, perhaps. Pastoral Picnic Motif though? A call and response gospel style? The choir responds to the preacher, they eat it up. Maybe I'm using the wrong instrument? :)

Ah, the mysterious Kingston still lingers to come into play. Of course Kingston is also the capital city in Jamaica, and Trenchtown is a low income veritable tenement yard within within Kingston. Hence Trenchtown Rock (The Wailers, 1968?)

One good thing about music
when it hits you you feel no pain.
One good thing about music
when it hits you you feel no pain.
So hit me with music.
Hit me with music now yeah.
Hit me with music.
Brutalize me with music.

I see that the group has a booking at the...Half Moon is it? Lee's 'value added' descriptive made me chuckle.

Harry caught a little hint of something...a few weeks ago.
Aww, was it her presence...her scent...her magic?

She is singing his song. Maybe Ginny could inspire a full group of songs. Like an album.

I need to find some ginger lemon throat drops the next time I have an itch :)

Author's Response:

Beginning toward the end, yes, Harry's senses picked up something in (and beyond) the music. That something is, of course, magical, and certainly emanated primarily from Ginny. It is more than just 'her' though. It is a sense of 'them', in various connotations. It is part of the fabric; it is reminiscent of much of what has been lost; it is to be elaborated on later... :)

Ginny singing -- yes, it did occur to me that there could be an inspiration factor there... Maybe there will be? I think this particular story may not go all the way through to such sweet eventualities, though. I think this story will progress to the point where the future can legitimately offer the chance for it.

Chapter 2 music: yeah, after writing that response, it did occur to me that 'pastoral' might be the wrong word. Harry's opening keyboard riff is intended as kind of whimsical, organ-grinder, festival in the park type of jingle, which is then followed up in the song by something a bit edgier as soon as the song shifts (quite quickly) to the guitar. Rethinking it, I now see things transitioning into the Don't Stop Believin' secondary progression (em C G D), which is actually a plausible twist on your original suggestion. Coolness!

Gospel style call and response... I often have that sort of point / counterpoint going on in my head. Great for dialogue songs, like 'Paradise by the Dashboard Light'

Wailers? Let me scope around on Youtube and get back to you. Dig the lyrics, certainly!

Half Moon, indeed. Kind of a cult favourite in London Rock History -- Stones and U2 played there, plus many other somebodies before they became somebody. The place almost got sold and turned into a gastropub a few years back, but lots of crowd-funding sentimentalists saved it, and it's still cranking out local tunes.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.05.01 - 04:56PM Title: Whistling


Yeah!!! They finally meet :) It will be fun to read how Harry and Ginny react to one another. So, the dream Ginny described was certainly interesting. If Harry learned piano from his mother, Lily, who also gave lessons to Ginny, then they met in childhood. And, Lily obviously did not die when Harry was a baby. Once again I'm wondering when they lost out on participating in the magical world and why. If the dream was a factual memory and not a confused/altered impression, Harry must have had his mother until he was close to ten. The whole thing with Foi-Black has me slightly unsettled. Probably silly of me, but I have known you to drop hints that subtle in previous stories and that one caught my attention. Anyways, very well done, indeed!!!

Author's Response:

Brilliant thoughts! But that, of course, is to be expected.

So, one may then wrestle with the question of what canonical decision, if chosen otherwise, might have kept Lily (and perhaps James) alive for some years after Oct. 31, 1981. But sometimes a delay has its own price to pay.

When you estimated Harry's age in the dream, though, I believe you used evidence #1 (that Harry was playing Debussy) as an apt estimator. However, you might want to rethink the estimate based on (evidence #2) Ginny's verbalisations. Youngish, right? If you instead use that as your baseline, then perhaps Harry was a bit of a...?

Foi-Black? Yes, you might well guess, at this point, that they are not going away.

Finally, let me say that there will 'soon' come a point in the story where Harry/Ginny interactions will be fun, your frustrating writer-friend has laid a few road blocks to contend with. The H&G of Rowling, and the H&G of this story are sweet people, and made for each other, but they are bearers of 'baggage', shall we say. One bit of baggage is ever-so-slightly canonical in flavour...

Anyway, a wonderfully enjoyable review to cheer me -- thank you so much, K!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.05.01 - 04:43PM Title: Whistling

Footnote to review: You are correct - it was colour! And I should know - I own the original vinyl album it was on along with 3 others! I must say Robert Lamm was no slouch either!

