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Reviewer: mrsmeggiepotter Signed Date: 2007.10.28 - 11:38PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


No Review

Reviewer: CodeRomance Signed Date: 2007.04.22 - 03:33PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


harry your such an idiot! hurry up and dont bloody doddle! quickly quickly!

Reviewer: Fleury Signed Date: 2006.07.11 - 12:20AM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


omg... I can't wait for the next chappie! I've been on vacation, so I've just read the past couple chapters (I hadn't realized you'd updated before that :( ). I'm so excited to find out what happens! The whole fic has been amazing so far, so keep up the good work :D

Author's Response: Thanks much! I\'m working on the edits now, so I hope to have the new chapter finished shortly.

Reviewer: amblewat Signed Date: 2006.07.09 - 02:30PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


OH what a wonderful story you have here. I had to read it in pieces mind because I have a new baby. But I really enjoy your work.

Author's Response: Ooh, congrats on the new baby! How exciting. Don\'t worry about fitting the reading in - just sleep when you can. :)

Reviewer: Katie27 Signed Date: 2006.07.04 - 11:40PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


Urgh...leave us with another cliffhanger! It's a good thing you have been updating regulary...thank you for that by the way. Anyway...I hate the Parkinson's....always have. Oh and I love how Mrs. Weasley was forced to step back from coddling the she left it to the two girls....excellent. Can't wait for more! Thanks for writing! -Katie

Author's Response: Thanks! Poor Mrs. W. Ginny and Hermione have grown into those roles...but I doubt she\'ll be able to hold back forever ;)

Reviewer: kmagarden Signed Date: 2006.07.04 - 10:41PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


Wow. You are really out to give me a hard time, aren't you? Lol

Just make sure you keep updating regularly, ok?!

Not that I like Draco, but I do agree with you that JKR was showing us a different side of him in HBP. I have liked the couple of times you've shown them with the same reactions. Laughing about Narcissa's reception of Moody, being shocked by the girls fighting, etc. I don't know that they will ever actually like each other. But I do see Harry growing up and seeing the other side of things. And seeing how Draco's father treats him can only help that. And it can't hurt when Draco finds out things about Harry (like what he hears with the Dementors are near).

Seems to me that Tonks is too bright to think Harry just wanted that neckles for Ginny. Seems that as an Auror, she'd be able to put one and two together somehow. Not to figure out that it was a Horcurx, but she knows Harry is looking for some things. . .

Loved the scene of everyone waiting for Harry and Ron to return. I was so mad at you when I opened this chapter and found I didn't get to find out what happend to Harry right away! It made me even more tense.

Seems that if Scrimegor (sp!?) really wanted to be a prat, he could have prevented Harry from taking anything from Azkaban. I mean, what a perfect barganing chip to get Harry to help him out a little. It honestly supprised me that Harry got off so easy with that.

I'm glad Remus knows. I hope he can keep his mouth shut. LOL I think he can. He kept silent about the map, even after Snape found it, etc. Although I wonder how he'll keep it from Tonks. Seems she'll notice he's reacting differently or something.

I'm so bummed Voldemort will know now. But I guess he had to find out sometime. And it is never easy, is it. How will the 4 of them get out of this one?

Interesting place to try and destroy the Horcurx. I am concrened for Harry and Ginny, still stuck out on that island!

Oh, and how do you feel about Voldemort being able to create MORE Horcurxes? I know that he is more misshapen and less human with each one he creates, but now he will know that (hopefully!) at least 2 have been destroyed (diary and locket). Will he try and replace them? What would that do to him? How far can he go before he ceases to exist so to speak. . . . ?

Man, this is long. Sorry! Home alone with the sleeping baby. Hubby took the older 2 to the fireworks. . . too much time on my hands! Hope you had a good holiday!

Looking forward to your next update - don't keep us waiting!

Author's Response: I don\'t think he will create more - I think that\'s the significance of the number 7. It\'s supposedly the most magical number, so Voldemort feels there is some extra connection or added power from having his soul split 7 times. Even if a Horcrux is destroyed, if he makes another it will mean his soul is split 8., 9, or more times and he loses the connection with the number 7. Everything magical means a lot to Voldemort, so I don\'t think he will. I hope you enjyed your night alone.

