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Reviewer: hot48cricket Signed Date: 2018.06.27 - 10:53AM Title: Dark

WHY is Tonks/Dora keeping Harry and Ginny unaware of what is going on????


Author's Response:

The answer to your Dora question is partly already revealed in terms of her claiming to not want to scare the younger folks. But I think you'll agree that doesn't seem like the whole story.

Again, my appreciation for the lively comments!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.06.23 - 04:41PM Title: Dark


Goodness, that was an unexpected series of events! First, I must say that I love the slight self-actualization of Lee thinking of himself as a 'semi-respectable bloke' and realizing that he is thinking of Hermione in slightly more than just a friendly way. Second, you have successfully made me want to hurt Dean. What an arse!!! Also, the imagery of the 'angry grind of a cicada storm' was very powerful. Being on the back porch of a house surrounded by farmland and hearing the cicadas at night is a sound that can never be forgotten. I'm very curious about who the 'dark-cloaked thug' was - Carrow, Fenrir, or perhaps some random snatcher type individual? I hope this incident will lead to a serious conversation between Harry, Ginny, and Dora. They really need to talk :)

Author's Response:

A review with at least two substantially substantial insights -- yay!

First of all, the need for a 'talk' will be quickly granted. The unexpectedness of a second freak-out / attack in such short order is basically a plot contrivance to ensure that all the mental obstacles to 'talking' are finally battered down. The presence of those barriers, as you'll recall, was the basis for that mystery question I was soliciting way back in chapter 2; the question could basically have been phrased, 'why don't they just *talk*?'

The other key observation that I will bury here in the middle of my response in the hopes that few people read it is that you have actually correctly named (in your list of 2 names) the cloaky bloke in the dark, and will very likely guess exactly who it is in chapter 13.

Yes, Lee is definitely a Masculine charater (capital M intended) but he is nonetheless a good-hearted fellow, with more maturity and self awareness than Dean.

Which brings us to Dean. He is messed up, no doubt about it. He is in for an eventful ride later in this story!

Finally, yes, cicadas -- one of the rights of summer! I don't have a good cicada story to share, however back in May I went camping with my son and the weather was mild enough to tent without the rain fly on. This meant that we were treated to one of the more wondrous nights of fireflies I can recall. I felt rather like Adam Young; even if many of his songs were inspired by crippling insomnia (which I had a bit of that night), at least hanging out with fireflies is a consolation.

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.06.22 - 06:44PM Title: Dark


Well, Dean...again. I'm not sure yet if I should wish Ginny would try a wandless Bat Bogey on him for badmouthing Harry, or if he's a victim himself, somehow coaxed to get between Ginny and Harry...but by whom?

On the other hand, what exactly made Ginny so angry in the situation with Dean? A memory of the past when she had been separated from Harry for the first time? Is someone really trying to keep the two separated? To be honest, I've seen no proof for this suspicion. So, maybe it's really their bad memories from the past that cause their problems...and the veil they've created to block these memories.

What a nice coincidence, Ginny drinks vodka lemon ... my standard drink during my holidays, lol.

I've got the feeling that Ginny's patience with Dora is running thin and Dora's secrets soon aren't safe with Ginny anymore. She better trusts Dora as much as Dumbledore trusted the Order of the Phoenix with the knowledge about Horcruxes.

Thank you so much for another brilliant chapter. Things are slowly getting into motion.

Author's Response:

Dean's situation enters prominence in chapter 14. You're the first to clearly speculate on subtleties, so kudos! I like to write subtleties; I think you like to discover them :)

Ginny's anger. To be revealed later. Think a little further outside the box.

