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Reviewer: mrsmeggiepotter Signed Date: 2007.11.03 - 12:28AM Title: Loss


No Review

Reviewer: CodeRomance Signed Date: 2007.04.22 - 06:31PM Title: Loss


well there were some laughs in this chapter! but is sobered up pretty quickly. i hope harry tells the people exactly what is going on. i just hope they listen.

Reviewer: PotterBoy90 Signed Date: 2007.04.21 - 09:35PM Title: Loss


Hahahahahahaa i love Drunk Ron and Harry, they are amusing!

Reviewer: Chunky Signed Date: 2006.12.09 - 07:12PM Title: Loss


HA Jim&Jack - A mans best friend ;) Though its Odgen while wizards are concerned, it apears ^^. No matter, as I was pointing out in my last review, I like Harrys plan ;) cold rage is always good when treating an enemy with "an acceptable degree of hostility" ^^


Reviewer: Tiger of the Sky Signed Date: 2006.10.07 - 03:34PM Title: Loss


Different comma rules!!!!!!!!! Now that's a good one. )>


Oh, by the way, I love the story..........and the comma rules.

Author's Response: Heh, thanks! I don\'t think I\'ll ever get them all right.

Reviewer: GREYWOLF Signed Date: 2006.09.12 - 09:49AM Title: Loss


Excellent once again. But when did Harry see Ginny (almost) naked? I don't remember that. I hope you're not implying braggadocio on Harry's part, he's not the kiss and tell type. You recall he was not even going to tell Ron he had kissed Cho ( in OOP) until Hermione took it out of his hands. I'm also concerned about the drinking. All kids experiment some, but drinking to "drown your sorrows" is not a good idea. That's one road to alchoholism.

Author's Response: I think most kids go through an experimentation with alcohol, and I don\'t think tying one on after the death of a family member is unusual. Don\'t worry - I\'m not writing a story about alcoholism, but people do drink occasionally. As for Harry seeing GInny almost naked - no, he\'s not bragging. He and Ginny have been going through some normal exploration, although it hasn\'t been written about explicitly. I had the impression from HBP that they were both fairly passionate people, and they\'ve now been together (with some bumps) for nearly a year. While they\'ve maintained thier control, they have progressed.

Reviewer: Cassie Payne Signed Date: 2006.09.02 - 09:34PM Title: Loss


Still cathcing up, I just left drunk Harry...

I really like the way you present Mrs. Parkinson. It's nice to think there are rational Slytherins who worry about their family.

So, what's going on with the Horcruxes? How can Harry find them if he has to hide at Hogwarts from the ministry. And was it really safe to leave Ginny alone on the grounds like that?

Another great job! Now, back to the homework....

Author's Response: Glad you\'re catching up. There\'s still one more Horcrux to find, but Harry will go off to seek it, similar to the way he was hiding at GP. Yes, Ginny\'s fine on the grounds - she\'s not that far from the castle.

Reviewer: Jim McGuffin Signed Date: 2006.08.23 - 07:02PM Title: Loss


Don't worry, I haven't disappeared. I'm still reading. I'm just several chapters behind. Hopefully I'll catch up soon, so I can leave a full review for you. I've enjoyed what i've read so far!

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m delighted to hear you\'re still around. Take your time and don\'t worry about it - I know how annoying RL can be when its demands interfere with my hobby ;)

Reviewer: jenjen Signed Date: 2006.08.21 - 03:27PM Title: Loss


I loved this chapter. I thought it was very well written. You really did a great job balancing what could have been an angst fest with a lot of light hearted moments.

Fleur was great in this chapter. I loved her line about Narcissa making a beautiful corpse if she was killed because of all the time she wasted putting on make-up. Fleur may not be one of my favorite characters but she does have her moments.

I may not get around to reviewing each time but I want you to know that I really do enjoy this story. It is one of the few unfinished ones that I closely follow.

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I\'m glad you enjoyed it. I must admit, I\'ve enjoyed writing Fleur in this one, and I couldn\'t quite resist giving Narcissa some narcisstic (sp?) tendencies. She is is namesake, after all.