Reviewer: dalf Anonymous Date: 2006.07.04 - 07:42PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


Ok I have a small problem with this chapter? Well it was with the cup too. Why on earth would Voldemort not only make a correct method to destory each horcrux but then put the horcrux conviently located next to the tool ofr its destruction? I mean the cup you had to have it to leave? If I was Voldemort I woudl have put a cup shaped indention in the door on the way out and had it kill anyone who put the cup in it. I would have made it so you coudl only leave WITHOUT the cup. Same goes here its just .... well have you seen that list of "thing I will never do when I am an evil overlord".

Oh and of smaller note in HBP the boat wa pulled up from the water not lowered onto the water. WHen they were done it sank again.

I am waiting for a ficauthor to do what I think will happen in the final book and that is, well Bill is a curse breaker, surly he coudl be of use in destorying the horcrux (heck you coudl et him to agree to be memory charmed after). In this story Charilie knows Romanian and Bill is a curse breaker!

Anyway if you need help commeing up with some romanian for you book I am pretty good with Romanian if you need a few sentences.


Author's Response: Are you really Romanian? Wow - I wish I\'d known that earlier. I\'ve seen the theory of Bill helping them several times before, and I do think it\'s entirely possible JKR will go that\'s just not what I did. As for VOldemort hiding the means of destroying the Horcruxes right along with the Horcruxes himself, I don\'t think it would be intentional. Fate just has a funny way of screwing with you...even if you are an evil overlord!

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Reviewer: The Lucky One Anonymous Date: 2006.07.04 - 07:02PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


Ah, great chapter! I hate the cliffies, though. :( lol. Is Harry gonna drink the potion-thingy? Is Voldemort gonna catch him? *fear*

Update soon!!

Author's Response: Heh - if I told you now, you won\'t need to read it when I get it posted ;) You\'re in the midst of a series of cliffies, although I don\'t think the next one is as tense.

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Reviewer: Cassie Payne Signed Date: 2006.07.04 - 03:34PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


Would you please have Sherilyn share her list with JKR? BTW I think it's a red herring on her part. How can she change the ending now? (And that is what changing the suvivors would have to do.)

Anyway, your story. Excellent pacing. I really admire the way you showed the characters waiting at Grimmauld Place before you showed us what was happening at Azkaban. It made me identify with the tension of not knowing much more strongly.

Author's Response: Well, I don\'t think it would be too hard to change unless it involved Harry, Ron or Hermione - which I don\'t think are the charcters she means. I\'m glad you enjoyed this chapter and that the switching POVs worked. I really do enjoy doing that sometimes.

Reviewer: Sibling Creature Signed Date: 2006.07.04 - 01:39PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


an interesting theory re the destruction of the locket.... but it looks like they may have just tipped their hand...
as for the ending to this chapter... you have a talent for understatement :-)

Author's Response: Hee. Ya think? And, yes...from here on out, Voldemort will be onto them - and feeling the need to make his move.

Reviewer: ladywindsor Anonymous Date: 2006.07.04 - 08:25AM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


No Review

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Reviewer: CruciareMors Anonymous Date: 2006.07.04 - 08:05AM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


You're officially the evillest writer on the active.
Now, I wish you had shown rather than told us about Scrimgeour and Percy, because I enjoy reading about Harry's... uh... divergences with the Minister (I absolutely loved that scene in the snowy yard in HBP).
You really want all your characters insane by the time you're done with this, don't you? The Malfoys and Parkinsons in the same house as the Order is a guarantee of that. I had started liking Iris, but it seems like it'snot this time we readers are going to see a decent Slytherin student...
(Go Hermione!)
I loved Harry and Remus' conversation - the latter's horror when he thinks Harry wants to actually make an Horcrux delighted me. I really feel that Remus is someone Harry can trust with anything, but I think he'd better keep his mouth shut from now on... perhaps it's already too late...
Though it gives a good story, I don't believe Voldemort would have placed the weapon to destroy an Horcrux near it - he does want them to remain Horcruxes, after all, despites all his arrogance. I really liked to revisit the cave (although you said the boat was lowered, but I had the impression it came from underwater!), and Ginny's sentence was a very good point. I like "déjà-vu"s a lot :)
Ooops! It seems like the quartet's got big trouble in there! I believe hunting Horcruxes will become a lot more difficult from now on - Voldemort will know about this and - possibly - check on his Horcruxes. Those are my 2 cents.
I'm with your beta. There are characters you can't kill off like that, lol. Surprisingly, Harry's not on my list, as much as I like him... if there's a good reason, he'll certainly die (I don't believe that's the case in your story, but given your new title - see above - I have to expect everything).
Take care!

