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Reviewer: mrsmeggiepotter Signed Date: 2007.10.28 - 10:42PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


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Reviewer: CodeRomance Signed Date: 2007.04.22 - 08:00AM Title: Setting Things to Rights


haa i was right that was the precaution he took! i figured that out before he went up to his room! malfoy is a slimy git! but there is something up with him...i wonder...hmmmm. anyway good chapter!

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2006.09.08 - 09:42AM Title: Setting Things to Rights


Hermione as a red-head eh, could work. I was glad things were calmer in the household this chapter. Last chapter was tough. Of course there was bound to be some upset and anger when they got back but I thought you made it a little too harsh. I think Molly would have cried more been angry less. That would have torn Harry's heart out, you know what a softie he is. You're right in Bill. He's the one who would be angry.

Author's Response: Yep, Hermione now fits right in with the rest of the Weasleys - for the moment, anyway. I suppose everyone has their own interpretation on how people would react - this was mine, and I do thinks it\'s all plausible, which is generally what I strive for.

Reviewer: Athea Signed Date: 2006.07.10 - 08:58PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


I just finally dedicated some time to read your terrific story. Was it ever worth the investment!

I really enjoyed the group finding the Horcrux at the Smith museum. I'm not sure what I expected the other Horcruxes to be guarded by, but dragons? Impressive! Also, I'm a big sucker for a doting Ron, so I thought the scenes where Hermione was injured were particularly good.

I also love the Weasley interaction. Fred and George are great. In character, but not over the top. I'm glad they're supportive of Harry and Ginny.

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! New reviewer, hooray. I\'m a big fan of the Weasley family, and I adore their support of Harry, so I do try to highlight it. I\'m glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2006.06.24 - 04:49PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


Congrats on winning the Silver Trinket Awards, yet again!

The twins make an appearance, and are actually quite helpful, leading Harry on the trail to Mundungus Fletcher's house and the locket Horcrux. It seems as if of all the Weasleys, the twins are the most accepting of the H/G relationship, while Percy is the least approving (in fanfic in general, not just this story).

Azkaban -- what a scary place to be going next, but then again, everyone already knows that the hunt will be dangerous. For some reason, Hermione's symptoms and need for a wig remind me of Muggle leukemia victims.

Occlumency begins. I wonder what Harry finds worse -- learning with the Malfoys or Snape. It's too bad that no one in the Order knows Occlumency.

Overall, greta job as always, and I look forward to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m very fond of the twins, and to me, in canon they seem the closest to Ginny. I do think they\'d torture him unmercifully, but in a fun, not protective way.

Reviewer: wolfsgurl Signed Date: 2006.06.23 - 11:08AM Title: Setting Things to Rights


I liked that. hope you get the next chapter up soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter is with my beta. It shouldn\'t be too much longer.

Reviewer: Hermiones_angel1 Anonymous Date: 2006.06.17 - 12:21AM Title: Setting Things to Rights


Yea he does... I have a feeling you have a really good twist planned...I can't wait to see it. I hope you post soon...I have always found scenes with draco and snape to be the best. Again I must say you are an excellent writer. I have read your other stories and they are most impressive.

Author's Response: Thanks! I can say that I\'m having a lot of fun using Draco this time. Snape is usually fun, but I\'ve never enjoyed Draco so much, lol.

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Reviewer: egyhos Anonymous Date: 2006.06.16 - 06:38PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


one more thing y didnt hermione just buy a wig??!!

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Reviewer: egyhos Anonymous Date: 2006.06.16 - 06:32PM Title: Setting Things to Rights

wow.nice...i feel bad for Charlie and the twins since they dont have they dont seem to complain so....i think harry should have put the snogging secions in that pensive (is it spelled right?) with the other horcrux ones..nice chapter, eagerly waiting for next one,

Author's Response: Well, the three of them have had girlfriends on occasion - they\'re just not ready to settle with just one ;) Hermione didn\'t want to listen to them when they talked about going to look at wigs, remember? It was easier for her to just stay right inside without seeing anyone.