Seriously. you drink vodka lemon? I thought I invented it for the purpose of this story (I needed something plausibly drinkable that would feel hellacious in the eyes). Anyway, a wonderful bit of serendipity. Please don't get it in your eyes ;)

Ginny, I think, it brutally cheesed off with how much her head has been messed with and who can blame her? She's probably had it the worst of anyone. You will eventually learn why that is. Anyway, Dora is bearing the brunt of Ginny's dissatisfaction, but that will alleviate. Dora may continue to bear the brunt of Ginny's feistiness for a bit longer, though. That may not alleviate :)

Wonderful pair of reviews; thank you Martin!

Reviewer: snapelover Signed Date: 2018.06.22 - 07:13AM Title: Dark


I enjoyed the concert. It's interesting that Harry is a pretty good showman. It almost seems out of character, those I suppose he gets good at whatever he needs to get good at.

Author's Response:

Thank you for the review, SL!

Yes, I would peg Harry as being the canonically introverted fellow but, like any intelligent introvert (and like canonical Harry, who grew very well into his DA role), he's fully able to rise to the occasion in performing his chosen activities and responsibilities. It's very likely more work for him, though, compared to a natural extrovert like Lee.

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.06.21 - 03:19PM Title: Dark


This chapter rolled right into it. The music that is. An... unexpected song choice to say the least. You ran with a...Train? That song seemed like it was a top 40 hit in the States for forever. Was it all the way back in 2001 when that came out? I never really particularly cared for the song. Even with that said I know all the words because there was no escaping that tune, back then...or us it now? My subjective opinion aside, the song had Universal appeal.

Still debating a rebuttal song for the chapter.

Dean has gone full out as a force of insinuating pestilence. I'm kinda starting to hope he meets a sticky end. Just my two cents.

Even Ginny is beginning to wonder why the hell she keeps aimlessly running everytime stress overwhelms her. At least Harry and...Dora are there to run her down.

Something about Hermione's effect on Lee. The eyes, the forcing of the missed beat. Interesting.

Author's Response:

Yes, remember that the story is intended as a zeitgeist -- an immersion back into what was pop culture back in 2002, which means a few billboard hits. I ended up with Drops of Jupiter in part because it was one of the less annoying songs that I found that really rose to the top of the UK charts, but more because the lyrics are about the same elements of self discovery that are the key underlying theme. That said, I would definitely welcome counter offers, and may well use good ones later on. It's hard to find a musical genre that wasn't playing somewhere in Camden Town around then.

Dean is quite important to the story line, and not all as a force of corrosion.

And indeed, Ginny is actually very self-aware for a person struggling with the loss of significant portions of her history...

Mione and Lee... it is plain old vanilla infatuation, or is there something more metaphysical there too?

Great questions! I await your musical volley!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2018.06.20 - 06:49PM Title: Dark


Am just reporting that I did spot this gem: "three rights rarely made a left". While not as...flashy, some of its sisters and brethren, it is exquisitely noteworthy.

And, of course, nothing speaks "action" like: "I'll vapourise those pink eyebrows!"


Author's Response:

First of all, let me say "You're welcome!" Your last word is a kind one; it is the sort that carries a long way. I appreciate it!

Yes, there are many places in the world where three rights do make a left, but almost none of those places are in London. Glad you enjoyed that :)

Did indeed close the chapter on a note of dire drama :) I suspect that Dora would have recovered from any insult to her supra-ocular features, fortunately.

Thank you most kindly for the review, Gene!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.06.20 - 03:48PM Title: Dark

Thanks for the detailed response! I’m going to start this story anew to look for more clues, now that I have an inkling of what to watch! The drink wouldn’t have made an impact upon me, LOL! I spent four years in New Orleans, where I earned my undergraduate and first graduate degree. The “coke” machine in my fraternity house was stocked solely wit canned beer! So, having a drink in hand seems quite normal!

I also appreciate your reply to my rumination on relationships. Congratulations on 16 successful years! Lady Goldberry and I have been together for 45 years ... 41 of which we have been married. I definitely vote yes on riding the train along the fault line of love. As a priest for part of my life, I saw far too many relationships that fell into the chasm of hate, and you are right ... it isn’t a long drop!

