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Reviewer: CoffeeGuy Signed Date: 2018.08.03 - 07:19AM Title: Smiles


Loving it so far!

Author's Response:

Very encouraging words are very appreciated. Thank you CG!

Reviewer: Shellyfal Signed Date: 2018.07.22 - 01:54PM Title: Smiles


The drunk phone call was super cute and funny. I think we've all lived one of those ;]

Author's Response:

Aha -- glad you got a kick out of that!

I've obviously made a bit of a habit of working through one-sided phone conversations in this story, which is also something we've all lived. I find it quite liberating to write. Hopefully a reasonable number of readers enjoy the liberating experience of imagining precisely what sort of statement was made to provoke some of the responses...

Thank you for the review, SF!

Reviewer: RighT3rantZ Signed Date: 2018.07.17 - 06:26AM Title: Smiles


So since you were going to have a break from posting I decided to take time to make time before leaving my review upon this chapter.

I suppose there was a subconscious inquiry as to the status of Dumbledore, perhaps before the 2002 zeitgeist you have put upon the canvas; within one or many spaces of various places within the comments/reviews etc etc.

May I say, it was done as good as gold, right as rain, normal as something that sounds like Harry(this is a hybrid song fic of sorts I am bearing in mind)

So Dumbledore underestimated Voldemort, yet took part in the education of the individual. Along with many "supposedly" of the light. Pardon the scathe, but Harry and Ginny really got (insert cliche). So yeah I have a heavy investment as a reader upon how the fates decide to deal with that. Fates is open to interpretation.

Can we assume Lee is a damn fine dancer?

I missed the kiss on my first read through. Go figure. I am usually pretty good at picking up the subtleties in your style, but go full poetic and it slips right past my awareness. Anyway, hope this finds you well. I will finally chose a song later, lol.

Dean never had a chance. Perhaps the unseen "Wolf" had already seen to that.

Author's Response:

Sure -- comment on whatever schedule works best!

Yes, the motivation and ultimate fate of Dumbledore is a bit of a mystery, isn't it? The truth shall come out. Or some of it, anyway... But yes, the story of four star-crossed youth,and the 2002 zeitgeist remain top priorities.

'Good as gold', 'Right as rain' -- sounds very lyrical in combination, rather than isolated similes. But I'm not quite able to place them in known verse. Shall have to think about it.

Lee is most assuredly a fine dancer; the rhythm isn't confined to the hands! I need to do a little research to figure out which dance genre would have been most hip in Camden Town around that time. Maybe they all need a night out at the Hippodrome before things get too tense. Of course, I probably ought to do a little research to ensure it's still called the Hippodrome.

If you missed the kiss, perhaps it was the timing, tagged in so close to the start of the chapter. It was also rife with innuendo. Since when could I ever just write 'Then they kissed.'??

Yes, Dean had no chance. Or, he hasn't had a chance thus far, though perhaps he'll have an opportunity down the road to pick himself up again.

Thank you sincerely & muchly!

Reviewer: Aragorn Signed Date: 2018.07.13 - 11:01PM Title: Smiles


As a sometimes-joking-reviewer, I would like to acknowledge a different skill of yours in this chapter.

Your exposition on "a moment when a friend becomes more than a friend"...on the blossoming of their "us"...was really well done. Thanks for the voice that was needed in that point of the story.

Author's Response:

I'm immensely heartened that someone called me out on that in a positive way.

Writing the segment that way was a gamble and an experiment. I have written 'first kisses' before, but I wanted this one to be different because, for all the mystery and drama, this story is fundamentally intended as a slow romance, and the challenge of a slow romance is that one must really highlight real progress. I've learned that in past stories, such that in producing what I thought were touching moments, I did so too subtly and a lot of readers blinked and missed.

Anyway, my decision this time was basically to insert a short prose poem, with the idea of shining up a moment that means an exceptional amount to two sensitive people who have both previously had rubbish love lives. I wanted to give them both their first due reward.

Thank you for a wonderful review!

Reviewer: TomBombadil Signed Date: 2018.07.06 - 01:07PM Title: Smiles


Well, just as things start to clear up, a new complications arise! Such a Dumbledorian solution to their problems! A solution that solves nothing.

Author's Response: Yes, agreed that the solution did not really deliver in this case. Canonically I gather that Dumbledore was 'probably' a first class hero against Grindelwald, but was consistently an underestimator of Riddle. And thence we come to this story... Thank you most kindly for this review!


