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Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2018.07.04 - 06:57PM Title: Magic


Wow, okay, not at all what I was thinking. I can see Dumbledore planning something for the worst case senario, but wouldn't have guessed this. Something must be drawing them together, right? The fact that so many magical people are meeting and hooking up.

Author's Response:

Yes, I believe I threw a fair number of readers for a loop by pulling out a bit of a 'Lord of the Flies' plot element. It does now occur to me to ask whether there might have been a dark plot scenario that could involve obliviation and 'demagicification' of a fair number of children, rather than outright killing, enslaving or Imperiusing. I will be honest in saying that it was far more crucial for my plot concept to have that emerging generation of characters immersed very much in non-magical society, and thus primed for a journey of self discovery, than to have an utterly rock solid explanation for how they got that way. At a certain point, perhaps, one opens oneself up for drafting another complete story to describe how that whole 1987 conflict unraveled. Unfortunately it would be a very grim story though, as you yourself have proven to the world, it is possible to take such a tragedy and line it with glimmers of hope.

And on that note, I am suddenly reminded how special it is to be replying to you, of all people, on comments on a story of this nature!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.06.30 - 01:12AM Title: Magic


Of course Mione is also magical. I began to suspect she knew during her quiet contemplation.

The Illuminati sociology grade conspiracy. Not bad, especially considering it was only 2001/2002. Speaking of the zeitgeist, talk about some slim pickings for a song from that year. Three Doors Down did release Superman(excellent technical drumming). I suppose with HG(M) finding out they are all magical 'supermen' it kinda fits.

I would comment upon the responses to this chapter...but instead let's have a good song choice that relates to the chapter title, shall we? :)

The Cars
Summer, it turns me upside down
Summer, summer, summer
It's like a merry go round
I see you under the midnight
All shackles and bows
High shoes with the cleats a clickin'
A tempermental glow
Oh, don't you let me go
Oh, I got a hold on you
I got a hold on you
I got a hold on you tonight
Oh, I got a hold on you
I got a hold on you
I'll check
When I'm with you
(Oh oh it's magic) Just a little magic
You know it's true
I gotta hold on you
Oh, twisted under sideways down
I know you're getting twisted
And you can't calm down
I see you under the midnight
Love darts in your eyes
How far can you take it?
Till you realize
There's magic in your eyes
I got a hold on you
I got a hold on you
I got a hold on you tonight
I got a hold on you
I got a hold on you
Yeah, yeah, uh
Oh oh, when I'm with you
Just a little bit of the magic
Pulls me through
I got a hold on you
I've got a hold on you
I got a hold on you
Lets try, it's magic
Oh oh, it's magic
When I'm with you
Just a little bit of magic
Yes I do
Just a little bit of magic
That's true, when I'm with you

Post when you can my friend. Enjoy your Summer travels. I will burn some herbs and spices in my special Obeah fashion to ensure safe return. Now pardon me, as I hear the horns a calling and I must go forth from here, for now.

Author's Response:

Yes, I must admit that the music world was in a bit of a transition in 2001/2002. There was a strong undercurrent of developing trends, but the charts were fairly shoddy. Three Doors Down / Kryptonite -- intriguing choice! Would have gone down excellently, being a great Post Grunge single. I don't think TDD really caught fire in the UK until Away from the Sun (pun accidental) but Indie Rock is often 'not' about catching fire.

Speaking of catching fire, the Cars certainly did -- a great jolt of energy!

Finally, yes please, do burn those herbs! Traveling is a chore. Ah well.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2018.06.29 - 09:52PM Title: Magic


Or course she did. I mean...she's "MIONE" fer goodness sake!

Thanks as always...

Author's Response:

Yes, Mione's ascent into 'magicality' had to be inevitable, as she wasn't subject to the magical suppression that would have befallen children of known prominent magical families. As long as she wasn't aware of the possibility of magic, there would have been no impetus to try, but that's all changed now.

You're welcome, and thank you for the review!

Reviewer: hot48cricket Signed Date: 2018.06.27 - 11:21AM Title: Magic

And now we wait.

This is why I RARELY read WIP stories!!!!

Author's Response:

Yes, I feel guilty about letting a lag creep in there. I did my best to head it off but... oh well.