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Reviewer: CruciareMors Anonymous Date: 2006.06.16 - 03:08PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


Nice chapter.
Ginny's actions towards Hermione were brilliant, that shows their feelings for each other so well! It's the kind of scene that makes you want to enter the computer and hug the characters :)
Too bad that they didn't find anything at Mundungus'. Though I definitely think it was about time for a trip to old Azkaban...
Arthur and Harry's conversation... ahem!!! ;)
Draco, always the git. He may end up having a surprise with Harry, I reckon. Still, the fact that Harry managed to expell him from his mind is a good sign, isn't it? And, speaking of devils, why did Harry's scar hurt and why, oh why, did he feel those shivers at GH (nope, I haven't forgotten... Horcrux or no Horcrux - that is the question... I'm positively led to believe in the 1st one, though...)?
Update ASAP, please, and take care! ;)

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked the scene between Ginny and Hermione. It was nice to highlight the friendship between the girls for a change. I often want to leap into the screen and hug the characters, lol.

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Reviewer: Sibling Creature Signed Date: 2006.06.16 - 12:03PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


heh a wise precaution.... it shall be interesting to see how he progresses when hes getting actual instruction, rather than just invasion...

I like Ginny and Fleur's solution for Hermione, though I find it hard to imagine her with anything other than her own bushy brown hair... :-)

Author's Response: Hee, I know - but don\'t worry. Hermione\'s hair will grow back - just not overnight.

Reviewer: Horus Signed Date: 2006.06.15 - 09:16PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


I just wanted to comment on your A/N regarding Draco.
Now im not a big fan of Draco myself and he is not a nice person by any stretch but ever since reading HBP i have a feeling that Draco has the potential to atleast become a decent person.
I think i have a feeling of where you are going with Harry and Draco and the occlumancy lessons.
If im right i think we are going to see a better understanding between the 2 boys. Because eventually just like with Snape, Harry will be able to breach into Draco's mind.
Perhaps the things both of them will see can atleast wash away some of the bad blood between them.
Of course im probably wrong and you have come up with something way better ;).

So keep up the good work. You deserve the award.

Author's Response: I agree with you. I\'ve never been a Malfoy fan, but I think JKR made a pointed attempt to finally show him in a slightly different light. Maybe it\'s just Harry growing up and noticing, but it was there. She created the crack in his demeanor, and I had to go and poke at it. ;)

Reviewer: SueP Signed Date: 2006.06.15 - 09:08PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


One of the things that sets you apart and makes you a Diva of fanfiction (at least in my opinion) is the details you come up with and the extra curricular, relationship-type things you put in your story. The whole thing with Ginny giving her hair to make a wig for Hermione and Ron commenting that he knew she always wanted to be a Weasley. That was very very touching.

Author's Response: A Diva of Fanfiction? Squeeeeee! ooh, thanks! I love that, lol. Can I keep that title? Can I? Hee. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story. I always like when an author adds little details, too, so I try to put them in. It makes them seem more real, I think.

Reviewer: Sovran Signed Date: 2006.06.15 - 04:20PM Title: Setting Things to Rights

One other thing... yay Boston, even if our weather lately has been bipolar.

Author's Response: Are you from Boston, too? Hasn\'t the weather just bit it? LOL. I\'m ready to build an ark.

Reviewer: Sovran Signed Date: 2006.06.15 - 04:14PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


I'm going to have to do this in sections, otherwise I'll never keep my thoughts straight. Fair warning... I'm feeling verbose.

1. Hermione's problem
That's Hermione, dead on. She's always been brainy and bookish, but some folks seem to forget that she's also always shown that she is a girl at heart. Given how much canon has harped on the bushiness of her hair and the lengths she has to go to in order to control it, it's very safe to say that her hair wouldn't be that long unless she liked it that way. My only complaint, sortof, about this section is that I think she would have been a little warmer towards Harry. Ron, obviously, she'd not want to see, and Fleur's initial approach to her was just cruel, given Fleur's appearance. Likewise, Ginny's wonderful hair (see below) would bother her. But Harry's more like a sibling to her, and I'm pretty sure they both know that neither one of them looks at the other in 'that way'. Not that you had her hostile to Harry; I just thought that the two of them might have been able to connect a bit during this time.

