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Reviewer: Hufflepuffiest Signed Date: 2018.04.30 - 07:53AM Title: Foreward Progress


Iím really enjoying your version of this story. I adore your Harry and Ginny, your characterization of them is spot on. Really enjoy the romance between them, which was missing in the original series.

Reviewer: hgromance Signed Date: 2015.06.21 - 09:49AM Title: Foreward Progress

And as it turned out, you were right. Harry WAS a Horcrux. Feel any sort of vindication when the truth was revealed?

Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2012.02.16 - 07:04PM Title: Foreward Progress

Are you clairvoyant? Of course we now no Harry was a horcrux, but luckily Tom didn't know or he wouldn't have tried to kill him, as you suggest. Excellent deduction there..

Reviewer: juice14 Signed Date: 2009.07.06 - 09:07PM Title: Foreward Progress

At this point, I'd like to say that you must have something in common with JKR... or she with you...

I guess smart people do think alike hehe

Reviewer: leinad312 Signed Date: 2008.03.08 - 05:05AM Title: Foreward Progress


Harry being a Horcrux, R.A.B., and Dung stealing the locket. You must've used legilimency on JKR. What an outstanding job on predicting the events of the 7th book :)

Reviewer: mrsmeggiepotter Signed Date: 2007.10.28 - 07:29PM Title: Foreward Progress


No Review

Reviewer: Scorcher Signed Date: 2007.05.15 - 07:43PM Title: Foreward Progress


I'm glad Harry felt even some irritation towards Hermione in this chapter.. would've expected more arguing and anger. I sertainly would think twice about leting her know something in the future.. So far she' cracked under pressure from people and told the order about Harry going to Godric's Hollow and under mental stress from not finding answeres and told Ginny about the horcruxes..not really realiable if you ask me..

Reviewer: CodeRomance Signed Date: 2007.04.21 - 09:29AM Title: Foreward Progress


ya but for some reason im not surprised that he is one. well good chapter i hope they find what they are looking for soon!

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2006.09.05 - 09:43AM Title: Foreward Progress


Well done. Since I disagreed with your characterization of Ginny earlier, I am much happier with the last two chapters. Ginny is feisty but basically has a good heart. She also patient. In another story you had Ron describe her as tenacious. Now we are in agreement. I disagree with the other reviewers who think Harry would be angry with Hermione. I think you're right. He knows his friend has his best interests at heart. On to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! It\'s okay if we disagree. I tend to have very strong opinions, and writing these things about my opinions only tends to make them stronger, lol. I\'m eagerly anticipating your thoughts.

Reviewer: Oddish Signed Date: 2006.07.01 - 02:22PM Title: Foreward Progress


Your writing is incredible, Melinda. I've never seen fanfiction better than yours.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I\'m so thrilled you think so.

Reviewer: egyhos Anonymous Date: 2006.05.04 - 05:37PM Title: Foreward Progress

by-the-way sorry about my comment on chapter 2 my mistake

Author's Response: NP! :D

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Reviewer: egyhos Anonymous Date: 2006.05.04 - 05:21PM Title: Foreward Progress


good one ;) but i dont like the fact that ginny knows about the Horcruxes that way it makes hermione sound evil

Author's Response: Hermione\'s not evil - but she does have her own mind. She\'s trying to help, and I think after things went so horribly wrong at the MoM when Harry didn\'t listen to her, Hermione might be more willing to follow her own instincts if she thought Harry was making a mistake. The HBP potion book, too. She knew something was off, but Harry didn\'t listen.

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Reviewer: destin4fl Signed Date: 2006.05.03 - 12:26AM Title: Foreward Progress



Author's Response: Thanks, much. My beta has 8 now.

Reviewer: Chreechree Signed Date: 2006.05.02 - 04:30AM Title: Foreward Progress


Hermione is very lucky that Harry got over his anger over her that quickly. I think I'd have simmered over that for a few days if it had been me. She violated Harry's trust, and that's hard to simply forget. I do think Hermione was correct in saying that Dumbledore would have been ok with Ginny knowing. Everyone's reaction to Harry being a Horcrux was about what I expected, and their determination to ensure Harry's survival was heartwarming. I'm glad that Harry realized that he could give Ginny his time, as that is always a precious gift. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Yes, there were others that thought Harry would be angrier, and he might have been, but I wanted to show how much he\'s matured since PoA. Trust of his friends is going to be a huge issue, and he has to be ready to place his life in their hands, and theirs are in his. I also think that after the mess at the MoM, Hermione might be more likely to trust her own judgement on this one.

