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Reviewer: mrsmeggiepotter Signed Date: 2007.10.30 - 12:48AM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


No Review

Reviewer: CodeRomance Signed Date: 2007.04.22 - 05:14PM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


well that seemed like a very happy christmas...i hope remus is doing better and the malfoys and parkinson's better be more gratfull...although i do kind of like Iris...and i think fred does too!! *snickers and laughs*

Reviewer: Cassie Payne Signed Date: 2006.08.03 - 10:00PM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


awe, the present exchange was just darling, as was the very human picture of Malfoy foisting his vegetables off on Pansy. Nice comparison with Hitler. I've often wondered how much influence that has had on Rowling (being British). Hitler was also fascinated with immortality as well as bloodlines.

As usual, great job, and belated congratulations on a well desereved award!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks much! I think JKR uses HItler\'s influcene a lot with the whole Pureblood thing.

Reviewer: misslilyevans89 Signed Date: 2006.08.01 - 06:05PM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


omg. I have been following this story since day one. though i think this is actually my frist time to comment on this particular story. I love it. it wonderful. The plot seems so real. I could actually see all of this happening in the next book. You are a WONDERFUL writer. You should just never stop. Quit your day job and become an author!! lol

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review! I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it. Since my other \"job\" is being a mom, there\'s no way I\'m giving it up, lol. I would love to become a real author one day though.

Reviewer: egyhos Anonymous Date: 2006.07.31 - 11:07AM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


i think harry should relax a lil bit more at christmas time and since christmas came in july i have a lil wish: please dont kill harry or ginny or ron or hermione that will just make me cry for ever

Author's Response: Hee - Christmas or not, it\'s a bit hard to let it all go when there is a madman out to kill you ;) If I told you right now who will survive and who won\'t, wouldn\'t it spoil all the fun anticipation?

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Reviewer: CruciareMors Anonymous Date: 2006.07.31 - 05:35AM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


Aww, I always love your Christmas scenes, they portray the Weasleys very well, in my humble opinion ;)
But Christmas with the Malfoys... the first thing I thought about when I saw the title of the chapter was lots of arguing, food flying, etc, but I think you managed to make things good without getting to such an extent, lol.
Thumbs up for that small Draco/Pansy scene in there. As much as I hate the characters, I feel many people fail to write them as human beings. And is it me or Fred's falling for that Iris character? ;)
Poor Harry, thinking this might be his last Christmas... way to ruin the mood, lol. But, of course, there's always our Ginny to make him forget about that all (very romantic present he gave her, by the way). Cheers for naughty Harry - finally behaving his age - but I still want to see other forms of action, please ;)
Another round of applause for Percy, who seems to be (finally) coming to his senses. And a big "booooo" for Toadie (aka Umbridge) for being such an incredible corrupted and biased bitch.
Loved the comparisons you made with the Muggle world, by the way :) And Harry telling the blood-purists how their leader's a half-blood - hysterical...
Take care!

Author's Response: Thanks much! I\'m glad you felt festive! I\'m glad you enjoyed Harry\'s innuendo. I like to see him being more teenage boyish as well, but as far as *more* - I\'m just not comfortable writing that while they are still in school. Once they are older, I think nothing will separate them - but maybe check out a Velvethope fic for that .)

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Reviewer: firewhiskey Anonymous Date: 2006.07.31 - 12:47AM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


Awesome once again. I never thought I'd feel in the Christmas spirit in 100 degree super humid weather, but you've managed to do it!!

So, as much as I hate Malfoy, I have to admit that I liked how you are giving Harry (and us) more and more examples of how he IS human after all. Even though Malfoy is still an intolerable git, Harry is becoming more mature in his reactions to him and is not flying off the handle in his previous hot-headed ways. Bravo to you for letting Harry grow up a bit.

Can't wait for more. Happy Christmas in July to you!

Author's Response: Heh, thanks much! I can\'t wait to see what really becomes of Draco in book 7. I don\'t see him as ever becomeing all nice and friendly with Harry...but there was some growth there. Oi, another whole year still to wait!

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Reviewer: Athea Signed Date: 2006.07.30 - 11:05PM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


After reading through some of your other reviews, I'm sure you've heard this about 326 times already, but Wow! I love this story!

I'm so glad Ron's awake, even if he isn't quite unharmed. Hermione's patience with his memory lapses was very endearing.

Even though it was a festive Christmas with the Weasley's, I found myself worrying about Remus and Tonks, and Ron, and Percy, and Draco...