2. Dung's place
The plot development here was, honestly, pretty much a background. It was necessary (we needed the forensic step towards Azkaban), but the really important bits were Ginny's sending the boys off without her and the boys' reaction to Dung's magazines.
Here's a spot where I'd really like your input on something. To me, it seems almost like Harry's response to Ginny's novel and Harry's response to Dung's magazine are in conflict with each other. Each one is certainly one response that a teenage boy could (and does) have to encountering such things, but I find it hard to accept that the same boy could have both reactions. He was wretchedly embarassed and insecure about Ginny's novel, because he thought she might expect more from him. That shows a stupendous level of devotion to her, which fits your Harry just fine: another boy would have soaked up such a scene like sunlight and probably tried to photocopy the relevant section for later perusal (yeah, I was a kid once, too). The same Harry who had that devoted response would, I think, be very uncomfortable looking at dung's magazine. He'd feel like he was betraying Ginny just by looking, no matter how superficially interested he was in the subject matter. We have to remember that Harry's upbringing has left him sexually stunted. He knows even less about natural reactions and normal curiosities than most teenagers. At 17, hopefully, he's figured some of it out on his own, but I think he's still going to be very hesitant about such things. So, basically, I think the Harry that was worried by Ginny's book would not have reacted that way to the magazine, and the Harry that reacted to the magazine would not have been as affected by Ginny's book. You might be able to bridge that gap with a bit more internal monologue from Harry, but to me it's dichotomous as it stands. And, by the way, can you really picture your Molly allowing one of those books to be in Ginny's hands? Molly might read them herself and keep them locked away somewhere, but I can't see her being okay with Ginny reading them.
I'm not saying "I'm right, you're wrong" here; it's just my opinion, and until I develop the courage to write my own fic (ha!), your opinion will trump mine every time. =)

3. Hermione's cure
Whew, what a solution. I'm going to add myself to the list of folks who are absolutely floored by Ginny's cutting her hair. I've always loved the characterization of her hair, and it peeves me when authors have her hack it all off for some reason. You didn't do that, but still, the idea was a shock. However, the reason she did it is spot on; Ginny's history has taught her to value her friends very, very highly, and she'd do anything she could to help her only real girlfriend (as far as anyone knows). Ginny's hair will grow back, and major kudos to Harry for seeing to the heart of the matter. My only comment would be that you cut off about a foot of Ginny's hair, but Hermione ended up with a pretty darn short wig (pixie cut is just a few inches, right?). Did Fleur have to practice that much? Couldn't you have left Ginny's hair a bit longer? Please, pretty please? =) Even a potion to lengthen existing hair (which wouldn't have worked on Hermione) would be okay, though I admit that that would weaken the wonderful impact of the scene.

4. Occlumency
I never liked this idea, though I saw why you wanted and (probably) needed to do it. Given that, I think you handled it well, using known elements from canon in a useful way. Narcissa's behavior is a tad odd, but we haven't really been given any characterization of her, so nobody can tell you that you're wrong. Might we get a bit more explanation about her?
Something else is obviously going on with Harry's reaction to Occlumency. I'll be interested to see what you've come up with.

Sorry for the chapter-length review. Overall your stuff continues to be top-notch, and I look forward to the next installment.

P.S. Don't make Ginny wait too long; she deserves to hear it.

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks so much for the wonderfully detailed review - I really appreciate that. Not sure what to say about Harry and Hermione and the hair. She simply didn\'t want to see anybody. As for cutting so much off, believe it or not, that\'s how it works. I recently had my own very long hair cut and in order to donate it, they need at least 10 inches to make a decent, usable wig. It\'s a lot more hair than you\'d think. Plus, I figured Fleur needed some mess up room since she\'d never done it before ;) Occlumency is needed for the rest of the story,but I don\'t want to go there yet ;) As for Harry\'s reaction - shrugs - I can see where you are coming from, but I also tend to think that the way a boy behaves when he\'s alone or with his girl is very different to the way he behaves when he\'s with a group of guys. I grew up with a whole mess of them, so I\'ve got to see a lot from the \"guy\'s side\" and they all - even the nice, quiet ones - act very differently when the testosterone level is high. ;)

Reviewer: wvchemteach Signed Date: 2006.06.15 - 03:20PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


I'm sure that many Hermione fans might disagree... but I thought Hermione's inability to deal with her hair loss was spot on. Anytime Hermione's books fail her she falls apart. Excellent characterization.

I thought the search of Dung's flat was quite humorous. Especially the delay they suffered.

I think I was nearly as stunned as Harry was over Ginny's hair. Still I think his recovery was perfect... as well as her concern about how he would feel about it.

I'm not sure about the Occulemncy lessons between Malfoy and Harry. There seems to be something more going on there. At any rate I sense another showdown coming between Harry and the Ferrett.

Author's Response: Thanks! Actually, so far the Hermione fans have been very much in agreement, so I hope it stays that way, lol. I\'m glad you enjoyed the delay - they are teenage boys, after all.

Reviewer: IHateSnakes Signed Date: 2006.06.15 - 02:53PM Title: Setting Things to Rights


Excellent, Mel. Keep up the good work. S.

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it.

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