Author's Response: I guess I should add, canonically, that virtually everyone on the Light seemed to have underestimated Riddle, and most did so more than Dumbledore. Anyway, I guess the message is that reactionary miscalculations are often the result of inadequate preparedness...

Reviewer: potterfan2008 Signed Date: 2018.07.04 - 08:55PM Title: Smiles


Hmm. I had wondered about Dean going after Ginny. I mean its one thing to go after a girl interested in your friend, it's another thing to make up lies about the friend. It would be sad if the band breaks up, but now I'm wondering if there are other forces behind the break up. Remus and Sirius? Are they involved somehow? Can't wait to find out.

Author's Response:

First of all, a pre-emptive apology for an inadequate reply. More will come later!

"Other forces" is indeed a very apt speculation! Chapter 14, when I finally have a chance to edit it properly, will hint at the situation. 'House of Wolf' seems to throw a lot of people regarding who, next, will be revealed as a player in the story. As I mentioned in another review, 'House of Wolf' is a real Islington club / restaurant (you'll get a little topur soon) that I co-opted for the story. As far as who the 'wolf' is, that shall emerge after some time.

Thank you very kindly for the reviews, readership, and formative thoughts, Sharon! More discussion forthcoming tomorrow!

Reviewer: MollyandArthur Signed Date: 2018.07.04 - 10:18AM Title: Smiles


Interesting end to this chapter - not a cliffhanger exactly, but you certainly managed to leave us with a note of tension. What is Dean involved in and why? I suspect we'll find out in the next couple chapters. Anyways, love Mione giving Harry and Ginny some privacy and pleased they took the plunge! Oh to be young and falling in love and still relatively innocent ;) It was sweet the way Ginny was concerned about how Harry would be in the morning. One constant about Harry is he is truly tough - a survivor in every sense of the word (not that he isn't sometimes a moody git, but still). I'm curious about Mione and Lee and her birth certificate with the name Hermione. Another serious conversation is really needed soon!

Author's Response:

This too is a woefully brief placeholder message, but I plan to expand tomorrow.

Dean's role in the drama is indeed starting to emerge, and many unanswered questions are beginning to crop up. A big theme of this story is that of damaged youth -- fundamentally reasonable people who have had lousy upbringings and are struggling for their moral compasses.

Yes, among the many zeitgeist elements of this story, the matter of Harry and Ginny being 'innocent' in love is hardly a 2002 norm yet, for the sake of a good story, it is what I offer you. And yes, Harry is a survivor. Ginny too. Very hardy individuals, even in canon. Mione and Lee (especially Lee) and the matter of who is whom in the Rowlign legendarium ... this will indeed play a role as the story progresses.

Thank you for the thoughtful and thought-provoking comments, Kimberly!

Reviewer: Aurorofthelight Signed Date: 2018.07.03 - 01:36PM Title: Smiles


So splendid that you got this out before you hit the road again! Put a big 'smile" on my face! And in your honor, a little something from, "On The Road Again"(Willie Nelson 1980):
"On the road again
I just can't wait to get on the road again
The life I love is makin' music with my friends
And I can't wait to get on the road again"!
Nice move by Moine giving Harry and Ginny alittle privacy to talk over things and I'm glad they both recognized their feelings for each other! I'm sorry, but during their conversation I just couldn't resist immediately thinking of "Feelings" (Morris Albert 1975)! And finally, finally Harry and Ginny get a decent snog! Ah young love! That of course made me think of "Love is a Many Splendored Thing" (Nat King Cole 1950)! Nothing like alittle early fireworks display between Harry and Ginny the day before the Fourth of July in the States! Can't really blame Harry for the conundrum he's in over all the info Dora dumped on them about
the magical world and their part in it! For some weird reason that made me think of "It's Not Easy Being Green"(Kermit The Frog 1970)! Well Lee is sure alot of fun when he's geese-faced but I wonder what Hermoine, I mean Mione, O whichever, really thinks of what he told her?! At least Mione didn't break into a chorus of "I Feel Pretty"(Natalie Wood 1961 from West Side Story)! I'll say one thing for Dean - he seems to consistently be a pr*ck in most fanfictions - especially when it comes to Ginny! Hate to see Seamus join him in the jerks club! Harry? Suave? Are we talking about the same Harry? Interesting sequence between our new couple and Seamus and I hope I'm not the only one left confused by what Dean is really up to! Nice little cliffy at the end with the two mystery addresses! Can't wait to see what happens next! Given the title of this chapter and the fact it made me smile all the way thru my read, I just had to end this review with a bit from "When You're Smiling"(Dean Martin 1952):
"When you're smilin', when you're smilin'
The whole world smiles with you
When you're laughin', oh when you're laughin'
The sun comes shinin' through"
But when you're cryin', you bring on the rain
So stop that sighin', be happy again
Keep on smilin', 'cause when you're smilin'
The whole world smiles with you
Cheers G! (This time with a glass of Crown Royal and cola on the rocks)! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Author's Response:

Given a very gimpy internet connection, I think I'm going to write a very simple note of thanks and appreciation!

Not Easy Being Green -- that's actually far more apt in this fic than one might expect. Not the colour green, but the question of whether one is special, or 'dubiously special'.

CR & cola? Yesterday on the plane, I had my first cola in many years, largely since they ran out of coffee before they reached the second last row on the plane, and I was looking for a little jolt. Anyway, I will always take what you're offering!

Dean Martin's classic -- great choice for the song du jour!

Reviewer: Gin110881 Signed Date: 2018.07.02 - 03:59PM Title: Smiles


There's a lot of pondering in this chapter, first Harry and later Ginny.

Ah well, Dean wants to quit. To be honest, I'm not completely surprised. Irrespective of Dean, as I mentioned earlier, I was wondering for a while now if The Stags would still exist at the end of the story, or better, if they would still exist the way they were at the beginning. However, it was more the question if Harry still would be a Stag in the end.

Thank you so much for reminding me how unsatisfying and frustrating it is to be forced to listen to a phone call when only the half of it is audible, lol. I'm curious what Lee has told Harry about his favourite new book.

I'm quite curious what's really the matter with Dean. I'm glad Ginny joined Harry visiting Dean, although I must admit that I was a wee bit surprised, positively surprised. I was a wee bit surprised that Harry didn't mention Lee's new book when the two of them strolled around the city.

Uh, oh, the Foi-Black, Ltd. The same mysterious company that wanted to talk to Harry to make him some offers for a time Dean obviously already worked for this company...a company located not far from Grimmauld Place 12 ... coincidence?
... and who is Wolf...the Wolf? Twin brother of Romulus?

I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter, whenever you'll be able to give it to us.

Have a safe journey, and always watch out for the dark-cloaked tossers!

Author's Response: Many thanks for the glitch catches! Proper response later to your interesting points of engagement!

Author's Response:

Much to reply to!

First of all, the Mysti Stags -- survive or not? Time will tell, and of course very very few bands last much more than five years, so almost certainly not a long term situation.

Unsatisfying to listen to half a phone conversation? Personally, I enjoy the opportunity to imagine the other half. This is when a wicked sense of humour can reign (nearly) free. I suspect I may be a lot more wicked than you.

Some slight jumping to conclusions with respect to Dean and his 'employment'. Recall that the story began in January 2002. Calculating back from Valentine's Day, that placed the first bad-guy sighting on Feb. 9. We are now at Feb. 18 -- a day on which Shay implied that Dean had started his new responsibilities fairly recently.

'House of Wolf' is a real Islington establishment -- experimental cuisine and zany cocktails. I chose the name and location for a variety of reasons, one of which was the location (right on the bus route between Harry's and Ginny's residences), while a second factor was a sincere belief that the 'House of Wolf' had shut its doors permanently (I would not wish to demean a real business), replaced by a comparable venue called 'Dead Dolls House'. However not long after I completed the chapter draft, I learned that Dead Dolls House had closed, and would be replaced by the re-constituted 'House of Wolf'. Oops! So, if you are in Islington and in need of some avant garde gustatory experiences, then do try to place and do not expect the service to be as snotty as you will encounter in Chapter 14.

Regarding any 'wolf' allusion, you might recall that Lupin is not the only canon character afflicted with lycanthropy.

It seems to be that neither Harry not Ginny have much appreciation for the certain set of children's books that Lee loves. There seem to be other 'adult' things they prefer talking about. However, Lee will not be ignored forever.

Thank you again for the wonderful discussion and, thankfully, no dark-cloaked tossers so far, although some scoundrel knocked loudly on my hotel room door last night around 1:30... Dirty Death Eaters!

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