Reviewer: firewhiskey Anonymous Date: 2006.08.21 - 12:54PM Title: Loss


hahaha! drunk!harry is so cute. he's so funny with all his "i'm not going to tell you about..." parts!

and umbridge!!! oh my lordy, can that woman be any more evil?! she keeps this up and we're next going to be hearing that she and voldemort are running away together for a romantic weekend for two. ugh. she'd better get what's coming to her in a MAJOR way...and sooner rather than later.

keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Heh - thanks! Your wish is my command, lol...but of course, remember what they careful what you wish for, because everything has a price ;)

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Reviewer: CruciareMors Anonymous Date: 2006.08.21 - 07:49AM Title: Loss


Loved the chapter :)
When Grimmauld Place was being evacuated I was like "well, now she'll have someone abducted, or the ceiling will fall on them, or something of that sort", but it seems like you decided to keep it simple, lol. And how uncommon is it to have Ron, the foul tempered one (though Harry's temper can't be deemed nice either, lol), being the voice of reason? I could picture Harry rushing to meet Snape and almost getting himself killed in the process. And, by the way, I'm really curious as to how Harry plans to beat Voldemort in this story - after having his tiny little problem resolved, that is... Harry is indeed very talented, but he's nowhere near a match for either Snape or Voldemort (unless he drops the wand and starts kicking their family jewels unexpectedly or something). Or so I believe...
Poor, poor Molly... at least the Weasleys now know Percy did not die as a traitor. Looking forward to seeing more about Aberforth coming up, by the way.
Ooo, magic carpets... pretty romantic little things, if you ask me. Too bad they don't actually exist, lol. Harry was very nice to show Ginny that spot for her mourning too.
"I'm drunk not". Sure, darling. I've heard that too many times, being one of the few that chooses not to consume alcohol (blargh!) in my class... I do prefer to see other people make a prat out of themselves, to be honest, lol. I noticed there's no sentimental kind of drunk in the lot, though. Back to the story, the interesting thing is, Harry's still right even when he does not make much sense. About Percy and Ron, that is. I wonder if he'd have had the nerve to say it while he was sober, given the state of fury (and bluntness) Ron was in before he started drinking. And I found the whole "how far did you go?" conversation hysterical. Though I wouldn't have if I had been one of the girls mentioned, lol.
Harry's about to have a prison warrant for himself, how convenient for Voldemort. I noticed he ended up not telling about the invasion he experienced to his mind, even though the Order should know that had happened again. And I'm curious as to how Harry plans to tell the truth. I mean, if he comes to public, he'll most likely be arrested before he can't even say "hi", if he publishes anything, the publisher will most likely be the one arrested and "persuaded" to give information about the Order... that's a tricky spot, the one he's in right now...
I'm itching to know what happens next. Take care!

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m so glad to hear I didn\'t do what you expected,lol. As for Harry and Voldemort, yes, the Occlumency is a tricky thing. It was actually what created teh plot bunny for this whole story when JKR talked in her interview about that fact that Draco could do Occlumency and Harry couldn\'t. It made me think that Harry never would be able to do - so there has to be another way. I don\'t think Harry would have been so blunt with Ron if without the Firewhisky - liguid courage has its place ;)

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Reviewer: Rhetor Signed Date: 2006.08.20 - 07:55PM Title: Loss


This review pertains not so specifically to this chapter but as to the story as a whole.

What strikes me most forcefully about your story is the nuance you have given to Harry & Ginny's sexuality. What I mean is, Harry is slightly more likely to lose control of himself than Ginny is; Ginny sets limits and pulls back (or is thankful that something else has caused her to pull back when she otherwise might forget herself). This isn't because Ginny is a prude or because she's listening to Molly too much or out of fear, but because she has an inward knowledge that there's only so far she's ready to go yet. In the heat of the moment she might forget this ("When I kiss you all I want is more"), but when she cools down a bit she knows it's true.

This is very true to my memory of teenage sexuality. The girls usually had a much better awareness of what they were ready for and their hormones didn't carry them away quite as quickly as the boys' did. The girls were only human too, of course, and sometimes they lost it -- but not nearly as often.

This makes Harry and Ginny seem much more like a real couple than anything else I've read so far. I do wish he'd tell her he loves her in so many words, though.

I'm guessing Ron & Hermione are going to elope; Ron's just about had it with his Mum. (Nah, Hermione wouldn't do that to her folks, would she?)

As to this chapter, while I like drunk Harry as well as the next reader, I really don't like him, even drunk, telling Ron details about Ginny. (I was once a teenage boy, I've been intoxicated, but about the girl I loved there are things I simply would never reveal, even to my best friend -- especially if he was her older brother, which, as it happens, he was.) This part didn't ring true to me.

The pathos of mourning rings very true in this chapter -- the unexpected anger, the listnessness, etc. Harry's tenderness to, and sympathy for, Ginny is especially touching here.

