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Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2018.07.04 - 05:25PM Title: Questions


I love the way the connection between Harry and Ginny is developing. They are both reaching for something - they don't know what. Harry was quite thought provoking in his lyrics and performance. Dora was a hoot - don't understand everything she says, but close enough. On to read more!

Author's Response:

A most heartening review for multiple reasons; thank you Sharon!

First of all, I'm gratified that you like the slow evolution of both relationship and understanding. To me, such is the real adventure and must be drawn out, just like one would with the plot developments in an action fic.

Secondly, I always enjoy having readers who can say 'close enough' on assimilating background things like non-plot-critical chatter. Having a thick-accented local chattering semi-comprehensibly in the background is, to me, every bit as much a part of the immersion process as being told the colour of the sky...

Thank you again!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2018.05.27 - 10:58PM Title: Questions


I cannot say for *sure*...but I suspect that "a few flirty four-foot-floozies" may be an authentic Original...never before used by any human on this planet.

Author's Response:

Heh heh.

That prompted me to do a quick Google search, just for fun, and the only thing close was an American jazz band called the 'Flat Foot Floozies', with a tap dancer featured for rhythm. I'll give them top credit for novelty, but I'm more than happy enough to still take your stars.

Thank you, Gene!

Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.05.27 - 06:40AM Title: Questions


Simply delightful. Fun, and a bit mysterious!

Author's Response:

Couldn't have ask for a kinder comment, if I'd paid you. Thank you, CG!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.05.26 - 08:13AM Title: Questions


Ack! I lost another lengthy, glowing review concerning your remarkable ability to keep your reader simultaneously on the very edge of the canyon of despair while opening the fog of obfuscation enough to allow a ray of glorious hope to take shape in the heart. This is a rare gift for a writer, and I commend you for it! You answered the question about the ring Ginny guards with her heart ... that it was her motherís. That brings to rest my half-baked idea about this young coupleís former relationship. Of course, I could offer an alternative in which the ring had tragically passed from mother to daughter due to the horrors of war, but too much history of their existence in the Muggle world for me to continue in the belief that the ring was Ginny and Har4yís. Oh well, Iím sure it will hold great meaning as I doubt you would have planted such a powerful symbol of eternal love so squarely in the middle of your story, then recalled its presence on numerous occasions, if you did not mean to emphasize its importance.

Perhaps this prior relationship, the memory of which has been Obliviated from their minds, will be rescued from the painful purple fog of the past. I doubt once it does that they will discover nothing more than friendship. This is not to imply that friendship is trivial and not to be treasured in its own right. However, all of these former friends, or friends from another timeline, have found one another and forged new friendships into which Mione and Ginny could have readily joined. Instead, we find Dean still carrying a torch for Ginny and Harry so obviously lost without her, as she is without him.

This is such excellent stuff!

Author's Response:

Very disheartening to hear the loss of one set of words, but the replacement works perfectly well from my perspective!

*Do* watch toward the end of the story for the ring. Having pondered your theory from earlier, I had an inspiration that I believe gives the back-story some added bang -- a twist that I think you may really enjoy.

The vast majority of hypotheses are wrong, but the good ones still find their own truths.

Yes, Dean's little cameos add up. The way I plan to involve him has evolved quite a bit as the tale has taken shape.

And, finally, friendships -- the theme greater and more crucial to the story than any other. You will, I think, glimpse the authour's mysterious ways when it comes to the odd convergent coincidences of so many scattered threads still coming together.

Yes, as I said, wonderful review, and my thanks for it!

Reviewer: potterwatches Signed Date: 2018.05.25 - 08:52AM Title: Questions


I love your story. Very imaginative. Hope you keep it up!

Author's Response:

Sincerely flattered -- thank you very much, Fran! When it comes to 'imaginative', I'm always amazed, sometime during the fourth or fifth edit of a given passage, odd ideas and quirks will occur to me. Anyway, I glad to hear it's proving worthwhile from someone's perspective.