Author's Response: Heh, thanks! I\'d LOVE to be the evillest writer here, lol. As for a list of characters not allowed to be killed - Heh. In canon, the ONLY one on my list is Harry - everyone else is fair game.

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Reviewer: hpf2114 Signed Date: 2006.07.04 - 07:30AM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


No Review

Reviewer: hoser41 Anonymous Date: 2006.07.04 - 01:32AM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


Ah man! A cliffie! Great chapter.

Author's Response: Heh. Yep, we\'re in cliffie-zone at the moment. I don\'t know what I was thinking - it just worked that way ;)

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Reviewer: conservteen Signed Date: 2006.07.04 - 01:21AM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


Well, this is a wonderful chapter as well as story.

I've been playing "catch-up" for the past few days and I wasn't disapointed haha. It was worth squinting at the little screen of my sidekick...where I did most of the reading...busy weekend.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry to contribute to the eyestrain, but I\'m glad you enjoyed it!

Reviewer: IHateSnakes Signed Date: 2006.07.03 - 09:39PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


Excellent as always! S.

Author's Response: Thanks much!

Reviewer: wvchemteach Signed Date: 2006.07.03 - 08:38PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go



What I like...

I loved the cat-fighting between Hermione and Ginny on one side and Pansy and Iris on the other.

I liked that Harry finally took Remus into his confidence... if nothing else someone outside of the group needs to know what Harry is doing in case he fails. The prophecy states Harry can kill Voldemort... but it doesn't state anyone couldn't kill him if Harry fails.

I like that you didn't have Ginny beat up Harry over not bringing her to Azkaban.

I thought the return to the caves was eerie and creepy. I did note that Harry seemed to enjoy having Ginny in the boat more than Dumbledore.. and I appreciated the chill he had at her words mimicing Dumbledore's.

What I would have liked to have seen more of...

I think I would have liked to "see" more of the catfights after the intital one instaed of of just hearing about them. I see this as a way to see Hermione and Ginny in a different arena and that could be ineresting.

Author's Response: Thanks, I\'m glad you enjoyed it for the most part. As for the boat...if you were a seventeen year old boy who would you rather snuggle in a tight spot with - a teenage girl or your very aged Headmaster? Hee.

Reviewer: cwarbeck Signed Date: 2006.07.03 - 08:17PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


Hey, is it just me, or did you just tell us that Harry couldn't possibly be a Horcrux because a) Voldemort hadn't planned on killing Lily and b) he wasn't holding Harry when he did kill Lily? That is, if Remus' information is correct regarding the creation of Horcruxes - a fully planned and intentional killing without mercy – and that you need to hold the object in your hand along with your wand when you do it. Hmmm...

I thought the part where you showed Harry visiting Sirius' cell was particularly heartbreaking, especially the drawing of the stag, wolf and dog. I've always wondered how Sirius could have lasted so long in Azkaban without losing his sanity. It's very poignant that that little drawing probably kept him sane enough to withstand the Dementors.

I'd also like to support your beta in her list of People Not to Kill Off, as long as that doesn't include any of the Slytherins. That slimy lot can disappear from the face of the earth for all I care.

Brilliant chapter as usual.

Author's Response: Thanks! Sorry, but no...Harry is the Horcrux. He didn\'t plan on killing Lily went he went to Godric\'s Hollow, but he did decide to kill her. It wasn\'t an accident. I doubt very much he was holding Harry at the time, but I can see him having his hand on the baby, seperating him from his mother as he killed her. Urgh - the thought makes me shudder.

Reviewer: aryell Signed Date: 2006.07.03 - 08:01PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


I always enjoy reading your fics. In fact you're my favorite author in all fo HP Fandom. This chapter is one of your best. And i am also thankful dor your beta Sherylyn that has the list of characters you're not allowed to kill. Now if only JKR had the same thing...

Author's Response: Aww, thanks much! Sherylyn does have the list...but I\'ve already gone against it once (and another one she doesn\'t know about yet ;) )

Reviewer: musicsteph Signed Date: 2006.07.03 - 07:50PM Title: Yet Still Miles to Go


And yet another cliffhanger--- this chapter was great-- I loved them going back to the cave---well done.

Author's Response: Thanks! Yep, another cliffie. I warned you! We\'ve entered a series of them, I\'m afraid. :)

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