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Reviewer: Count Westwest Signed Date: 2008.09.30 - 10:55PM Title: Repercussions


Good story overall but two things that others have pointed out I think are problematic. First by asking how to track Crabbe Sr. and Goyle Sr. Harry is practically revealing where he is going to be at to the entire Order. It makes Harry look stupid IMO. Second problem point are the Draco Occlumency lessons. There is simply no way Harry would agree to this. Also the reason given... to avoid Voldemort gaining information from Harry's mind... makes no sense if then you give that information to Draco, who as someone pointed out, would have the means to get in Voldemort's good graces. It would also potentially gives and enemy like Draco emotional weapons to use against Harry. This twist makes everyone involved look extremely naive.

Reviewer: mrsmeggiepotter Signed Date: 2007.10.28 - 10:08PM Title: Repercussions


No Review

Reviewer: CodeRomance Signed Date: 2007.04.21 - 04:53PM Title: Repercussions


for some reason i have a bad feeling about this...wekk good chapter!

Reviewer: nevascared Signed Date: 2006.10.28 - 12:47PM Title: Repercussions


stop using that type of font. its hard to read

Reviewer: Marauder_Magic Signed Date: 2006.06.21 - 04:53PM Title: Repercussions


Duuuude! There is no way I can see Harry agreeing to that... not a chance. Still, good story :)

Author's Response: Grin. We\'ll just have to agree to disagree then ;) I hope you enjoy the rest.

Reviewer: LadyLatina Signed Date: 2006.06.13 - 09:00PM Title: Repercussions


You gotta love Molly! I love that she was ready to kill Bill for dropping Harry! Great story...I can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Thanks! Molly is protective despite being tough, lol - a mama lion.

Reviewer: The Lucky One Anonymous Date: 2006.06.13 - 08:44AM Title: Repercussions


Woohoo! Lovely chapter! I can't wait to see Malfoy "teach" Harry Occlumency. How exciting. Mehe. I was a bit shocked with Bill's behaviour, but it is to be expected. I would've felt the same way if Harry hadn't left me any news on where he was going with my little sister (if I had one). Sheesh.

This story has been going so well. It's great to finally see a fic that is well planned out (and well thought up). Your fics are the cream of the crop.

10000 out of 10000

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I do try to plan ahead, so it\'s nice that you noticed. Thanks much!

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Reviewer: CruciareMors Anonymous Date: 2006.06.12 - 10:47AM Title: Repercussions


I don't know what's better, your action chapters or the ones that show the aftermaths of those. Excellent chapter, I say!
Well, I guess it was about time to have the Weasleys reacting like I thought the canon ones would in a Horcrux fic! Bill was just perfect - even though we never got the chance to see much of him in canon, but still - if anyone would get terribly angry at the perspective of his little sister running off with some dangerous guy it would be him, lol. I liked the part where he throws Harry to the floor, actually. It's good to see characters reacting like humans :)
Molly's reaction was so like what I thought it would be! The only one I disliked a bit was Remus, but I understand why you wrote it like that, after all he's been through.
Poor Hermione! At least she didn't suffer lethal damage *cringes*
Uhm... Ron's "You're in love with my sister" line was very insightful of him ;) It seems like "someone" has finally voiced what everyone in the HP fandom has been thinking for more than a while, lol.
I loved the meeting (cheers for Moody!!!) - but Draco Malfoy ? I'm waiting to see how you get Harry out of that one...
Take care and update ASAP, please! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I\'m thoroughly enjoying everyone\'s reactions to Malfoy, lol. I\'m really pleased to hear you liked the reactions to the kids disappearing, as well. Poor Molly and Remus - I can so sympathize with that sick, helpless feeling of losing a child for a minute - I can\'t imagince what it would be like for weeks on end.

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Reviewer: kbhend Signed Date: 2006.06.12 - 09:19AM Title: Repercussions



Your writing is simply wonderful as always.

The only issue I have with this story is how ridiculous it is for Harry to allow Draco into his mind. It is even more ridiculous to think that anyone who knows Harry would ask that of him (I think most wizards would understand that letting someone who tried to "crucio" you into your mind is "not a good thing").

This story line is simply too fantastic to ever happen. Furthermore Bella taught Draco Occlumency but NOT to be a Legilimens.
So how can Harry learn anything from Draco to begin with?