Author's Response:

Love your fault line imagery -- I'll have to think those over!

Yes, I would imagine that a very difficult part of life in the clergy would be in seeing ways that the flock can stray. I wonder how the goals of a relationship could be better defined to avoid the pain and sense of betrayal that is brought about from unrealistic expectations?

45 years is a great accomplishment, my very best wishes to you for many more!

A beer vending machine -- such glorious achievements mankind has achieved! Many years ago I was briefly in Vicksburg MS for business, and our host *had* to (for the sake of our enlightenment) take us across the border into LA to prove to us that there was such a thing as a 'drive through margarita stand'. Now that is the epitome of... something.

Yes, by all mean read back again, as the number of useful details is beginning to accrue. This story is a bit unique, though, because until recently there were significant aspects that were only vaguely mapped. So you'll see less insidious predetermination than in some stories, and more incremental improvising. Regarding the latter, do keep an eye on the next chapter as it offers another slight hint toward a key back-story plot element that you were instrumental in shaping.

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.06.20 - 03:50AM Title: Dark


What a fascinating chapter which provides question after and question and lacks much in the way of answers! Let's start with: "What the Hell was in Ginny's drink? Then let's follow up with: "Who put it there?"

How about adding: "Which wizard was able to follow her so effectively when she was running blindly and lost in Muggle London?" Obviously this wizard, along with whatever team he is participating with, is desperately tying to keep Harry and Ginny apart! The truth is unlikely to be something that will set this team of wizards (former Death Eaters, given the likeness of one to the Malfoy men) free? In fact, is it not more likely that it could lead to their incarceration? Questions! Questions!

Thank you for allowing Dean's true nature to come through! I suspect he is just a former rejected boyfriend who has lost his memories, but what a creep! He takes Harry's noble behavior and tries to make him look like a total womanizing jerk in the hopes of opening a door to "comfort" Ginny. That's right, look for some one vulnerable, attempt to break her heart, or at least put her well off her game, and then swoop into the role of savior. Ugh! Dean simply needs to stay away from Ginny! God, I hate opportunistic asses!

And what about Dora? I have a hard time envisioning her as part of the bad guy squad, and suspect she will play out to be working for good, but she provided that mysterious drink. Nevertheless, I doubt she mixed the mysterious ingredients that produced such a mysterious reaction from the aforementioned Dean. And here is Dean again! I started to ask why it was that Dean retained his true last name, but then, so did Lee and Shay -- at least I think I remember Shay being referred to by his last name, just once, earlier in the story ... Finnegan. So, Questions abound, but answers are hard to find!

Harry and Ginny have lost their families, or at least perceive themselves to be orphans. And only they, along with Hermione, have lost their true last names! Questions, Questions, Questions!

Great chapter, by the way. Outstanding work!

Author's Response:

And a fascinating review to accompany it; thank you Ed!

First of all, Dora. You will get a fair bit more of her side of the story and her current situation in the next chapter. Did she provide the mysterious drink though? I don't think the text actually says one way or another, although the servers did come in with food for the band's post-performance cool down, and there was also an ice basin with beer, so I think we can assume that the establishment was providing refreshments for their v.i.p.s.

This begs the question that although clearly something was affecting Ginny adversely, was it the drink? Dean didn't much enjoy his experience with it, although perhaps vodka and lemon does not make the most soothing eye-wash. Back to Ginny, though, one may seek out broader patterns. Thus we note that she did also have a drink in her hand at the Valentine's party when things went awry, though there was at least one other non-drink commonality between the two freak-out scenarios.

Moving along to the rotten display of chauvinism... way too true that Dean did not cover himself in glory. It was, at best, petty and stupid. Surprises await with respect to Mr. Thomas; he is a more important character in this story than perhaps even he yet realises...