Author's Response: Good point on Lam! Oh, and I must express my gratitude for the glass of Barmes-Buecher. Very pleasant nose to it!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.05.01 - 02:26PM Title: Whistling


Seeing a new chapter to this unique story made me want to sing "Joy To The World"(Three Dog Night 1970)! But looking at the title I got a strange feeling I was about to enter an old episode of " The Andy Griffith Show"! Sounds like Lee and Langley have a game plan but alot seems to depend on Harry! When you mentioned them playing the Half Moon I suddenly started hearing two songs playing in my mind! "Fly Me To The Moon"(Frank Sinatra 1964) and Eclipse(Pink FLoyd 1973)! Sorta like Dueling Banjos in the 1972 move "Deliverence" but a lot more confusing! Couldn't help but wonder if Harry whistling while he worked was your tribute to Disney's "Snow White"?! Walt would be proud! Sounds like the Mysti Stags are leading a life as free as the birds in the sky playing all those venues, which of course, made me think of "Free Bird" (Lynyrd Skynyrd 1973)! (Sadly, I had tickets to the concert in Baton Rouge, La they were heading to play at when their plane crashed) Harry seems to be in quite a quandary about what direction to take his life! I have a feeling the color red will play a big part in his future! Judging from the redhead's thoughts about him he has most certainly rocked her world! Ginny seems to be more enamored by Harry's whistling their tune than Dale Evans was by Roy Rogers - but without a horse and a saddle! I just have to ask, did you mean 'to get him throught the night" or "Help Me Make It Thru The Night"(Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Dolly Parton & Brenda Lee 1970)? I'm not sure that Einstein could've figured out that formula of Mione's at the end! Great little cliffy with the almost meeting of future couple Harry and Ginny! Made me think of a good verse to end my review with from "Color My World"(Chicago 1970):

As time goes on
I realize
Just what you mean
To me
And now
Now that you're near
Promise your love
That I've waited to share
And dreams
Of our moments together
Color my world
With hope of loving you

Happy trails to you until we meet again and Cheers! ( with a glass of 2015 Domaine Barmes-Buecher Reserve Pinot Noir from my wine rack)

Author' s Response:

With all your cross-medium references, I'm amazed you have time to read FF, let alone service as one of my primary inspiration engines! I suspect that you don't sleep. Not really.

What a sharp twist to have had tickets for the LS concert cancelled after Gillsburg! If it's any reassurance, I have no plans for anything so unpleasant.

I think there are no 'Whistle While You Work' references that don't somehow owe Caselotti / Disney, however an Indie rock context has to be a little more badass. Let's aim for somewhere half way between the seven dwarfs and, say Toby Turner / Wayne Brady.

True, I rather doubt that "Get Him Through the Night" would have the novelty to cut it as a title. I'm shooting for "Cold Returns"

Touching choice to end your review -- I love old Terry Kath Chicago songs as much as old Peter Cetera / Chicago songs... in very different ways. One odd bit of trivia for you, though -- they actually use the Brit spelling 'Colour'. I wonder why? Anyway, the song will be echoing through my head for days now. Wonder if it will affect my writing?

Thank you!

Reviewer: Birlan Signed Date: 2018.05.01 - 12:32PM Title: Whistling


I am not sure where this is going but I am enjoying the ride. Thanks. I am looking forward to seeing where it ends up

Author's Response:

Hey, great to hear from you again Bill!

Yes, I think it's fair to say you're not alone in being moderately mystified! I will give you some (non)hints, and say that this will not be another 'When Harry met Sally'. Nor will it be a 'Syd and Nancy', Certainly not another 'Shake, Rattle and Roll'.

I'm fairly certain the above doesn't help much. Perhaps better to say that if you liked it thus far, and can handle a bit of action, then you should be in for a decent road trip.

Thank you very sincerely for the review!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.05.01 - 12:10PM Title: Whistling


Oh, my dear friend, what happened?
Somehow you copied only half of the chapter into that tiny chapter box, the most important part is missing.

I'm curious when Harry realizes what is really drawing him to the library when he'll be able to identify the presence that electrifies his senses.

Does Harry realize that the library might be the place where he can find his wholeness again? Will Ginny tell him one day about the piano playing boy she met at Miss Lily's? What will happen when the two of them meet for the first time, or should I say re-meet (although I'm pretty sure it's not a real word, lol)?

So many questions and the author already said he still don't know all the answers yet...let's hope we won't all get lost in the mystery.

Thanks for another fine update.

Author's Response:

'Most important part'... Hmmm. Is the syrup sweetest when glistening on the spoon? Sometimes yes; sometimes no.

I think Harry will begin to understand some things fairly quickly, but it may take a while longer to recognise how best to factor this into his life.

Speaking of 'recognise', the French have the best word to insert for your 're-meet', and that is 'reconnais'. The English, unfortunately, squish that into word recognise, which is so much more mundane. Perhaps you Deutsch have a better, sweeter term.

Watch for the piano in Chapter 8. Will she tell him? Does the authour draw things out? Does the authour disappoint in the end? I dunno. Seriously :)

You mentioned library twice, and thus so will I. Some things in life are more complex than one might guess. See chapter 9.

Mystery? An appropriate term, I admit. Thank you for your thoughtful thoughts and curious queries!

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