Please consider changing this aspect of your otherwise well done story.

All of this is just my 2 cents of course.


Author's Response: Heh, thanks, but sorry - the Occlumency with Malfoy is staying. I think if we all knew what Occlumency was before OotP, we would have been just as dismayed by the idea of Snape doing it - and that did happen. The idea formed after JKRs interview where she talked about the fact Malfoy could do it and Harry couldn\'t, and it does relate to the overall plot, so it\'s staying. Besides, I like it ;) As for being a Legilimens, I don\'t remember it being stated as fact either way in canon. For this universe, being able to do one means being able to do the other. I don\'t mind you sharing your .O2 AT ALL, in fact, I quite enjoy it - even if we occasionally disagree. ;) Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Reviewer: Sovran Signed Date: 2006.06.12 - 08:44AM Title: Repercussions


Another great chapter. You've taken a situation that's fairly predictable (everyone knew how the Order and especially Molly would react) and managed to keep the events interesting and engaging anyway. I like how Ginny finally gets to stand up for herself and the others; if anything, I expected her reaction (and later Harry's) to be even more aggressive, but the way you wrote it makes perfect sense. I'm very disappointed in Bill, but I suspect that's the idea.

The bit with Snot was priceless and perfectly in character. I like the current H/G dynamic: I can tell it's going somewhere but it doesn't feel rushed or unnatural. In spite of what they've been through and what they're doing, the four of them (especially Ginny) are still teenagers and will respond to some things the way teenagers do. I've always thought that the peculiar balance required to be a teenager forced into adult situations is what allows the four of them to understand each other so well, and more importantly it's what prevents any of the adults from truly understanding them.

Again, well done, and I look forward to more chapters.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, Bill went overboard, but stress can do funny things to people sometimes. I\'m glad you enjoy the teenage moments - I enjoy them, too. These kids ARE kids, and they should be allowed to act like it once in awhile.

Reviewer: kmagarden Signed Date: 2006.06.11 - 07:16PM Title: Repercussions


Still loving your story. I love how you've used the link of Voldemort not recognizing Harry's magic in the cave and translated it into Ginny still being underage. I never considered that. Ginny is pretty strong, I think she handled her family well. Althought I think Molly would have huged them all and reassured herself that they were really there before she started in on them. But overall, I know how worried she must have been - I understand her reaction.

Although I would hope Harry has sense enought to use the Pensive or something before letting Malfoy try and get in his mind. . . what I always thougth is that Harry had such a difficult time with Snape because he hated him so much, he couldn't concentrate/clear his mind. And Snape hated Harry so much that he didn't try and help him. I just can't imagine it being any different with Malfoy - those same feelings are still there on both sides. . . Maybe Harry has grown up a bit and is more willing to try now. . .

Not sure how I feel about letting the Order know WHO he wanted to track. Seems to me that now that they know, when Harry disappears again, won't they check there first? I would think that if they tell Harry how to monitor them, they would be smart enough to monitor them too, for that reason. . .

Looking forward to the next update - they always brighten my day!

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad you like the twist with Ginny. It\'s funny, I haven\'t seen it done in other fics, so I was hoping to get to this chapter before it was overdone, lol. Yay. Same thing for the end I have planned. I still havent\' seen it done, so I\'m crossing my fingers that I can get there first! Harry has already realized that he can\'t just disappear again in the same manner. He\'s hoping to work out some compromises with the Order - and that means a little give and take on both sides. It was JKRs comments on the fact that Malfoy CAN do Occlumency, and Harry CAN\'T that intrigued me, and I wanted to try something with that here. I hope you\'ll enjoy it.

Reviewer: hpf2114 Signed Date: 2006.06.11 - 05:12PM Title: Repercussions


A very good read. You have planed and excuted it very well.I'm looking forword to the next posting. post often, it's that good

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it.

Reviewer: v_t Signed Date: 2006.06.11 - 01:32AM Title: Repercussions


oh you are just to ridiculous... I can't believe that harry even in his right mind would allow malfoy to teach him occlumency... and by the way this was another amazing chapter. Only a great writer can get you so involved in a story that you can actually get peaved with things that are happening. Awesome job.