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it. While I completely agree with you about the differences in boys and girls, I also think the vast differences in their upbringing plays a huge role. WHile his body might be telling him one thing, Harry really isn\'t ready for that kind of commitment. He needs to learn to let her into his head first, and that she\'s not simply going to abandon him at the first sign of trouble. Although I tend to see him as older than his years because of his life experiences, when it comes to emotional relationships, Harry is very much a child.

Reviewer: Leiselily Signed Date: 2006.08.19 - 06:02PM Title: Loss


Yay for Drunk!Harry, he's great. I like your Drunk!Ron too. I love this scene. Hermione's reaction to them is hilarious too. Don't s'pose you plan to write Drunk!Hermione too, do you? That would be funny.

Can't wait to see how Harry handles Umbridge, and what happens when he finally catches up with that Evil Snape.

Author's Response: Well, I already did Drunk!Hermione, remember? On Harry\'s birthday she started swearing and turned Malfoy into a ferret.

Reviewer: jbrick0831 Anonymous Date: 2006.08.19 - 01:51PM Title: Loss


Hell yes! Please please post the next chapter quickly!!

Author's Response: I\'m working on it! But be careful what you ask for ;)

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Reviewer: Sibling Creature Signed Date: 2006.08.19 - 11:43AM Title: Loss


good to see that they learned the truth that Percy did not betray them in the end.

also good to see Drunk!Harry again... I especially liked:
'"I’m drunk not," Harry said, staring at the ceiling. He furrowed his brow. That didn’t sound right…did it?' :-)

Author's Response: Thanks! I always enjoy letting Harry cut loose, and I\'m so happy that he goes over well. He deserves it.

Reviewer: Katie27 Signed Date: 2006.08.19 - 02:29AM Title: Loss


Awsome chapter. Ron and Harry were priceless! As for the ending section....merlin I hate Umbridge! Thanks for writing such a terrific story! -Katie

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m glad you enjoyed it. Umbridge is not popular, is she?

Reviewer: Athea Signed Date: 2006.08.18 - 11:56PM Title: Loss


I agree that you write a great drunk Harry, but I was kind of fond of the intoxicated Ron. "Well, someone told me because now I know." What a perfect line! Drunk people can be so easily confused, can't they?

Is it possible that the Weasleys will find out the truth about Percy? Boy, I hope so.

I really like the way you've helped Harry mature throughout the course of this story. Two years ago, Harry wouldn't have had a clue about how to help the Weasley's through their grief. Now he seems to know that being there is enough. It sounds strange to say, but I was proud of him for sharing his thinking place with Ginny and for going up to be with Ron, even after being warned away.

I can't wait to see what he has in store for Umbridge. This mature, angry Harry should be something to see.

Thanks for another great chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! The Weasleys do know about Percy - Tonks\'s source told them. They don\'t know exactly what happened, but since Snape was the only one there and he\'ll never tell, there\'s no way to convey that. Still, they know Percy stood firm in the end. I\'m thrilled you liked the scenes with Harry comforting the Weasleys. He\'s really not as terrible at it as he thinks he is, he simply does it without thinking about it. That good heart of his!

Reviewer: Elementum Signed Date: 2006.08.18 - 11:42PM Title: Loss


Wow. I'm sure you've been told a hundred times, but your drunk Harry is the best in the world.

=) Great chapter - as always. The Weasley's were all so in character it was scary. Can't wait to see what happens with Toad Woman.

Author's Response: Thanks! Hee, I do love to write Drunk!Harry. Keeps him human ;) Just hang in there - the toad is about to meet a snake - and we all know what snakes do to toads!

Reviewer: TGIF Signed Date: 2006.08.18 - 07:53PM Title: Loss


Drunk!Harry. Amazing. I'm glad he's a happy drunk, but what I liked best about all of that was Ginny's reaction. I am so glad she found him as endearing as I did.

I often wonder what Harry would be like if he was raised by his parents in a time where Voldemort didn't exist. He wouldn't be as giggly as Drunk!Harry, but I'd like to think he'd be a bit more carefree.

It looks like Umbridge finally pushed to far. As much as I love Drunk!Harry,,,Fierce and Determined!Harry is dead sexy.

I am also glad that the Weasley's were able to find out that Percy did not betray them. Its harder to grieve than be angry but they'll be happier later on knowing.

Author's Response: Thanks, I\'m glad you enjoyed it. Of course I think Harry would be different had he been raised by his own parents - more secure and his mischievous side would probably come out more, but I think he\'s intrinsically a good person, and that would always shine through.

Reviewer: Fleury Signed Date: 2006.08.18 - 07:08PM Title: Loss


Ahhh... I missed Drunk!Harry. I love him -- thanks so much for bringing him back! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m fond of Drunk!Harry, too.

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