I think a fair number of readers kind of enjoy the 'serial' nature of work-in-progress stories, especially if they can tune in on a regular schedule. I will admit, though, that some stories have a flow and detail-density that makes it hard to drop and pick up the thread all the time. That likely describes a number of my more recent ones.

Either way, I'm grateful to have you reading!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.06.27 - 06:06AM Title: Magic

I don’t know how to append or edit my option reviews ... so, kudos to you! Since you have not written from Hermione’s point of view, you carefully set us up for your sneaky atomic blast to conclude the chapter! Good work!

Author's Response:

Ah yes. Appending can only be done for the replies, rather than the original comments, whereas editing requires some admin privileges, so the reason you can't figure out how is that (unfortunately) you simply don't possess the means to do it. Unless you want to join as an administrator :)

You raise an excellent point about Mione. Chapters 13 and 14 are very HG-centric, despite the fact that I wanted to give both Mione and Lee strong supporting roles (and they indeed both have major conceptual roles mapped out). I gave Lee a short vignette in chapter 15 but, having a bit of space left in that chapter, ought to get back to Mione's perspective. Got to keep things balanced!

Great reminder, and kind comments -- thank you very much!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.06.27 - 05:48AM Title: Magic


Brilliant! I have been trying to jam this story into canon but that simply wouldn’t work! Now I know it was never supposed to do so! Whew!

I still suspect there is some misdirection at play, and that Harry and Ginnbyjiy have only just scratched the surface of their former lives and current situation. The fact that Voldemort is referred to as Riddle, rather than He-Who-Must-Not-be-Named, and Dumbledore is cryptically called “Professor D” leads me to believe you will be slowly unfeeling a mysterious onion instead of unfurling a single finished landscape with a simplE snap of the wrist!

Is Professor D good, bad, or something else entirely? Why do we know nothing of his whereabouts? Which is Ronnie separated from Ginny to the point that he tells Lee his sister lives in London rather than getting together to make an introduction? They are separated, but know of one another??? Why are Lee’s parents together with Lee and willing to adopt Harry, or is that an assumption I am making rather than an actual fact in evidence?

Author's Response:

Ah yes, I believe I mentioned to MollyandArthur some time ago that this story follows strict canon until the point of the Potters deciding who to choose as their Fidelius promise keeper. Anyway, the divergence from such an early point is substantial and most of the 1991-1998 assumptions can be wiped out.

There are indeed many more mysteries left, and most of them will indeed come to light, albeit gradually.

Given the presumption of 1981 canon, and Dora fairly straight-facedly referring to Professor D as 'our leader', one can probably surmise that Dumbledore had no ill intent. Indeed, pondering it, one might even see his plan for the children as a reasonable one, undone perhaps by his recurring canonical character flaw of vesting too much responsibility in himself alone.

For your queries about which of the children were most impacted by the decision of last resort, let me lead in from the side. The Thomases and Finnegans are notable canonically for having half-blood status where knowledge of the magical side was hushed, which makes it easy to assume in a more protracted war that the families would have buried the knowledge altogether. The Grangers would never have gotten a Hogwarts owl, so Hermione (who in this more Muggly life always goes by the less-odd-sounding Mione) would never have understood she was part of a magical community. Among the Weasleys, we can figure that Ginny and Ronnie attended the same schools in Exeter together (i.e., we're told that she used her powers to save her brother from bullies) until she left for University in autumn 2000. In chapter 8, her subdued comments about him having hated England and that he's learning Welsh are meant to convey that he did not have it in his heart to follow her to London... Just as Angie did not have it in her heart to stay.

That leaves only the Jordans. And they do remain a bit of a mystery...

Anyway, a great opportunity for a quick recap. Thanks Ed!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.06.26 - 05:14PM Title: Magic


So much to comment upon! First with regards to your posting schedule, I agree that accomplishing weekly chapter updates on a lengthy story is nearly impossible. Real life has a way of making itself known and of slowing down the writing process. While your author's note was not completely clear, I hope you have some good things to look forward to in July! Second, I'm so pleased and relieved that Harry, Ginny, and Hermione finally have some knowledge about what has happened and why. It was also good to see Hermione admit her circumstances with a practical demonstration for Harry and Ginny. Now of course, I'm left wondering who exactly is left alive, particularly among the older adults and whether we may look forward to any tearful reunions eventually. On a lighter note, Ginny's musings that the 'Illuminati (if they indeed existed) likely weren't truly behind the recent attacks (they would surely effect more competence than last night's dark disappearing dork)' truly had me giggling:) The fact is that most of Voldemort's followers never were particularly brilliant! I rather suspect that is one of the reasons Severus was so highly prized by the Dark Lord even with some doubt that had to always exist about his true loyalties. Since I'm now rambling, I'll conclude with a sincere thank you for an excellent chapter ;)

Author's Response:

A wonderful set of points to consider here!