Author's Response: Hee, thanks! I must admit, I\'m really enjoying the reactions from everyone over Malfoy. After I read JKR\'s famous interview about why Malfoy was able to do it and Harry wasn\'t, I knew I had to touch on it somehow. Smirk.

Reviewer: Hermiones_angel1 Anonymous Date: 2006.06.10 - 09:41PM Title: Repercussions


WOW O.O that is good... each time I can't wait for GInny to lash back they have no right being all nosey as they are...oh the suspense levels are high I soo can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: Thanks! Well, they are her family - but they aren\'t seeing her clearly, are they? I\'m working on the next one.

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Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2006.06.10 - 06:04PM Title: Repercussions


Judged for Silver Trinkets.

It's no surprise that you've been nominated for another award, since this fic is so wonderful. But it is surprising that an angsty writer such as yourself has been nominated for Comedy. Then again, you do provide some amusing comic relief, including the Harry/Draco/Ron/Snot scene in this chapter.

And so Harry and Hermione recover from their injuries. But now the Horcrux hunters must face the adults, especially the underage Ginny who is especially criticized for her decision to join Harry. I wonder whether this generational debate over the best way to find the Horcruxes will be resolved soon so that Harry and co. will be able to finish their search.

Once again, great job! I wish you luck in the Silver Trinkets!

Author's Response: Thanks! Heh, I noticed that I\'m up for a comedy, and I\'m SO delighted by that. I really do consider myself more of an angst writer, so that one is the icing on the cake. In the next chapter, Harry gets another clue on a Horcrux, so they wont be sidetracked for long.

Reviewer: egyhos Anonymous Date: 2006.06.10 - 01:30PM Title: Repercussions


ok i was furious that the chapter took way too long to be updated but here's my review:
1) i wonder y didn't ginny use the bat-boggy on bill
2) its strange why harry or ron didn't hex malfoy in ginny's room
3) malfoy getting into harry's mind..ugh..i just hope harry thinks of using dumbeldore's pensive before classes...
4) 3 days of sleep i would love to be able to do that mmmmmm

Author's Response: Too long? It was only a week, wasn\'t it? Gulp. I\'m shooting for updates 7-10 days apart, and I hope I can make it. Harry and Ron are both maturing - and Malfoy\'s taunts have less and less hold over them.

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Reviewer: Sibling Creature Signed Date: 2006.06.10 - 06:12AM Title: Repercussions


*blinks* the phrase that comes to mind here is "the worst idea in the history of bad ideas"... though I'm curious now as to where this will lead....

Its good to see Ginny holding her own against the rest of her family too.

Author's Response: Heh. Don\'t count Harry down yet. He\'s usually got a back up plan.

Reviewer: Katie27 Signed Date: 2006.06.10 - 12:57AM Title: Repercussions


Once again...great chapters. I love it when Harry fights with the Order...and the same goes for Ginny, Ron, and Hermione. So amusing and fun to read no matter the situation in the story! Excellent job! -Katie

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: cwarbeck Signed Date: 2006.06.10 - 12:39AM Title: Repercussions


Ugh, I don't want to be in Ginny's shoes right now, with everyone ganging up on her like that. I understand Molly's reaction, and maybe Bill (although I think he's playing the overprotective older brother part a bit too much), but I'm surprised at Remus. Is he hurt because Harry didn't confide in him? Tonks' reaction was funny though; I hope she brings Moony around.

That said, it appears that Ginny has held her own. Good on her for standing her ground. And good on Harry for being a sensitive boyfriend. It was very amusing to see that the very first thing that he worried when he woke up from his coma is how his snogging technique measured up to Ginny's trashy romance novels. Only Harry would be insecure about something like that in the face of all that's happened.

Now, as to Draco's impending ferreting around Harry's mind - this just screams BAD IDEA, but maybe Harry will manage to turn this encounter into his advantage.

Good chapter. Can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Yes, both Molly and Remus were out of their minds with worry. They woke up to find all the kids gone. Even knowing Harry was going to do it, I dont\' think Remus was prepared for it. THey were desperate. I think people tend to lash out when their emotions are high, so that\'s where a lot of it came from. Bill - well, he\'s got more going on with him that you\'ll learn about.

Reviewer: annabananna Signed Date: 2006.06.09 - 10:26PM Title: Repercussions


simply amazing once again

Author's Response: Aww, thanks!

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