Speaking of Mr. Thomas, and others who have kept their names -- in the next chapter you'll be given some material from which to make a deductive clarification. I suppose, as a footnote for the curious, I could make a score card on names, as there's a fair split on who's identifiable by a name almost the same as (or identical to) canon, versus those who have seen significant renaming.

Anyway, great questions. Thank you again!

Author's Response: Almost forgot to ask one rhetorical question about who could follow Ginny so well: supposing, twice now, she's run off blindly into the dark, only to be suddenly accosted... who, then is finding whom?

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.06.19 - 02:31PM Title: Dark


OBOY! OBOY! A new chapter from the greatly gifted genius GHL!! The title made me think of "Dancing in the Dark"(Bruce Springsteen 1984) and "Shot In The Dark"(Ozzy Osbourne 1986)! Okay, I have to admit I wasn't sure 'adrenalised' was a real word until I looked it up in the dictionary! I also must admit that I never would have thought of Hermoine Granger as the 'sultry-siren' or a 'scary-bitch-from-hell' type! Bedazzlingly-beautiful-bookworm certainly but the other two - not so sure! Tonks apparently has some skill with makeup and hair considering the looks Lee was giving Mione! Ouch! Guess Dean found out the hard way why you don't tick off the fiery redhead! And he deserved it for trying to beat Harry's time with Ginny! Dean is lucky Harry didn't give him a nose job! Speaking of red, Ginny's long, luxurious red hair reminded me of "Strawberry Fields Forever"(Beatles 1967)! Boy your weren't kidding when you said this was an action chapter! BTW, three rights do rarely make a left but they will get you back where you started! ;) And it's Harry to the rescue - kinda! As Harry was running down the street I couldn't help but think of a song that may have been running thru Ginny's mind at the time - "I Need A Hero"(Bonnie Tyler 1984), which immediately made me think of Bonnie Wright who played Ginny in the movies! Nice ending with Dora showing up but now I'll be wondering what happened to the bad guy and whether Harry punches Dean out! Just glad Ginny is safe in Harry's arms! (you missed a good opportunity for a snog there) In honor of the way Harry and Ginny were holding each other and their growing love, I decided to end this review with a beautiful old love song that I never tire of hearing, "My Cup Runneth Over"(Ed Ames 1967):
Sometimes in the mornin' when shadows are deep
I lie here beside you just watching you sleep
And sometimes I whisper what I'm thinking of
My cup runneth over with love
Sometimes in the evening when you do not see
I study the small things you do constantly
I memorize moments that I'm fondest of
My cup runneth over with love
In only a moment we both will be old
We won't even notice the world turning cold
And so, in these moments with sunlight above
My cup runneth over with love
My cup runneth over with love
With love
May your cup runneth over with more great chapters!
Cheers! (This time with a glass of 2016 Domaine de Barons de Rothschild Légende Bordeaux Rouge which is a cabernet-merlot blend I have in my wine rack)!

Author's Response: A classic Bordeaux! You honour me; thank you!

Yes, Dora did curtail any post-crisis affection in this chapter, however let me offer some encouragement in the form of a) chapter 13 -- the s-word is truly satisfied, and then b) chapter 14 -- a duty begets a dare becomes a date begets a duet...

Ozzy's 'Shot in the Dark' is indeed a match for the kind of dark peril our protagonists encountered in this chapter -- good call! Springsteen's offering is more angsty dissatisfaction of the sort that might have fit earlier in the story, when the darkness was that of the mind. For, in this story, the harsher the perilous cold, the hotter and brighter the passion flares.

Yes, bad-ass assailant tends to bail, doesn't he. Adds a bit of mystery to the drama, perhaps. As far as the situation with Dean, expect the unexpected...

Strawberry Fields is definitely out there in a transcendental with Lucy in the Sky -- good choice! In fact, I can't help wonder if both of those somehow influenced 'Drops of Jupiter' -- there's that same whimsical quality in all.

Thank you for walking us back to Ames' classic croon, and thank you for your kind words and inspired thoughts!

‘! Go To Top ‘!

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