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.05.24 - 06:40PM Title: Questions


Well Thursday night could certainly be a promising event - Valentine's is an excellent time for a bit of romance (contrived, accidental, or opportunistic)! I love the way Lee thinks about Harry and about his music and talent. The brotherly relationship and respect is obvious. Sometimes waiting quietly and patiently is for the best. Harry and Ginny both seem to be at least vaguely aware of what they are missing, what they have lost. Hopefully between the two of them they can find their way and the truth. Well done all around :)

Author's Response:

Thank you, K!

So have you entered the hallowed realm of Summer? Do you have freedom stretching out before you like a golden boulevard? If so, I hope it's a great one for you and yours!

So... with respect to your discussion points, the party will be a bit zany, and will offer some more tiny glimpses toward the truth. I have just finished the first draft of Chapter 12, and that is where things start to get significantly (yet not totally) 'truthy'. And perhaps Chapter 13 will not be unlucky when it comes to romance...

I'm glad you appreciate the brother interaction. I've never had one, personally, though the relationship with my sister taught me that smoother sibling relationships are often those where the two individuals are really quite different, with distinct strengths. Less competition that way. Anyway, perhaps Lee and Harry are an embodiment of that. They've been fun to write, at least!

Sincerely appreciate the comments!

Reviewer: Shellyfal Signed Date: 2018.05.23 - 04:13PM Title: Questions


Like the story! I also like the bits of London detail. I was there about 10 years ago, though I didn't go up to North London. Are the places (clubs and stuff) real, or made up? In case, say, I decide to go back.

Author's Response:

Glad that you're enjoying it!

Most of the details should be fairly accurate, although I must make the a couple of caveats, the first being that some details are appropriate to 2002, rather than 2018. For example, the Camden Palace is now Koko, though it still serves a similar status and purpose as a venue for hot local bands. The Half Moon had a near death experience some years back, but is back and doing fine. The second caveat is that some minor details are based on what I know now (or knew back when I lived there in the early 90's), and may not have been true in 2002. So, imperfect memory and imperfect research, but generally ought to be pretty close.

Oh, and I have to admit that I've never been on C.U.L. campus. I wanted to instead have Mione and Ginny at U.C.L., but they didn't have an undergraduate criminology program back in 2002. So, details in the library may be a bit sketchy. Ah well.

Thank you for the review!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.05.22 - 04:33PM Title: Questions

Technical note on Velvet Hammer(not related to Maxwell that I'm aware of): Before serving, ingredients should be shaken with ice and poured into a glass thru a strainer. Very smooth drink! CAUTION: If drinking more than one it's a good idea to have an occasional sip of water. I had a former roommate pass out after imbibing numerous Velvet Hammers one night and when he woke up the next morning he claimed his lips were glued together! ;)

Author's Response:

Sound advice indeed! A glass (quart-size?) of water would make sense. I had wondered about perhaps also an insulin shot at the ready. Always an adventure! ;)

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.05.22 - 02:36PM Title: Questions


Sing Loud Sing Proud for another round from the magically marvelous quill of GHL! ("Sing Loud Sing Proud" is an album by the Dropkick Murphys 2001) Harry and Ginny certainly got closer and more comfortable with each other after Harry's solo to her - oh shucks our favorite couple is becoming a couple! For some reason that made me think of the song "One Step Closer to Heaven"(David Cassidy 1971 [silent nod to the Partridge Family] )! Ginny sure was blown away by Harry's solo! With all that fun Ginny was having and all the times you used the word 'fun' in this chapter, I couldn't help but wonder if you'd been listening to "Fun Fun Fun"(Beach Boys 1964) while writing this! When Harry sang that part about riding the rails, it suddenly reminded me of the song,"Wichita Lineman" (Glen Campbell 1968)(which is another fav of mine)! Love the way you worked Tonks into this and she is a real piece of work as usual - I am, however, surprised nobody got hexed for calling her Dora! (Did you by any chance give her a cockney accent?) The band was so pumped about their concert and Harry's performance I almost thought they were gonna start singing "We Are The Champions"(Queen 1977)! That really was a deep, touching if not profound moment between Harry and Ginny after the concert - have to think that they may have been sensing the unique magic between them! Love is certainly in the air between those two! Will be interesting to see if Harry's invite to Ginny is indeed for a Valentine party! Decided to dedicate the end of my review to our lovebirds with a verse from one of my all time favorite love songs by one of my all time favorite artists, "Annie's Song" (John Denver 1974):
"Come let me love you
Let me give my life to you
Let me drown in your laughter
Let me die in your arms
Let me lay down beside you
Let me always be with you
Come let me love you
Come love me again"
Thanks for another stellar chapter, G! Bring on the much anticipated chapter 8!! Cheers!
(This time with a Velvet Hammer[1/2 jigger creme de cacao, 1/2 jigger Cointreau, 1/2 jigger peppermint schnapps(or cognac or brandy whichever trips your trigger) and 1 jigger heavy cream] one too many of those and you'll find out what the hammer part means!) :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