Reviewer: CruciareMors Anonymous Date: 2006.05.01 - 12:24PM Title: Foreward Progress


Ginny KNOWS?! Oh, but that's great... now we have four people in a secret that was supposed to be only Harry's!...
Draco and Harry, haha!!! Nice scene! I wonder if they'll meet again soon... they're in the same house, after all... and I suspect Malfoy's role in the story is not quite over yet... am I right?
I see that we share the same thoughts regarding RAB, that's good... and the Mundungus thing makes sense, though I don't know whether the locket would have consented to be taken away that easily... now, where in blazes could the locket be? ;)
Keep on with the magnificent story! Take care...

PS: I apologise for the lateness of the review...

Author's Response: Don\'t worry about the timing, I\'m just pleased you let me know what you thought. You\'re right - there will be more of Draco. He\'s in the next chapter, as a matter of fact.

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Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2006.05.01 - 02:21AM Title: Foreward Progress

Oh, and one more thing. Ignore the review by Fire. He has flamed several authors in the past.

Author's Response: Thanks, I appreciate that.

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2006.05.01 - 02:11AM Title: Foreward Progress


It wasn't easy, but Harry finally tells Ginny everything. I wonder how he'll be able to explain to the others, especially Molly, what his plans are.

Harry as a Horcrux -- it's obvious that he can't destroy the last Horcrux, himself, unless he destroys the others first. Of course Ron, Hermione, and Ginny will find a way to de-Horcrux Harry without killing him -- it's a matter or debate how to de-Horcrux any of the Horcruxes. I appreciate your explanation in this chapter.

R.A.B. -- the consensus by far is that he is Regulus. So it appears that the trio's next task is to track down Mundungus Fletcher and find the real Horcrux.

Once again, brilliant chapter as always, and of course I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks, I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it. How to actually destory a Horcrux is a big dilemma, and I\'m afraid all we\'ve got is guess work until book 7. Of course, Harry did destroy one with the Basilisk\'s fang, so he used the thing that Riddle had used as a weapon against him...

Reviewer: annabananna Signed Date: 2006.04.30 - 02:11PM Title: Foreward Progress


I'm sorry but i just don't think Harry is a Horcrux. JKR said (through dumbledore i believe) that the reason Voldemort couldn't posses Harry was because Harry was too full of love. I don't think that the bit of a soul so torn, twisted, and evil can live inside Harry. And let's just say that did, why then, hasn't it tried to posses him yet? The diary possesed Ginny when she was exposed to it for only a year. This one would have been in harry since he was a year old. It's a possibility but I don't think it's true. But other that that, Helga's tiara? Hmm. And that painting would make a fortune, I'm surprised he doesn't sell it to make money for the war effort. It does belong in Hogwarts though. I like this story alot, you display the carachters very true to cannon and i like the way you got ginny involved even if it did mean Hermione's betrayl. I'm looking forward to a soon update.

Author's Response: You know what, in canon, I agree with you, I don\'t think Harry will be a Horcrux. But for a fanfic, I do think the idea has merit. The piece of soul was in the diary all that time but didn\'t become active until Ginny started interacting with it. Perhaps Harry hasn\'t yet found the trigger. Or, more likely, as we saw during thier duel in GoF, perhaps Harry\'s will is simply stronger that Voldemornt\'s is.

Reviewer: Snapple92 Anonymous Date: 2006.04.30 - 01:22PM Title: Foreward Progress


I liked this chapter. But I don't want Harry to die. It would be sad...

Don't kill him!

Author's Response: I agree; it would be very sad. Please don\'t let that happen, JKR.

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Reviewer: Sibling Creature Signed Date: 2006.04.29 - 08:46AM Title: Foreward Progress


Heh What would have been cool there would have been for Harry to order Kreacher not to respond to Malfoy then let Malfoy try ordering him around... :-)

there are font size changes in this chapter too...
the font size jumps to 3 at:
'Donít worry. Itís not you she doesnít trust; itís me,"'
and drops back to normal at
'Ginny whipped her head around so fast that Ron took a step backwards from her fury. '
its quite distracting...

Author's Response: Heh, that would have been funny, actually, but I didn\'t think of it! Sorry about the font size change. I don\'t know why it keeps doing that, but I\'ve fixed it. I\'ll try and remember to watch for it the next time.

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