Lastly first: yes, Snape was definitely shrewd; moreso than almost all of the characters, with the possible exception of McGonagall. Your theory is interesting, and probably apt, even though today it feels as though cunning intelligence is despised as often as prized.

The question of who is alive and who is left to be found will be partly addressed by the end of the book. I have chosen a path carefully. That is all I will say for now.

Regarding my July, it is travel intensive, and revolves around family, so that is basically fine, even if it doesn't make for great writing. Ironically, what has done the most disruption to my schedule has been the past three weeks, which have been... interesting. Mostly a good sort of interesting, but. One factor involved a mad stretch of 8 days during which I accomplished something wildly creative professionally, which I will not go into detail on here. The other revolves around the fact that I began writing (non-professionally) for a different site, and ended up receiving a request, out of the blue, by a girl from India who sought editing help. Turns out this young woman has a remarkably gifted, highly undisciplined writing style that I suspect may be fueled by undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome. Wow -- I would have to dig through compendia of post modernists to find turns of phrase like that! May life be interesting!

Thank you very kindly for the review, K!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.06.26 - 02:33PM Title: Magic


Well Zipadeedoodah! A new episode from the MAGICal quill of GHL! My day is made! Of course my first thought when I saw the title of this one was "Magic Carpet Ride"(Steppenwolf 1968) (I have the original album)! And boy what a ride this was! Harry and Ginny certainly told Dora how the cow was gonna eat the cabbage after the attack on Ginny! I have a feeling a pattern is forming but still alot of mystery and danger afoot! And that just made me think of "More Than A Feeling"(Boston 1976)! So Kingston Shelby again, eh? Is it just me or does that name remind anyone else of Kingsley Shacklebolt? With the rising of a magic angle here I've decided if a dragon shows up in this thing I'm immediately playing "Puff The Magic Dragon" (Peter,Paul & Mary 1963)! For some reason, the word 'obliviation' keeps coming to my mind as I read this - HMMMM! Those 12 seconds between Ginny and Harry certainly were a magical moment which could've been more magical with a snog(hint hint)! Of course that reminded my of 'This Magic Moment" (The Drifters 1963)! I have to say I would never associate Mione with the word 'awkward'! Quite the revelation during the 2 hour lunch! 2 hours? I hope they weren't having alcoholic beverages! A lot to digest tho(and I'm not talking about the food)! I was wondering when Voldeschmuck and Dumbledork were gonna make an appearance - they almost had to be involved in this mess! Sounds like the kids had an obliviation and a half - shite-y thing to do indeed! And not only Harry and Ginny but Mione considering the pebble trick she did and probably Lee as well! This is getting very interesting! I decided that, all things considered, it would be apropros to close this review with verses from "Strange Magic"(ELO 1975):
"Oh, I'm never gonna be the same again
Now I've seen the way it's got to end
Sweet dream, sweet dream
Strange magic
Oh, what a strange magic
Oh, it's a strange magic
Got a strange magic
Got a strange magic"
Can't wait for the next one! Cheers(This time with a glass of 2012 Pyren Vineyard Broken Quartz Shiraz - a new Aussie I found)! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

A most inspired musical collection for us today -- well done! I loved that Boston album, and have fond memories associated with ELO and Steppenwolf. A few readers know I'm fond of Puff the Magic Dragon (see, Prevailing Counterpoint), regardless of whether it may or may not be cannabis-oriented.

So, yes, Harry, Ginny and Lee are definitely all missing a lot of memories. Mione does remain a conundrum. though. as she does remember her childhood although Chapter 2 mentions some uncomfortable memories in there that she may have done a bit of self-suppression on. Anyway, I will leave it to the masses, for the time being, to speculate on Miss Granger's full status.

Have to hand it to your cow / cabbage euphemism! I'm not certain whether I should ask you where you got that one?

