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Reviewer: SYLVELLE Signed Date: 2012.02.17 - 08:16PM Title: Treaty

Yes, very canon.. I'm even okay with Percy being the one to die instead of Fred. But of course now there is no Teddy.

Reviewer: firestar Signed Date: 2008.01.07 - 09:49AM Title: Treaty


Oh poor Remus and Tonks You killed them all over again!!!! =[
I still can't get over how often you are so close to what JKR actually did in the end, it's spooky but brilliant and funny and sad and I can't stop reading!
I can't leave reviews as often as I'd like as I'm in a hurry to read the next chapter and keep getting logged out! but I sat down at my computer at 10am intending to read one chpter and am still here at 3pm! Opps, another day with no writing of my own done!

Author's Response: I'm sorry to keep you from your own writing, but I've been enjoying hearing your comments as you make your way through. I have to admit, I was pretty shocked yet excited when I read DH to see I'd got a few things right myself. Thanks for taking the time to let me know you're enjoying it.

Reviewer: mrsmeggiepotter Signed Date: 2007.11.03 - 12:47AM Title: Treaty


No Review

Reviewer: cantante Signed Date: 2007.06.02 - 02:22PM Title: Treaty


*screams* I had to leave for work when i was in teh middle of this chapter! NOT a good place to stop and have to wait to sstart again for 4.5 hours! lol. love the story though!

Reviewer: CodeRomance Signed Date: 2007.04.22 - 07:04PM Title: Treaty


howling mad! yes that right! but now im crying and i cant stop and i know that when i read the actual 7th book i'll be doing it a lot! oh this is horrible! but i love your story anyway!

Reviewer: Chunky Signed Date: 2006.12.09 - 07:53PM Title: Treaty


God I love this guy... anyone ever written a story where it turns out to be that Tom is right with all hes doing? For the greater good or such nonsense? Cause I am afraid he just did something really good without noticing ;) I dont know how it is in britain, but us germans would be REALLY pissed if someone pulled a stunt like that on us. Time for an uproar yeeehaa ^^

Oh well I guess that is not whats going to happen... stupid "commoners".... well what else to say, keep going, hoping for a mass-panic of some sort... guess thats the best I can expect hm?


Reviewer: GinnyMarie Signed Date: 2006.10.13 - 06:23PM Title: Treaty


Okay...was going to wait until i finished what you had up so far, but i am outraged...this was a chapter full of shocks and many turns...

first, umbridge introducing Dudley, then her inviting Voldemorts inner circle, and then...then (spits word


i cant believe that...i mean...really...omg....breathe....i whispered \'no\' the instant that remus showed up...then i screeched it the minute you had him and tonks die...i mean...REALLY...was that nescissary(SP?)? was not...

i was bloody crying...seriously...

and they didnt come to my mind the moment that i read the \'kill two more\' thing......

and i dont like you making were correct about dumbledore, i have this awefull feeling about you being correct about harry being a Horcrux...i just dont like your predictions....

and if youre refering to the dudley not becomeing a wizard is very possible that that will happen cause jkr has said that someone will exhibit magical capabilities in dier circumstances...late in yeah it could be dudley, which is one of the obvious ones, besides petunia, but JKR has already nixed that one...the one that would probably make my jaw drop would be Vernon...him resenting magic all this time cause hes a squib or something....

any way...just doing this to tell you how outraged i was about you kil - killing remus and tonks...two of my dare you...

oh and loved how you brought nev in earlier...but i think you should bring him back at some point...and throw luna in there some time too...but oh...i cant give an opinion as the fic is almost done, so these are just my wishes i suppose...i hope that in the coming chapters we will see both neville and luna...i love them...

anyways...good so to read more...~Ginny M~

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m sorry my predictions alarm you, but I\'ve been wrong in the past, too. I thought Hagrid was the one who was going to die in OotP rather than Sirius. Although, admittedly for the same reasons - I just wasn\'t prepared for how ruthless JKR planned to be. Since she\'s my role model, I had to follow suit :) As for the person displaying magic later in life, I think we\'ve already seen that. I think that was Merope Gaunt.

Reviewer: Cassie Payne Signed Date: 2006.09.04 - 10:22AM Title: Treaty


Nooooo.. Not Remus and Tonks! But that was sweet they went together.

I like the way you have Harry calling Voldemort "Tom". It's the perfect touch to show that Harry has no respect for him. So many writers on this site need the basic "show don't tell" lesson, but you've mastered it brilliantly.

One more and I'm caught up. Here's something you've probably not heard before - Stop updating so frequently! (How on earth do you manage that?!?!) Great job!

Author's Response: OMG! I think you\'re the first person to say that, lol! I love it! I\'m trying to keep updates to each week - and the way I managed it was to have a 12 chapter head start finished before I started posting! Otherwise, I\'d never make it.

Reviewer: hpf2114 Signed Date: 2006.08.31 - 12:24PM Title: Treaty


No Review

Reviewer: annabananna Signed Date: 2006.08.30 - 07:44PM Title: Treaty


Harry seams so weak and not in control of anything. Everything is so out of control. I don't know, this story needs some hope because it's been very bleak chapter after chapter after chapter.

Author's Response: Yep, that\'s what war is - and I am a fan of angst. Harry is far from weak, however, only human.

Reviewer: seshhat Signed Date: 2006.08.30 - 12:49AM Title: Treaty


*sniff*. Too sad for words. And the Dursleys! Ooh, if I could get my hands on them! Hypocrits! *scowls at their audacity*. And Umbridge got what she deserved. COuldn't have written a more deserving ending.