Fred's reaction to Iris was very funny. Maybe Ron's not the only Weasley brother that's perplexed by women. :) Also loved the shrieking, alarmed mistletoe. I think Dads everywhere would pay good money for that!

Author's Response: Heh, thanks! Maybe the twins should try marketing those specifically for dads, eh? Or ridiculously protective older brothers everywhere. Of course, knowing the twins, I think they would have been pleased no matter who it was they caught - with perhaps the exception of Mr. and Mr.s Weasley!

Reviewer: Fleury Signed Date: 2006.07.29 - 02:55PM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


Heh... Sherylyn isn't the only one with rain. It rained so much here that there was a warning on TV that said "do not drive through water; do not drown". :P The only other time we've had THIS much rain was when I was six and we had to evacuate our entire street (our street is a watershed and it has some sort of thingy that blocks the water from other cities from flooding down ours). You know, it rained about two days straight... annoying, really.

I love Christmas in July, and happy almost-Harry's-birthday to everyone! It was a lovely chapter (I love Christmas chapters), and it was very well written. I especially liked the last sentence; it was like the icing on the cake :D

Author's Response: Thanks much! I enjoy the Christmas scenes myself, no matter what time of year it is. Sorry to hear about all the rain.

Reviewer: joes915 Signed Date: 2006.07.29 - 09:03AM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


good chapter. i liked the various dinner conversations and that percy came home. a part of me wants him to reconnect to his family in JKs book seven but i dont think its gonna happen.

Author's Response: I\'m not certain it\'s going to happen either - it seems doubtful - but we can hope.

Reviewer: annabananna Signed Date: 2006.07.29 - 07:35AM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys



Author's Response: Hee! Thanks.

Reviewer: Leiselily Signed Date: 2006.07.29 - 05:13AM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


This felt very Christmassy, even though it's 90 degrees here!

I really enjoyed this chapter. I liked the interaction between Narcissa and Percy; you really build the tension well in the scenes with the Malfoys. I can't wait to see what happens with them.

Well done on your award, you really deserve it for maintaining such high quality and updating so frequently!

Not sure if I've already said this once, but my review keeps getting lost in the sorry if I appear to have posted twice..mind you I do like this that much!

Author's Response: I don\'t mind double reviews, lol. Glad you liked the Percy and Narcissa stuff. Percy\'s comments clue you in a little bit about what Dolores is about to do...

Reviewer: hp4_source Signed Date: 2006.07.28 - 10:59PM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


No Review

Reviewer: annascott Signed Date: 2006.07.28 - 02:13PM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


Christmas in July, gotta love it! I loved the teasing banter between Harry and Ginny. It's a nice contrast to the dark times they're in.

Author's Response: Thanks, much! I\'m glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: Katie27 Signed Date: 2006.07.28 - 01:01PM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


Excellent chapter....I love Christmas chapters. There is a something something going on between Fred and Iris isn't there...hmmm....I think so! Thanks for writing! -Katie

Author's Response: Fred and Iris? You think? A Gryffindor and a Slytherin? That would be shocking - and Weasleys always pair off with other Gryffindors. Of course....the twins never do anything by the rules, do they? ;)

Reviewer: Sibling Creature Signed Date: 2006.07.28 - 12:42PM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


*smiles* a good christmas despite the slytherins... I especially liked the exchange of gifts at the end there. :-)

Author's Response: Thanks much! A bit of fluffiness before the action returns ;)

Reviewer: hpf2114 Signed Date: 2006.07.28 - 10:50AM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


No Review

Reviewer: Elementum Signed Date: 2006.07.28 - 10:13AM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


Oh man, it really did feel like Christmas to me. XD I loved this chapter - the whole thing was perfect. Dinner with the Malfoys, the Mistetoe, their presents.

I really like how you made Ginny tear off the paper and Harry unwrap them carefully. I always imagines him taking his sweet time with each gift, almost feeling greedy if he unwrapped too quickly. Ugh, poor kid...anyway, again, great chapter. Please wait like, ten years before you start killing anyone off though!

Author's Response: You want me to wait ten years to post? *grins evilly* It\'s strange - I can be so sadistic when writing, but when reading others stories I cry like a baby when characters die. And in canon? Forget it! I can\'t even bear the thought! I\'m glad you liked the contrast in the way H&G opened presents. I alway see Harry savoring the gifts, as well.

Reviewer: IHateSnakes Signed Date: 2006.07.28 - 07:53AM Title: Christmas with the Malfoys


Another great chapter (but you do have a couple typos!) Happy Holiday. S.

Author's Response: I do? Gasp. Uh oh - they escaped all the rounds? Yikes.

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