Wonderful words of wit -- thank you Cosmo!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.06.26 - 08:49AM Title: Magic


Ah, well. So Dora was the reason Ginny listened to Harry playing the piano instead of talking to him after the first attack.

I was just wondering if Dora would run into problems with whomever she's working for because she spilt part of her secrets and if she'd put a tracking charm on Harry to locate him whenever she wants when she offered to ask for permission to reveal even more secrets.

I'm eagerly waiting for the next 10-second hug, and hope that Ginny then pursues her plan!

Ah, finally...the first real answers...great ideas...enough to ponder a while before we'll get the next chapter, especially when Harry and Ginny met in the past. I'm pretty sure Dora doesn't know about it. I'm quite curious if someone else will remember that Harry and Ginny knew each other in the past.

To be honest, I was a wee bit afraid that Harry would try to avoid Ginny to protect her...I'm pretty sure Ginny would have given him a piece of her mind when he'd tried this stunt. I'm glad you didn't follow this done-to-death cliche.

What a brilliant revelation at the end! I'd bet Mione will give them a wide, content smirk at the beginning of the next chapter.

It's interesting to hear how productive a real author is. I've been busy writing the sequel to Regulus's Legacy for months now. Two chapters are ready for beta reading now, three more are half-written raw versions. I will certainly need at least until October before the first 8 chapters are ready for beta reading.

been been
your your
going get (?)

Author's Response:

Yeg... Appalling number of typos today. Thanks for getting in early to head them off before most people read this!

The 10 second hug? Both you and Cosmo seem to be eager for Chapter 13. I'll see if I can get it launched early but, as I said to Shalli, no promises.

Yes, quite a few answers, but many questions remain. Some may take a while to be resolved.

Good question about the tracking charm. Clearly there's been some degree of watchfulness, but if Dora's giving them alert coins, it would indicate that she and Kingston are not fully satisfied with their ability to monitor Harry and head off trouble. As far as whether she got in any trouble, I would imagine not. I would imagine Kingston knows that she's facing tough, industrious kids whose survival has depended on them having good heads on their shoulders.

Yes, I think the last chance for a 'stupid noble' route was moribund by chapter 6, and dead by chapter 8. They're stuck with each other :)

Will 'someone else' remember? Yes, there is one final mystery person, although I would hazard a guess that at least one reader out there suspects who that person is.

Hint: no, it's not Dumbledore.

Reviewer: Shalli Signed Date: 2018.06.26 - 07:11AM Title: Magic

In other news, I can’t spell. Masquerading.

Author's Response:

Blame it on a crazy island that decided it needed to borrow 40% or its spelling conventions from the French, 30% from the Germans, and the rest from a broad range of other cultures that do not include the native inhabitants of that island. Of course, who can blame them? Who among us can truly spell much in Gaelic? I think that entire language was assembled by a random letter generator with an excessive fondness for b's, l's and h's.

Reviewer: Shalli Signed Date: 2018.06.26 - 07:09AM Title: Magic


Duh, duh, DUH! The plot thickens, as Hermione reveals her secret. And finally *finally* we get an idea of what has caused this crazy little alternative reality where magic is so secret very few people who have it know anything of what is going on. Nice, enjoying the story. It’s a generally accepted fact that anything by GHL will be a rollicking ride.

Small typo: "Dora, I seem to be way hazier on the specifics than Ginny is, but it's take a complete dolt to brush off the fact that we keep gettting attacked.

You’ve got a 'd' mascerading as an 's'. Or something like that.

Looking forward to the next instalment, and all good about the haphazard nature of updates from now on. You know, as long as it isn’t years between updates ;)

Author's Response:

Well, great to hear from you -- thank you for chiming in!

I appreciate your understanding regarding the updates. Indeed, no, you needn't worry about a long lag, since there are three semi-edited chapters already penned now. In fact, it is possible (though no promises) that I might actually post chapter 13 early, if the current draft doesn't require a big overhaul. I won't post it on Tuesday because that's an all-day travel day, but there's this slight chance it might arrive on Monday. Chapters 14 and 15, though, I will likely withhold until I have first drafts up to, say, chapter 17. Frequently I find that when I'm on chapter x+3, I'll think of things to add or tweak for consistency, going as far back as chapter x.

Finally, thank you for catching the typo! I could have stared at the sentence 5 more times and not seen that.

‘! Go To Top ‘!

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