But oh - Remus and Tonks *sniff*. It might take a while to recover...

(I should say though, great writing as always. Next chapter is highly anticipated!)

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, those Dursleys really threw Harry for a loop, didn\'t they? And I\'m glad you thought Umbridge\'s end was fitting! Everyone wanted her to get a violent end, then when she did - they all went squeamish, lol!

Reviewer: egyhos Anonymous Date: 2006.08.27 - 07:21PM Title: Treaty



Author's Response: OMG - You\'ve got more caps here than Harry in OotP! Yes, the bad guys lost Wormtail - but don\'t worry, I\'m not done yet. ;)

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Reviewer: Katastrophe Signed Date: 2006.08.26 - 03:58PM Title: Treaty


But...but...(sighs) I'm so glad you are posting this here. I had started reading it on MNFF, where I had also read your other works. (sniffles) I like the fact that Harry stood up to Voldy. I SO enjoyed the fact that Umbridge's greedy nature was what did her in, in the end. I love the way you portray the emotions of the characters involved. (wipes tears from her eyes to continue typing) See what you have done to me here? You have me blubbering like a small child who has had her favorite toy taken away. (sniffles) Looking forward to the next chapter, and hopefully something going the way of good for a change.

Author's Response: Aww, sorry to make you sniffle! Go read something fluffy. That always helps me :) I\'m glad you\'re enjoying it, and I thought it was poetic justice for Umbridge, too.

Reviewer: IHateSnakes Signed Date: 2006.08.26 - 03:19PM Title: Treaty


Well, I'm happy you nixed DM and PP, there couldn't have been two more deserving characters. Great chappy, keep up the good work. S.

Author's Response: Hee - you mean DU, right? At first, I thought DM and PP meant Draco and Pansy and I was all confused, lol. I\'m neither confirming nor denying anything, but I worried which chapter I posted!

Reviewer: ander Signed Date: 2006.08.26 - 03:14PM Title: Treaty


Great chapter, and for once I don't feel bad about a character dying... This at least had some meaning that we can understand... "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

Author's Response: Aww, thanks. Really nice quote, and yes, the sacrifice of Remus and Tonks allowed all the others not only to live, but to escape, and Harry is free to continue the good fight.

Reviewer: isabel526 Signed Date: 2006.08.26 - 01:20AM Title: Treaty


I love this chapter.
Why Remus and Tonks they are so good people.
and Dudley the stuped cow lol.
poor Harry i wonder what's going to happen to him in the
next chapter.
update soon please

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, Remus and Tonks are good people - but the good guys die in a war, too, and they saved the others by doing it. You\'ll see the fallout in the next chapter.

Reviewer: lylmiztalkative Anonymous Date: 2006.08.26 - 12:23AM Title: Treaty

OMG!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR STORY!! I have been readin it 4ever and u write the story SOO well...ur almost as good as JKR!!! and I really lyked the role that Ginny has played so far in the story I hope that she plays the same one in the actual last book!! Y REMUS AND TONKS!!!...but I guess it had to be done...:((...I guess I'd rather they die than Ron, Hermione, or Ginny...but! Well @ least it was a romantic death!! update as soon as u can and u did an AWESOME job on this chapter! -maura

Author's Response: Aww, thanks very much. I\'m thrilled to hear it. I, too, hope Ginny plays a bigger role in the last book, but I\'m not as hopeful. It\'s definitely what I like to see in canon.

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Reviewer: lylmiztalkative Anonymous Date: 2006.08.26 - 12:03AM Title: Treaty


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR STORY!!!!!!! but why Remus & Tonks....:(( I really lyked them....but rather them than Ron or Hermione or Ginny....u left us w/ a CLIFFHANGER...sorta....update soon please...if u can!! lol -maura

Author's Response: A cliffy? A cliffy? I thought the cliffy would be if I left you right after Remus and Tonks were killed and not knowing if the others escaped! Ahh! I tried to be kind this time. Heh!

[Respond: In Review]

Reviewer: Katie27 Signed Date: 2006.08.25 - 11:26PM Title: Treaty


O.......M........G............!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can not wait for more! -Katie

Author's Response: Hee! Thanks - I\'m working on it.

Reviewer: kmagarden Signed Date: 2006.08.25 - 10:48PM Title: Treaty


You. You, you, you. You just love to get these kind of reviews, don't you?! I can see you sitting there, in your chair, this sly, evil grin on your face!

I LOVED this chapter.

What was up with Pansy? Interesting. I'm sure we'll see more of that later.

The scene at the Ministry was wonderful. Terrible, but wonderfuly written, I guess I should say. I forgot about Dudley. Although I still have a difficult time believing the Dursley's would have anything to do with Magic. Unless under Imperious! Even if it made Dudley famous - I still don't see them relenting. But we'll see what you do with it. . .

I'm so sad that Remus and Tonks died. But so very happy that they got to go together. It was very touching. And we all know how Tonks is without Remus. The only reason I'm not just furious with you is that you let them go together. :-)

Did their attack weaken Voldemort, and that is why Harry could open the locked doors, or was it simply his rage? I just started wondering if someone else had to die to set off his rage again during the final battle! That would be horrible! He seemes much stronger when angry. . .

Author's Response: Heh! You could see that sly, evil grin, eh? Yep - it\'s there! Yours was the reaction I was expecting about Dudley, to be honest, but I\'ve been quite pleased by the interest in the idea. It\'s only a subplot, so it won\'t take over the story - and Vernon and Petunia might revert when confronted with all the \"abnormalness\" of Hogwarts ;)

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