No surprise to say this, but wonderful review!

So, as a perfect counterpoint to our discussion some time ago about a FoT chapter where I kept swapping around synonyms, the repeated use of the words 'fun' and 'happy' weren't an accident. Hopefully not overdone, though I'm sure some people would accuse me of it. Anyway, the Beach Boys didn't quite rise to mind for inspiration on that particular sequence, though I might be argued into admitting something like Pharrell Williams.

Glad you like Dora! And yes, a fairly hard East London voice there -- stay tuned on that later, as it gets put into context in chapter 10.

True -- things are heating up for the couple-to-be... though Valentine's Day may not yet be all hearts and flowers. Rather, as I close off an initial draft of Chapter 12, I think this will be a good time to make something... happen.

Let me express my appreciation for your leading with the Dropkick Murphys. Definitely contemporaneous (Ireland, 2001). I enjoy all of your musical accompaniments, however, if not for the Murphs, but I was in danger of getting a bit down over all the prematurely deceased musicians (Glen Campbell, David Cassidy, John Denver, Freddy Mercury, Lynyrd Skynyrd; half of the Beatles...). But most of the Chicago dudes are still crooning, right?

Thanks for the enlivening words!

P.S. Uh oh. This Velvet Hammer isn't related to Maxwell's silver one, is it?

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.05.22 - 10:48AM Title: Questions


What did I expect from Chapter 7?
More little hints and maybe a nice conversation between Ginny and Harry...and I got both, even if the audible part of the conversation was a bit one-sided, it was an enlightening conversation.

'... the memories have fallen away somewhere you can not find them ...'
Obviously, the powers fogging their memories weaken when they are together, or think of each other. I wonder if Lee has already read the Goblet of Fire, and if he was wondering that the names in the book sound so familiar.

Wow, Dora! Really? It's always great to have her around. I'm curious who else we'll see again.

You've been telling us about your favourite chapter 8 for at least four weeks now, lol...I can hardly wait to see what you'll have in store for us. Is it the Valentine's party?

Since there are so many song lyrics in your review section, I had already picked out a beautiful song from 1970 in case Ginny and Mione had to walk home alone.

Is not it quiet and cold walking all alone, alone?
Happened I missed the bus and found I had to walk, alone.
What was that?
Only me.

Hear the echo of my feet
Are they mine?
Hear the echo of the street.

- - -
Ginny slid an around around Mione. -> Ginny slid an arm around Mione. (?)

Author's Response:

Thank you for the glitch catch!

Gentle Giant? Fascinating lyrics -- spookier on the page than in the song. Made me wish I had featured footsteps in Chapter 11 (chase scene). Let's see what happens in editing...

Chapter 8: I'm going to have to edit the blazes out of it to live up to my unrealistic hype. It's zany; a few pivots; some things that were destined to change will indeed begin to change.

Lee ought to have read GoF by now, but it is not GoF that soon gets waved about at the party, and it is not by Lee, who is preoccupied in the kitchen. The older Mr. J is going to have to have a reckoning with his HP fanship; I believe that will happen in Chapter 13.

Dora indeed -- she shifts now into a fairly important supporting role. Factoring in an assumption of you having already identified a few characters, I believe there is only one more 'good' surprise to anticipate.

Brilliant observation, even if you call it 'obvious'. Yes, Ginny definitely sees more when she is with Harry, and we can assume the converse is also true.

Great stuff -- my appreciation for the interesting thoughts!

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